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Thursday, April 21, 2016


One of the unforgettable BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS that I had for 2016 was when Mareng Gail treated ERICJAZ FOODIES for dinner at my restaurant of choice. She asked me where I wanted to go and at first, I was thinking of my "usuals". In the end, I wanted to try something new so that I could also feature it in my ERICJAZ FOODIES blog.

Wow! Isn't my blog awesome? It really encouraged me to veer away from my usual water and vegetable diet.

Yeah. Water and vegetable diet... NOT.  Tee hee!

So I decided to go for OOMA since I remember an old couple coming up to me and the Chinese Adonis at a restaurant once and recommended it to us. Besides that, mareng Gail truly raved about it and declared that I would love OOMA because the food was absolutely delicious!

I'm happy that too that the Santillana's were able to join us since I remember how much they enjoyed the food at OOMA before. Plus, it's always fun whenever the PC (Pogi CEO) Albert and his CW (Charming Wife) Suet are around!

So wohoo! It's another HAPPY BIRTHDAY night for me at OOMA with my super cool foodie couple friends!!! I'm sure that it'll be another night of chattin, grubbin, "kodakin", plus much more!

And you know what? I was all soooo right!!!!!


Like what mareng Gail said, OOMA was packed that night! Good thing they were able to get a table immediately because usually there would a long wait.

Like the name suggested, OOMA has a bar if you want to be served directly straight from the kitchens!


PC Albert and CW Suet!

Mareng Gail and Pareng Jun!!

DAREDEVIL AND ELEKTRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup! I'm binge watching right now.

Time to order!!!!

OOMA's simple plate setting!

First on the table was OOMA Ebi Tempura (P385.00)!

When I took a bite, there was such a pleasant crunch while the shrimp was plump and juicy. I amped up the flavors further with a generous dip in the aligue mayo and avocado mousse.

To match the Chinese Dimpol's order of Ebi Tempura, he got the OOMA Beef Chahan (P145.00). The husbandry said the rice was so flavorful that it could be a meal by itself. He was able to finish this in no time!

Albert ordered some OOMA Unagi Maki (P299.00).

These were just scrumptious especially with the salty slice of fish that matched the cream cheese inside the roll.

Of course, you could never go wrong with Unagi.

UNAGI after all, is the state of total awareness....

Tee hee! For a FRIENDS fan, hearing the words UNAGI without doing that hand gesture is sacrilege!

When I saw these in the menu, I was so curious to try it. These Spicy Lapu Lapu Taco Maki (P220.00) was nothing that I've encountered before.

The "taco maki" was big and heavy on the tummy! I took a huge bite and immediately savored the rich aligue mayo with the sweet lapu lapu slices.

I was on a sushi roll that night and ordered another plate of OOMA Spicy Tuna Maki (P245.00)!

What I got were 6 fat pieces of maki topped with crunchy tempura bits and cubes of juicy tuna dressed in hot aoili! So yum at every bite!

In OOMA, instead of dipping your sushi and maki into the soy sauce, they encourage you to brush on it!

This is a different way of doing it. Although I have some second thoughts on the cleanliness of the brush. Hopefully they change it per customer. He he he he he he he!

Since it was my BOITHDAY, having noodles was (almost) expected since many believe it's for "long life". 

Albert got the OOMA Beef Udon (P395.00)!

Don't be fooled with the half-full bowl. This was actually very heavy on the tummy especially with the rich beefy flavors! Each fat udon was chewy and generously coated with the tasty oils of the beef. 

I was thinking what to order and dear Albert recommended the OOMA Uni Udon (P495.00)! This may be a bit expensive for a small bowl of noodles but it was really packed that I think I cannot finish this by my lonesome.

The uni udon was very slurp worthy! It was like a very creamy carbonara but with little mild bites of the Uni. So good!!!! 

OOMA Buta Kakuni Katsudon (P289.00)  was topped rice of pork belly, sauce, and egg!

This could actually feed and satisfy 2 hungry people!!!

As for Mareng Gail, she got the OOMA Gyudon (P289.00) which, like the Katsudon, came with side salad!

Again, this bowl of rice is enough to feed DAREDEVIL and ELEKTRA! It was sooo good! The rice was fluffy while the meat was so tender and had the right amount of seasonings. The soft boiled egg added richness to the already filling dish!

My super happy kumare!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with Team Santillana AND Camp Campo!!!!


Our table filled with OOMA food!

My plate!!! My I-think-this-is-my-4th-plate-because-I-forgot-to-take-pics plate!!!!!

Almost done...

Aughhh... We can't eat anymore!

While I was groaning from all that eating, an OOMA server suddenly came with my BIRTHDAY dessert!


I whispered immediately to the server that they should shout HAPPY 31ST BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

That somehow made him laugh. Che!

And on cue, my loving mareng Gail, flashed my real age PLUS 3 years more.

WAAAAAH!!! There's really no escaping it! Ha ha h ha ha ha ha ha!

Thanks muchos Mareng Gail for arranging my BIRTHDAY cake and song!!!!!! 

OY!!! It'll be 20 years till I'm 44!!!!!

Ayan!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Oh I'm just kidding! Fine! I'm 41!!!!


Like my eyeliner??

After eating, the girls got busy with trivial topics....

You know like the Presidential candidates, a comparison of the Philippine Economy from 1990 to 2016, and movies by Ingmar Bergman.

As for the boys, they chatted about serious matters like...

The Kardashians, ALDUB, and what they love about their wives.


We didn't want to go yet but OOMA was already closing it's doors on us!!!

Albert and Suet's OOMA bill!

Mareng Gail's bill!!!

Yihiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Thanks talaga mareng Gail and pareng Jun for the treat!!!!!

It was SOOOO yummers!!!!!!!!!!

As if dinner wasn't enough, mareng Gail even treated me to coffee at COFFEE BEAN AND TEA LEAF!!!

(After I posted this on Facebook, mareng Gail messaged me and said how I was getting REALLY old because we actually had coffee at SEATTLE'S BEST!!!)

We just HAVE to continue all that chatter!

PLUS! I got some gifts! WOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!

From CW Suet, I got this smashing red lipstick that I plan to use in an upcoming wedding!

And a dress from mareng Gail!!!

Albert : Yes! Yes! Yo!
Thank you sooo much to Team Santillana and Camp Campo for the super fun AND delicious birthday celebration!!! You guys ROCKED!!! You all just made my birthday soooo FUN and COMPLETE already! 


You guys COMPLETE me!



Tee hee!!!

See what I did there? The SUSHI CAKE line emerges from the grave AGAIN!


Had an ultra great time at OOMA JAPANESE RICE BAR with these AWESOME PEOPLE! 

See you guys VERY soon! As in ASAP!!!!

Third Floor, Mega Fashion Hall, 
SM Megamall, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City
02 6564591 / +63 9175392083

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