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Tuesday, October 23, 2018


The YAPPY BUNCH are back in one of our happy places in the colder side of the Philippines....


The Yub and I love BAGUIO because of the green surroundings in the eternally cold weather. We're happy that the kids are also appreciating BAGUIO as much as we do and don't mind going back again and again. I guess it's because, since we find joy in their happiness, we left them in charge of our itinerary:

Andrei schedules our activities such as horseback riding and go-karting.

As for Mati, he decides on where we will be eating.

Even before we left for BAGUIO Master Mati already declared that we should eat in O MAI KHAN again. He really savored the bowls of Mongolian fried rice before and was very excited to have several rounds of the "make-your-own" goodness again.

And since the menu is not just delicious but very affordable, we're SO game to go back too!


We're in O MAI KHAN!!! YAY!

Unlike last time, we went to O MAI KHAN earlier (at about 7:00pm) because we wanted to have more time to enjoy their Mongolian buffet (which ends at 9:00pm). 

And here's what we came for!


Meats comprised of chicken, pork, chicken liver, AND there was beef (but not during the time of picture... he he he).


More veggies!

And sauces!

There's an attendant to assist customers with their Mongolian Barbecues. This lady was always happy and smiling.

She would be the one to put the meats and rice on the bowls. As for the veggies and sauces, it is up to the guest.

She agreed to tell Andrei that kids are required to put vegetables in their Mongolian bowls. He he he he... I asked her to do that!

Surprisingly, that was so fine with Andrei. He proceeded to put some leafy vegetables and carrots onto his bowl.

My excited bunsoy!

Master Mati said he planned to have at least 2 Mongolian bowls so he was in a hurry to fill up and have his creation cooked.

The lady gave them their claim numbers for proper matching of their food.

The bunsoy Andrei would always watch the chef fry up his Mongolian bowl.

Well it IS a beautiful sight! He he he he he!

Back on our table we waited with excited for our grub!

Our numbers!

PLUS we'll do a ROLL CALL!

Master Mati and the Chinese Panget!

Me and the bunsoy boy!

The Yub didn't feel like having Mongolian Barbecue and ordered something else. His food came with a hot bowl of soup.

YAYY! Our food is here!

The bunsoy's bowl!!!

Master Mati's bowl!

My Master Foodie talaga knows how to enjoy his food. Look at how delicious his creation looked! When I tried this, it was so yum too!

Mine looked fine naman. At the suggestion of the lady attendant, I added some strips of Chicken Liver and it made a lot of difference in the meaty flavor of my bowl. Sumarap siya lalo! I would definitely get it again on my next creation.

The Yub had this O MAI KHAN Crispy Tadyang that was served with Garlic Rice, Pickled Veggies, and Toyo!

Somebody was tired but still excited to eat!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in O MAI KHAN!

Uuuuy... Nilalamig ako!

For additional munchies, the Yub ordered a plate of cheese fries!

Master Mati on his second bowl!!!!

He followed my advise to add Chicken Liver in his Mongolian Bowl and he loved it as much as I did. It certainly added more color to his fried rice!

I'm on to my second bowl too!

I added more sauces to my Mongolian Barbecue that's why it had that wet look!

Andrei baby made gaya gaya too but he didn't put enough sauce in his mixture that his fried rice looked anemic. He he he he he!

He swears that it's still good and he was able to finish most of it.

DONE! With feelings!


Le bill!!!!

Expect more blog posts on O' MAI KHAN because we will ALWAYS go here everytime we're in BAGUIO!!!

He he he he!




 Session Rd, Baguio, Benguet
(074) 442 5885



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