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Monday, October 1, 2018


It was Saturday and THE YAPPY BUNCH were out and about for our usual family movie night. We were going to watch the last full show of JURASSIC WORLD, a request made specially by the boys, and we were all excited.

BUT, before anything else, we GOTTA EAT!

I guess that's why we chose the last full show -- so that we'd have plenty of time to chat and enjoy our food. For that particular night though, we were craving to try out something else besides our usual go-to restaurants in Powerplant Mall.

We decided to go to the new wing and saw a lot of people lining up for DIN TAI FUNG. The Yub and I had already tried the SM Megamall Branch while the family got to have lunch in their Hong Kong store a year before.

How does Powerplant Mall branch fare up?

We'll find out soon! Dan... Dan... DAAAAAAAAN! 


Like I said, there were a lot of people that night dining in DIN TAI FUNG. 

E you know us, we treat crowds as a challenge not a hindrance! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Kala nyo maiisahan nyo kami??? 


As with SM Megamall branch, you go to the maitre d' and specify how many your group is.

You'll be given a number and that's what you'll look out for from the flashing monitors. 

We were given order sheets so that we could pick the dishes that we want.

GRABE I swear, I cannot read it! IT WAS LIKE A FINE PRINT OF A RAFFLE PROMO, ANAK NG...........!!!

Seriously though, I think it's because of my mala-senior citizen vision (welcome to old-age kids!!!). Ayan, I just asked the lovely server to help us in the crossing out of orders.

Wawa me. 


And like the usual stubborn oldies, we waited and waited.

My bunsoy was getting a bit impatient though.



Even if the restaurant was full we didn't feel cramped nor uncomfortable. There was ample space for the diners and it helped that the place was "open-air" without windows.


The Yub and the bunsoy Andrei!

Dearest Master Mati and ME!

My big guy was hungry and immediately prepared his "station" for the battle to come.

First on the table was an order of DIN TAI FUNG's Spicy Green Beans (P175.00)!

The crunchy veggies had that meaty taste that was rich in seasoning. You'll really want to get a cup of steamed rice for this.

DIN TAI FUNG Xiao Long Bao (P315.00)!

Of course, you should NEVER miss ordering this piping hot soupy dimsum in a bamboo basket. The kiddies cannot get enough of this and we would usually fight over the last piece. 

Yes. Nakikiagaw ako. I'm a very loving Mom I know.

Tee Hee!

E sayang dipping sauce ko bakit ba???

One of the reasons why I wanted to eat in DIN TAI FUNG that night too was because I wanted to try their Dan Dan Noodles (P155.00)!

Chewy noodles to be mixed with rich and nutty gravy.

The noodles were also topped with fried crushed peanuts for extra texture.

One of our favorite orders in DIN TAI FUNG is their Pork Chop Rice (P295.00)!

Pork Chop is lightly breaded and but packed with flavor. The meat is usually juicy and tender too.

We love the fried rice that comes with the pork chop because it's full of egg, and seasoning. We wiped this out in no time!

DIN TAI FUNG Fried Chicken with Special Sauce (P265.00)!

We ordered this just to give Andrei something more to eat because he normally doesn't like pork. 

This was just okay. The Chicken was crispy but the meat was kind of meh. I know you have to add the sauce to enjoy it but still, MEH.

I don't think I'll order this again next time. 

I'm not sure if I'm just weird but this Garlic Rice (P115.00) excited me more than the chicken. Ha ha ha ha ha! I swear, just this alone will make me happy.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in DIN TAI FUNG!

LET'S EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Our DIN TAI FUNG bill!

Yub got the receipt and paid by the entrance. Easy peasy and no longer waiting necessary.

As with their other branches, the food was delicious at DIN TAI FUNG. I'm not sure if my palate is just mediocre but I didn't taste the difference between this branch and the one in Hong Kong. We both enjoyed the food and wolfed it all down in a Manila minute. We will certainly go back soon!


And now, time for our movie!


My boys loved the excitement of JURASSIC WORLD but we all agreed that (SPOILER) we didn't like how the dinosaurs in the island died. As in wawa moment. Because of that I never want to see the movie again.


Oh well. Still a great night with my handsome guys. Everything was perfect except for that stupid "why-can't-you-swim-brontosaurus" scene that gave me the feels.





Ground Floor, Power Plant Mall, 
Rockwell, Makati City
02 8382344




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