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Monday, February 24, 2014



After Ramen houses opened up left and right, many were still clamoring for THE restaurant they feel is the "manna" of this noodle dish: 


I was able to savor their hot piping bowls of awesomeness when we had our company trip to Hong Kong last  year. Except there, they call the famed hub as "BUTAO RAMEN" (CLICK HERE!!!!). When they finally opened their doors in SM AURA last year, Ramen fanatics rejoiced and EVERYONE lined up everyday to get a taste of their special steaming bowls of Ramen.

Yes, I said EVERYONE because whatever time, whatever day you're there, there will ALWAYS be a line.

And believe me when I assure you that it will be worth it!


It was my birthday week and my kumareng Gail asked me where we want to eat for her treat! Since me and her husband Jun were such noodle addicts, I wished for RAMEN NAGI even if there WAS that probability that we will be lining up for a significant amount of time. 

Well lo and behold! The foodie gods were celebrating with me as we were able to get a seat RIGHT away at that time!!! IT'S A BIRTHDAY MIRACLE!

Sorry I won't say what time and what day because I'm evil that way :P

Before you enter, there is that "subtle" reminder of what you can and can NOT do with their food at RAMEN NAGI. This is very understandable because ramen gets soggy and sloppy when it is eaten long after it is served.

Ramen Nagi

RAMEN NAGI is not as cramped as its Hong Kong counterpart even if seats could be limited. Still, we were all comfortable and had pleasurable dining experience!

The simple decor of RAMEN NAGI bowls mounted on their wall gives out an eye-pleasing art piece. It might also challenge yourself to consume the equivalent number of ramen with your visits to their restaurant.
I am SO taking that challenge! Tee hee!

Every table of RAMEN NAGI is "equipped" with their black chopsticks, house tea and condiments for your noodles!

Open it up close your eyes and you'll get a tasty surprise!

Raw garlic in water! This also comes with your own crusher to put directly in your soup!

When I was in Hong Kong I loved RAMEN NAGI's spiced bean sprouts for more crunch and heat in my noodles!

RAMEN NAGI also has this Sesame Seed grinder for an extra nutty flavor to your broth. Try it! YUM!

One of my favorite foodie couples, Mareng Gail and Pareng Jun!! YEY! Thanks for the birthday treat! She doesn't like Ramen (at all) but since it was my wish, that was the command! I LOVE YOU MARE! he he he he he!


All servers of RAMEN NAGI, especially Louie here, were very helpful and knowledgeable about their food! He was able to explain to me what's in the different Ramen bowls and gave me tips on how to better enjoy it.  

Time to ORDER up!

Doesn't the RAMEN NAGI meynuh look better with my "muse"! He he he he!

Ramen Nagi


If you're a newbie, your best bet would be the RAMEN NAGI Original King Butao (P390.00) since it is the most basic (albeit tasty) noodle bowl they have. 

If you want something MUCH MUCH more exciting, (P410.00), get RAMEN NAGI's Red King Akao. Believe me, this is one HOT mother effer! I would sometimes eat raw chili (siling labuyo) with my meats and rice but this almost made me surrender! BUT HEY! It was SOOOOO effin good! I would DEFINITELY order this again!

Look at me blurting out profanities and stuff! Ha ha ha ha!

Perhaps the best seller of RAMEN NAGI, and the one that you SHOULD try once you have a fondness for Japanese noodles, is their BLACK KING (P410.00)! This is also my favorite since you could really savor the squid ink in their very rich broth! Truly worth all the hype!!! (Drooling....)

When I get tired of the Black and Red King (yeah right), I would try out RAMEN NAGI's Green King Midorio. I once got a sip of this and the broth packed with cheesy herbs worked for me. Someday I'm sure i'll order this for my own personal enjoyment....

.... with the Black King on the side. Tee hee!

If Ramen is not your thing, RAMEN NAGI has considerably whipped up other dishes for you to enjoy! 

Curry lovers rejoice!! RAMEN NAGI has something for you for a limited time!

In RAMEN NAGI, they will give you an order paper where you check out how you want your noodles. If you want your Ramen chewy and al dente then check out extra hard!

I really wanted to try the Red King with 2 levels of Spicy. Good thing our server Louie stopped me and said it is better for me to try it first before requesting for extra chili. Good thing I followed because he was right!

Look at me writing my name above and NOT following directions this time!

I remember that in BUTAO RAMEN, they did not have a space for your name and instead relied on where you were seated. 

Check out the Chinese Adonis who got lost in translation... He he he he he!

Yub and Mati shared a RAMEN NAGI Original King! As usual he made fun of their "customer name".

Ramen Nagi

Mareng Gail ordered the RAMEN NAGI Black king!

It was gloriously how I remembered it to be!!! The broth was thick and very rich with squid ink flavors!! Every sip will give you a mouthful of black king goodness!

Ramen Nagi

Yub and Mati had the RAMEN NAGI Original King!

Mati loved the chewy ramen noodles and kept on slurping quietly in his corner.

Ramen Nagi

I got the VERY spicy RAMEN NAGI Red King!

Ramen Nagi

At first sip, I got nervous. How will I finish this??? It was severely spicy!!! I cannot take it home and I can't just let mareng Gail see that I'm not enjoying my order! I am in trouble now!

But after a slurp of their noodles and more spoonfuls of the broth, I was able to enjoy it. It was SO good! I have now found my new favorite!!! Everyone worked well later on after this RAMEN NAGI bowl tamed my senses.

All RAMEN NAGI bowls come with the BEST Tamago there is! Look at that perfectly runny yolk! Just the way I like it! 


What I usually do is scoop out that gooey yolk and mix into my soup for a thicker and richer broth!

Pareng Jun enjoyed every drop of this RAMEN NAGI spicy bowl!

Yihiii! We (aka I) are so happy!

Yub is not really fond of Ramen... Tee hee! More for me!

Gyoza, Ramen Nagi

We also tried out RAMEN NAGI's Gyoza (P125.00). The dumplings were perfectly steamed but we found it to have more vegetables than meat. But if you like the steamed "kutchay" dimsum, you would love this. As for us, we would pass on this next time. 

Ramen Nagi


Done!!! I would love to drain my bowl but I was too full for comfort! IF you get what I mean. He he he he!


My very beautiful kumareng Gail! I love you to moon and back.... with a RAMEN NAGI bowl waiting for me. 



Ramen Nagi
5th Level. Sky Park, 
SM Aura Premier, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. 

Check this out!


  1. Have to move this up on my wishlist! Really want to try it!

    1. Hiya Stacy!!! You should! That Black King Ramen was really something! As for me, I fell in love with the Red King since it reminded me so much of Ukokkei's Tan Tan Mien! Hope you'll like RAMEN NAGI as much as we did!!! Thanks for the comment! See you soon I hope :)

  2. Glad to see someone who's a fan of spicy and hot ramen too! Though I'm not much of a fan of tan tan mien.... :) Great photos!

    1. Hiya Candid Cuisine! Yey you too? A big ounce of spice just makes everything oh so exciting! Yes, Tan Tan Mien could get too cloying. I can't imagine finishing a whole bowl to myself.... for now. Ha ha ha ha! Thanks for dropping by :)

  3. Tnxs for d info.. I'm so excited to visit Ramen Nagi with my friends

    1. I'm glad you took the time to read my silly little foodie blog! Take care and do tell me how it goes! Wow I'm so inggit! Pwede sumama? Ha ha ha ha ha! Kidding! :) Cheers!


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