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Monday, July 1, 2019


After we all packed up and set out last Holy Week, my Mom was thinking where to have our late lunch. At first we entertained the thought of eating in our favorite Dampa along Roxas Boulevard. But then, we remembered how much seafood we had over the course of the week that it would be nice to have something else.

I then suggested to go to CHILI'S because why not? They cook up delicious American food with big servings for sharing, the branch is located in the comforts of Powerplant Mall (which is so near our place), and yes, CHILI'S is my favorite and I would like my relatives to revel in its goodness as well.

(Or maybe I'm just making another excuse to eat there for free.. tee hee).

Whatever the reason, it's good that we went for CHILI'S because we all had an enjoyable late lunch after a looooong and traffic-filled travel. CHILI'S will always and forever be our favorite and I would NEVER get tired of putting in our "places to go to."

Especially if malilibre ako... BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!


It may already be a late lunch but the place was still packed!!!


Bunsoy Andre, Ate Jojit, and Anthony!

The little bruho insisted on riding with my ate when we left Cavite.

His Tita Jojit is real Mommy daw!!!


It's okay Andrei, WE HAVE SOOO MUCH FUN WITHOUT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Tee heee!!!!

Tito George and Rogee!!!

Mommy and her sister, Tita Saling!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hala I wasn't able to take a picture of Kuya Jon because he arrived late.



CHILI'S Bottomless Tostada Chips and Salsa (P395.00)!!

This is one of the most SULIT orders ever because no questions you could order just 1 basket for your army and CHILI'S will refill it when needed.

Tapos, you could even ask for it to be refilled when you take it home! Put it in the fridge and I swear, it's still crunchy even after a month!!!!

We had several additional orders of their Cheese Dip (upgrade P180) until we got one of the skillets (P440.00)!

The Androse loved this SOOO much that he kept on finishing the bowls of cheese until it's all squeaky clean!

Ayaw pang mamigay. He he he he he!

CHILI'S Chef House Side Salad (P210.00)!

I always get this because it's so satisfying on so many levels when I want to cut on carbs but can't finish their regular orders!

CHILI'S Classic Nachos (P325.00)!

Crunchy... cheesy.... with the right amount of kick (only if you want it). Their nachos never fails!

(Though I just realized for the price it's onti... ha ha ha ha ha ha! Still, this is a favorite).

CHILI'S Calamari (P420.00)!

Their servings used to be on a huge platter. Now it's just on an ordinary plate. Good thing the taste is still the same. 

CHILI'S Alfredo Pasta (P480.00)!

I've always enjoyed the creaminess of this pasta dish that's not cloying.

And of course, we'll NEVER go to CHILI'S without ordering their Chicken Crispers (P360.00)!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the family and relatives in CHILI'S!!!

Nom... Nom... Nom...

Galit, galit muna!

Kainis si Mati! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

He asked if he could sip from my lemonade and I joked "Eeewwww cooties!!!" He then attempted to use my straw without his lips touching it.


It was kainis and SOOOO funny at the same time. Ha ha ha ha ha!


Look at him all pleased with himself. Kairita. Teenagers. Grrrr!

For dessert, Ate Jojit treated us all to some Churros... Yummmm!!!

You might say that my Mom and relatives were embarrassed by us. WELL!!! You're RIGHT este... wrong! He he he he he!

Oh well... Actions speak louder than posts!

You wouldn't think that we're all tired from the packing and travelling based on our happy smiles. I guess that's what happens when our tummies get filled up with good food. 




Level 2, Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, 
Greenbelt, Makati City
02 7292862 / 02 7293022



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