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Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Last June, my beloved Daddyowzers would have celebrated his 82nd birthday. I didn't expect it (thinking that the waterworks would flow during his death anniversary) but I got so emotional that day that I couldn't stop tearing up even at the office.

INANGKUPUSHNESS, I think I'm choking up while typing this intro.

Our last surprise for him 2017...

It was the first time in many years that the boys and I didn't stay up late to sing my Daddy a happy birthday at the strike of 12am.

It gave him so much joy the first time we surprised him that we would always do it every year with matching cake and candle.

This year (and every year I'm sure) we are continuing that tradition of still celebrating his birthday. And since my Daddyowzers was also the first foodie ever in the family (he inspired us to love food and celebrate everything with it)...

the family is going out for his birthday!!!!!

That night, the family decided to go to AKIRA in Powerplant Mall!

We usually have KIMPURA for birthdays but since our favorite branch was still closed, we just tried out this Japanese restaurant in our favorite Powerplant Mall.

The food is still cooked via Teppanyaki grill that's why we chose it. He he he he he!

There were a lot of vacant tables that weeknight. I think it's a good thing too so that we could get the long table.

ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mommy and Kuya Jon!!!!!

Karen, Kuya Jay, and singit Andrei!

Andrei, Rocio, and Master Mati!

Tita Meldy (Daddy's sister), Anthony, and Ate Jojit!

The Yub and I came from work so we were late. When we got to AKIRA, my family was already eating.




Oh well... At least we get our own table. He he he he he!

As I know there'll be a bit of a wait, I ordered my favorite Tekka Maki!!!

While I was eating, the Yub kept on looking longingly at the chef cooking the food that ate Jit ordered.

Wawa... Di ka kasi kumakain ng Sushi.... Hi hi hi!!!!!!

Ate Jit ordered us a Chicken Teppanyaki (P288.00)!

It was crisp on the outside and good with the dipping sauce. 

She also ordered us some AKIRA US Tenderloin Teppanyaki (P598.00) because beef is always good in everything. He he he he he he!


Wohooo! Seafood!

Please Mr. Teppanyaki guy, add a LOT of butter!

Since our food was not yet finished cooking, I zoinked some steak and salmon from the other table.

Oooh! Tempura! YUM!!!!!

Here comes our AKIRA Mixed Seafood Teppan (P728.00).

Oh yeaaaah....

Ate Jit gave us their leftover seafood Yakisoba (P348.00)!

Wohoo! Our seafood Teppanyaki is here!

Oooh yeah... Salmon... Scallops... Shrimps... Oysters... Fish...


The Yub and I shared an order of Fried Rice (P138.00)!



Oy yub... Andito na lahat ng gusto mo! Tama na ang lingon!

Ang fresh, fresh ng kaharap mo o??

Maybe I smell like seafood I don't know. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Le bill!

(Because of the business he put up for the family) thank you Daddyowzers for treating us on your birthday! Grabe, you're already in heaven yet you're still taking care of us!!!!!!!!

Second Floor, Power Plant Mall,
Rockwell, Makati City


Back at home, we all sang to our dear Daddyowzers again!!!!!!

My Dad loved singing us birthday songs complete with cake and candles. He would do this many times at home and in restaurants making us feel special. 

In fact, he would also do this even if it's not our birthday so that we'd have the joy (and the freebie cake of a birthday song! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

In his honor, we'll ALWAYS do this for him!!!!!

(Belated) HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Daddyowzers!!!! We miss you SO much! I hope you got Frank Sinatra to sing for you in heaven.


We love you so much!!! Celebrations are not the same without you.

We'll be seeing you again I'm sure..... 



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