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Thursday, May 23, 2019


Call me childish...
Call me bratty...
Call me sexy (tee hee)...
Call me OA...
or call me maybe (sorry I cannot resist.. ha ha ha!)

But yeah, birthday celebrations are done when I say it's done.

As they say, "It ain't over till the fat lady sings."

Now wait a minute....

For my birthday celebrations early this year, I was happy to have spent it with family and friends over delicious food and wonderful company.

However, like all losers, I needed some "closure" or finality from all that birthday celebrations (otherwise, I wouldn't stop and use it to make the Yub treat me everyday!!!). So with that, I eyed a particular Saturday where my favorite dinner and a movie routine would be accomplished.

Because yeah, the perfect date is a dinner and movie don't you think?



The Eatigo App has been residing in my phone for so long now but this is my first time to use it. I saw that they offered 10% discount if we eat at GANSO SHABUWAY at that time, so SOLD!! GANSO SHABUWAY it is!!! I'm always up for a discount! He he he he he he!


Egad Yub, how did you distort your head like that???  If I only saw you doing that pose I would've taken a LONGER time to take that picture.

My pogi teenager!!!

Me and the Yub (who maintained that silly smile). He he he he he!

Our last meal in GANSO SHABUWAY was many, many, years ago.

BUT, I would never forget that we'd always get the Wakame Seaweed and Spicy Miso broth!

For that night, we decided on getting the GANSO SHABUWAY USDA Choice Angus Beef (P940.00)!

I think the price is pretty reasonable considering the amount of beef we'll be getting.

Time to make the sauces!!!!

They included some easy to follow instructions on how to make the perfect combinations for the dipping sauces.

My creations!!!

My favorite was the miso dipping sauce (on the right). I know I went overboard with the garlic and chili but there's sauce on the bottom I promise. He he he he!

Our veggie and noodles platter!

We don't have a romantic way of cooking our hot pot. We just dump everything when we feel like it. He he he he!

The meat is here!!!!!

Check out the fat in that meat! WOHOO!!!

USDA choice Angus baby!

We also got some GANSO SHABUWAY Gyoza with Cheese (P228.00) to eat with our hot pot. This was quite good.


Hala! We forgot Andrei! 

Oh well...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


We made pilit of our bunsoy to join us but he didn't want to watch the movie daw since he's a true DC fan.

E di wag! At least we saved P380.00 for ticket. He he he...



Our bill with 10% discount!

Not bad!

Afterwards we watched CAPTAIN MARVEL!!!

We don't watch movies as often as before because now we could just download the ones that don't really require the impact of a movie house.

But for MARVEL movies, we'll always be there AND on the first week of its shooting!

(The Yub is ranting though because he discovered Powerplant Mall raised ticket prices for the first week of movie showing. He he he he he. He never stopped complaining about it. Naman, we don't watch movies na nga that often!!!)


I found Brie Larson a bit MEH for the role. It would have been better if they got somebody a bit older like Rachel Mcadams.

Oh well... But since this is a MARVEL movie, we loved it anyways!

Especially GOOSE THE CAT!!!!

And this ALMOST perfect night (because Andrei didn't join us) officially closes my birthday celebrations!

He he he he he he!

Till next year!


 P1, Power Plant Mall, 
Rockwell Drive, Makati, 1210 Metro Manila
 (02) 822 4864



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