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Friday, October 19, 2018


THE YAPPY BUNCH had an impromptu vacation in the City of Pines and was able to book a holiday weekend in CHALET BAGUIO HOTEL. What appealed to us in this simple lodge-like place was that it was affordable, ghost-free, and most importantly, available for our late booking. As we were checking their website we discovered that our accommodations also included free dinners AND breakfast for 2 pax.

HUWAW! Isn't that cool???

Breakfast is already my favorite meal of the day but to have it free and in buffet form? It will definitely make any kind of vacation more special. He he he he he he!

I know I'm OA but yeah breakfast does that to me. It's the meal I swear I could NEVER get full from. If it had the premise of not getting me fat and full of cholesterol, I would have breakfast for HOURS.

Check out the enjoyable 2-day breakfast that we had in CHALET BAGUIO HOTEL! It was certainly enough to make us happy and energized for the whole day!

Let's have brekky in CHALET BAGUIO HOTEL!!!!

Their buffet breakfast was served at San Marcelino Hall.

Inside it was crowded that's why we had to look somewhere else to settle our big fat butts on.

The kind server informed us that we could get from the buffet and eat our food in their cafe by the lobby.

Even if the buffet table was closer in that function room, I would choose THIS lovely spot ANYTIME!!!!!!


Appetizer Station!

Hot soup!

Cream of Mushroom! Yum!!!!

Bread and Rolls!

Tasty with Toaster! He he he he! There were also butter and jam.

Cereals and Salads!

Yup! Weird people like me could have salads for breakfast...

Along with their garlic rice, eggs, bacon, danggit, tapa, tocino, etc... etc!!!!

Main Food Station!

He he he he! My Master Mati -- he could certainly take care of himself when it comes to eating!

Sweet Longganisa and Meatballs!

The meatballs were MEH but these fried longganisas were AWESOME!!!!

Cooked Ham!

Fried Bangus!

I'm starting to like Fried Bangus for breakfast na din!

Pancit Bihon!

Scrambled Eggs!

For me, a breakfast buffet is not complete without these fluffy and creamy scrambled eggs.

Garlic Rice!

Another MUST in breakfast buffets. If there's no Garlic Rice, WE RIOT!

Drinks Station!

Ew... I hated that the Yub was still in his slippers. Even if it was just breakfast, I still think you should look presentable.

We got our food and settled onto our table.


Master Mati and the Yub!

The hoplay Andrei and MEEEEEEH!

ERICJAZ FOODIES and the little lords having breakfast in CHALET BAGUIO HOTEL!

The free breakfast was only for 2 pax so we just paid the half rate each (about P350.00) for the 2 boys. When we go on staycations, we do have the option of just buying them Jollibee or packing extra food for them. BUT, the Yub and I cannot bear not having our sons enjoy the same food that we're having. If they want to, they'll certainly join us!

And that is ALWAYS. Ha ha ha ha ha!

We're one family ALL having a vacation right?


While eating, cutie little Mateo ran up to Andrei!

Yup! Kiddies love Andrei because he'd always play with them. At the same time, my bunsoy love kiddies too!

Next day....

There were not much people that morning in the buffet room but THE YAPPY BUNCH still ate in our usual table at the cafe.

Yup! Because it's more cozy here!

Getting our food again!!!!

Ewwww... The Yub was in his slippers AND didn't change clothes. 

Oh well!

Buti na lang pogi ka.


The menu for this morning was almost the same except for some wee changes...

Corned Beef!!!


Fried Red Hotdog with Sauce!

The butter and ketchup glaze made it more perfect with garlic rice.

My plate...

(Told you I got salad...)

Yub's plate!!!!

See? The hotdogs were so popular! He he he he he he!

ROLL CALL (again)!!!!!!!!!

The untouchable Master Mati and Yub from Atlanta (again).

Me and the not-so hoplay bunsoy. He he he he!

Pareng Jun and Mareng Gail joined us too!

My second plate!!!!!

Yep! When it comes to breakfast there's ALWAYS a second (or even third) plate!

May pandesal pa...

Tee Hee!



Even if I do usually miss breakfast due to my INTERMISSION (tee heee) fasting, I would certainly indulge to many servings during the times when I do have the best meal in the day.

And for that breakfast in CHALET BAGUIO HOTEL? Though it didn't have the usual sosy wosy entrees you would usually find in other hotels, it did have delicious garlic rice, scrambled eggs, hotdogs, corned beef, danggit, longganisa, and endless coffee.

That certainly counts as sulit na for me!!!!



 2200, Upper Military Cutoff Road, 
Baguio, Benguet
(074) 424 8070



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