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Monday, July 15, 2019


After so many months, (because of the Christmas break, then exams, then etc etc), Master Mati is FINALLY back taking up Kali. If you've seen movies like Bourne Identity, John Wick, the Equalizer, etc, they used Kali in their hand to hand combat scenes. If you're interested, I'll put more info below.

My dearest Mati is not really sports-minded and gets lazy with any type of activity that would get him sweaty (che!!) but his interest got piqued by Kali and he was really into the lessons. Hopefully he would be promoted to a higher level yun lang, he doesn't regularly attended sessions because of our weekend schedule.

Yohooo!!! KALI!!!

Syempre, Mati has our full support while he takes lessons. We're all here -- the Yub, Andrei, me, and SERENITEA!!!!

Mati's Kali group has a variety of students -- some are even from foreign security agencies and movie outfits. 

According to Mandala Patch (yup, their "supreme" is addressed as "Mandala". He's the guy under the word THE), they taught some of the stuntmen from the John Wick movie franchise and they even incorporated it in the movie. If' you see scenes where they use knives, that's Kali!!!

Usually we go home after Mati's Kali lessons. But tonight, we went for COCO ICHIBANYA!!!!!!

I wonder if this branch gets full? Looks squeaky clean though.

ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hannah Wells, President Kirkman!!!

Yeah... yeah... My face is sooo naked!!!

Aaron Shore, President Moss (HA HA HA HA HA HA!)

Guess what series we're watching now????

Ordering up!!!!!!!

First on the table is my order of COCO ICHIBANYA Corn Salad with Sesame Dressing (P130.00). 

This was yum but too much for me. I think I'll just order the side salad next time since the difference was more on the serving size. 

Next up is Master Mati's order of COCO ICHIBANYA Grilled Pork with Kimchi Curry (P290.00)!

Yummm!! My big guy had an extra order of spinach pa. 

Glad that unlike their Dad, I was able to train the little lords to eat vegetables!

It may not be obvious but Andrei's actually the one who wanted to eat in COCO ICHIBANYA because THIS is his new favorite -- the Fried Chicken Curry (P290.00)!

He loved the sauce and was able to finish everything. Yayyyy!

The Yub and I shared the COCO ICHIBANYA Pork Cutlet (P330.00)!

Mmmm... Pork.

I tried out their special multi-grained rice and enjoyed it especially with the curry sauce. I didn't miss ordinary white rice all!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in COCO ICHIBANYA!

(Ayan I put make up  na!)


Le bill...

As we were finishing dinner, we bumped into Team Campo! They just heard mass and was on their way home. 

Team Campo had snacks and Mareng Gail loved these cheese puffs so much that she treated me to an order. Thanks mare!

Afterwards, we went to our new favorite Auntie Anne's for dessert!

My handsome Kali guy!



COCO ICHIBANYA after Kali will always be a good idea!!!



Lower Ground Floor, Estancia Mall, 
Capitol Commons, Oranbo, Pasig City
02 6961649



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