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Thursday, October 25, 2018


In BAGUIO CITY, we have encountered favorites that we know we'll go back to again and again. And one of them is SIZZLING PLATE.

In our 2018 trip to BAGUIO, we returned once more to SIZZLING PLATE but tried their other more spacious branch which was reminiscent of what (I remember) a steakhouse should be -- an open air homey restaurant with that log cabin design. There were no loud music or singing bands (or waiters?? He he he he); whatever noise pollution was drowned out by the appetizing sizzling sounds of gravy being poured over the big slabs of steak.

We strongly recommended SIZZLING PLATE to our friends Team Campo that when we were deciding where to have our late lunch, it was the only choice. And, as expected, they loved it. They had the same satiated but happy smiles like we had the first time we ate there.

I know that there are other affordable steaks in the Metro, and that there are other more popular restaurants in BAGUIO. But in SIZZLING PLATE, you get quality cuts of tender beef smothered in savory gravy at at a very affordable price. Your meal becomes more enjoyable too because you have the mountain breeze and pine trees as your "side dishes."

Yup! SIZZLING PLATE will ALWAYS be part of our BAGUIO itinerary. It will always be where we'll go to in the City of Pines for our meat cravings that's affordable at the same time.



This SIZZLING PLATE branch was bigger compared to the one in Session Road. What's great too is that it had ample parking spaces.

Looking good already!!!!

This branch of SIZZLING PLATE was like a big house and it was full of hungry people. The place had open windows which welcomed the fresh mountain air of BAGUIO.

The place was packed even if it was past lunchtime already. Good thing the kind attendant was able to get us a cozy table by the corner.

ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mareng Gail's nephew and Gail's Mom...

Team Campo....

The Yubhub and Master Mati!

The bunsoy Andrei and MEEEEEEH!

and US!!!!!

HAY ANDREI!!!! That's his serious face daw.

Master Mati took charge in ordering for us. Our attendant was the same nice lady Manager in their other branch.


SIZZLING PLATE T-Bone Steak (P279.00)!

Look a the size of that beauty!!! Plus the FAT!!! Wohoo!

For P279.00, this is a steal! Especially that they serve it with soup, buttered veggies, and java rice (or bread)!!!

SIZZLING PLATE Porterhouse Steak (P285.00)!

SIZZLING PLATE Tenderloin Tips (P209.00)!

SIZZLING PLATE Pork Barbecue (P169.00)!

From all of the dishes ordered, this was the most MEH for me. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Le grub!!!!

May I point out the soup was quite good na. It's instant of course pero it's satisfying na din.

Our orders!!!!

Master Mati got a tenderloin for himself...

While the Yub and I shared a T-Bone!

I know gravy is a no-no in high grade steaks but since this is the affordable kind, just feel free to drown your meat in gravy. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

And you REALLY should because their gravy is so perfect on everything even on rice!!! Sarap!

We even asked for an extra serving of it! I know you will too! He he he he he he!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and Team Campo in SIZZLING PLATE!!!!

Eating time!

My happy and hungry guys!

DONE!!!! Burp!

Our bill!!!

Super cheap right???

SIZZLING PLATE for the effin WIN!!!

Yup! Always and forevermore na!


Sizzling Plate, Leonard Wood Road
2600 Baguio City



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