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Wednesday, October 10, 2018


THE YAPPY BUNCH are in an impromptu summer weekend in BAGUIO, and though we were doing and eating the same thing as our last trip, we were all having loads of fun.

To think that it was raining pa ah!!!!!!

We were supposed to go to a resort in La Union with Team Campo but since that didn't push through and we already had a beach trip in Anvaya Cove, it was suggested that we go for BAGUIO instead.

Hmmmm... Have a family trip in BAGUIO, our new favorite vacation spot? We're super game to that! ALWAYS!

With that, we immediately booked the hotel and made an itinerary of our places to go. Now even if we planned to go to other popular spots, we stayed too long in our favorites that we didn't have time for our original plans anymore.

OH WELL!!!! More reasons to come back then! He he he he he!

But as they say, time flies when you're having fun. And as long as we see our little lords happy, then this impromptu vacation doing the same things is more sulit than ever.

Check out PART TWO of our (rainy) summer trip to BAGUIO!!!!

For our late lunch that Saturday we went to our favorite SIZZLING STEAKHOUSE!!!

OH YUM!!!!!!!!!

See why we love it here??

After eating, we are back to Andrei's happy place in BAGUIO...

Horsie Horsie Tigidig Tigidig!!!!!!


Rain or shine, Andrei will ride his horse. The Yub and I brought our trusty raincoats for the kiddies din.

Yes we could go to Botanical Gardens or the other places we haven't been to in BAGUIO but we cannot resist making the bunsoy baby happy.

Look at that smile!

My baby is extra happy too because Sasha is joining him for the horsie horsie.

Go Andrei!!!!

He could make his horsey run fast na!

Though we're just waiting for him, the Yub and I still had an enjoyable time!


Ha ha ha ha ha!

I'm kidding! As usual, the Yub got sleepy because of the cold weather and he was full from SIZZLING STEAK. Perfect for syesta time! He he he he he he!

Me naman, and I'm sure any mother would understand this, I really enjoy looking at my son laughing and doing what he loves. Syempre I took a lot of pictures too!

If you're looking for Master Mati, he asked if he could stay in the hotel na lang and sleep (aka go online). Since we'll be doing a lot of Andrei activities for the afternoon (horsey horsey and biking) I said yes. My big guy's wish naman in BAGUIO is to eat at the restos that he liked. He he he he he he!

Go kiddies!!!

After an hour, they're done!

Aba nagkiss pa!!!!!

Our horse guy Drei said that all the horses in WRIGHT PARK are males because if there was a female walking by, the boy horses would fight over her or try to mate. That's why the horses here, in the absence of girls, have their own best friends. 

Yun lang, in the absence of girls nga, they try to kiss tuloy. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

Look at these happy kiddies!


Kidding! Ha h aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Amidst those sweet smiles I know what they are planning to do next...

Biking again!

Yes again!


Hay naku they have been biking na the whole morning in BURNHAM PARK but they still felt bitin. They really begged to go back after their Horsey Horsey ride because they want to try this bike!

Andrei said he and Sasha wanted to pedal for us. But the attendant, after looking at me and the hub, said that we're too heavy for them to push!


E bakit sa akin ka sa nakatingin ha???

After a few rounds, they requested to change their bike to THIS again.

And THIS is why they like this bike!

Hay! Bahala na nga kayong dalawa. Basta the Yub and I will just sit back and munch on some chicharon.

After biking, the little kiddies asked for taho. When it's cold, a warm cup of taho with sugary syrup is perfect!

O ayan! Siguro naman you two are happy na? LET'S GO! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

We went back to the hotel to return Sasha to Team Campo and pick up Master Mati.

If Andrei is in charge of the BAGUIO activities, Master Mati naman decides where we will be eating.

The boys love O MAI KHAN because they could whip up their Mongolian bowls the way they want it.

Back at the hotel, the kiddies just changed into their jammies and met up in the cafe by the lobby.

My big guy asked for a midnight snack and since DULCINEA caters the sweets in the CHALET HOTEL lobby cafe, we got their specialty...

CHURROS to be dipped in HOT CHOCOLATE!!!!!

We shared with my inaanak Sasha because she's been craving for it since yesterday... ha ha ha ha ha! Yup! It's THAT good!

Time for bed! It was a VERY great day!

When I woke up, I saw the baby bunsoy covered like a cute kitten!


We went down for our breakfast again!

Oooh lala...

I think I have bad taste in food because THIS totally made me drool!

Ang sarap kaya niya promise!

My super delish and happy breakfast!

More on a blog coming soon!

After our heavy breakfast, it's time to check out. I know it's still early but we're coming from a holiday weekend and we didn't want to be stuck in traffic.

As much as we wanted to stay longer, HOME beckons!!!!

We said goodbye to Team Campo via a pictorial. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Yes! That's why magkukumares kami. Ha ha ha ha h aha!

It was a great weekend with them too!

In this picture, I was laughing because I told the binata nephew of mareng Gail "I don't care even if pamangkin ka ni Gail, basta susungayan kita... Ha ha ha ha ha!"

The jokes on me though because he's so tall my bunny ears were not seen.


This impromptu BAGUIO trip doubled as my Father's Day treat to the Chinese Adonis!

Yup! Even though we did Andrei's activities and ate in Mati's cravings, the head of the family was always fine in supporting our boys' happiness. Walang sumpong sumpong or pagod pagod sa kaniya, basta his family is concerned HE IS ALWAYS GO NA GO!!!!

And if you've met him you'll agree that he is THE KINDEST AND SUPER LOVING DAD/HUB of all! He deserves a noble peace prize sa bait! And I'm not the only one who says that -- everyone who knows him would say the same thing!

We love you Yub!!!!!!!

And it's time to officially put this BAGUIO trip to an end!

Bye Pine trees!

The last time we were in BAGUIO, I got a bit temperamental with the Yub because he became sneaky and didn't tell us that we're going to pass by Kennon Road when he knew that I didn't want to pass there.

That's why for this trip, I really checked and repeatedly verified that we were going to pass by MARCOS HIGHWAY.

Photo grabbed from the net.

And woah, our guardian angels were really looking after us because the same time we were on the way to Marcos Highway, THIS happened going to Kennon road!!!

It may not be obvious but there's an SUV under that big boulder. Thankfully the driver and his kids were able to get out in time and just had minor injuries.

Thank you God talaga and our guardian angels for showing us the way to go and keeping us safe!

After this the Yub declared that he will NEVER EVER pass by Kennon road FOREVER.

And finally we're out of the mountains and in the safe land going to Manila!

He he he he he!


As predicted, we had another awesome time in our new happy place, BAGUIO CITY!!!

You may roll your eyes and say that BAGUIO is so passe and our activities are boring.

It's okay because maybe we just have simple tastes and it doesn't take something expensive or fashionable for us to have an awesome time. 

Sometimes it's just about fulfilling your son's wishes and feeling his joy and excitement.

Or seeing him having an awesome time doing the things you loved as a kid.

Like what we always say, we don't care if a place is classy or inexpensive, as long as it is clean, safe, cold and we ARE together, we'll always find something to love about it. 

YUP! I really mean it when I say that I'm not making any other plans with the family now because we're too happy already with our trips to BAGUIO.

And you know what? We just booked another one this December!!!







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