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Wednesday, October 17, 2018


THE YAPPY BUNCH were in BAGUIO staying in CHALET HOTEL and we were enjoying every minute of it. Of course, the hotel is not the 5-star type that some of you are used to, but it was clean, had friendly staff, affordable, AND was one of the few hotels available at a short notice for the 3 day weekend. So really, it suited us perfectly for our impromptu BAGUIO vacation. He he he he!

One of the great things too during our stay in CHALET BAGUIO HOTEL was that besides breakfast, they also have complimentary dinner for 2 pax for our 2 nights! Woah! That's a very good deal!!!! It would certainly be a big help to our pockets.

Of course, the question here next is "How did the food fare up?"

Oh you'll see. YOU'LL ALL SEE....

He he he he he....

Yay! It's a free dinner in CHALET BAGUIO HOTEL!!!

Dinner was located in their San Marcelino Hall.

CHALET BAGUIO HOTEL may be a simple establishment compared to the more popular ones in the area but I would still have to commend their staff for always being friendly and helpful. They were always smiling even if there were a lot of people in the dining area later.

Good thing we were early! We were able to choose what table we liked.

When we checked in, we were given 2 coupons for the free dinner which we'll give here.  

We were supposed to just pay additional for the boys but since we're going out for Mati's craving the next night, we'll use all of our coupons now.

Here are the choices.... Not bad!!!!

Hmmmm.... What should we get?

Ordering up!!!!!

ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!!!!

Master Mati and the Chinese Panget....

Me and the bunsoy baby Andrei.

My inaanak Jelo and baby Mateo dropped by to say belat.

We were immediately served with hot bowls of macaroni soup after ordering and I'd have to say that this was pretty good!!!! The soup was creamy and flavorful, something that your manang would cook at home. 

This was perfect for the cold and rainy weather that night. The Yubhub and Master Mati scraped their bowls clean.

While waiting for our orders, Team Campo and Team Virrey would drop by from time to time to chat up!

He he he he! Cutie kiddies!

Even the babies said hello!


(Sorry I forgot who ordered what...)

First up is the Chicken Cordon Bleu!

Chicken and Ham rolled then topped with a creamy sauce.

Grilled Rosemary Chicken!

Pork Chop Roberts!

The Pork Chops were burnt (ha ha ha ha) but we were still able to finish it. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Mixed Seafood Au Gratin!

Squid and Fish with veggies in cheesy cream.

To make things more exciting, we ordered a sizzling plate of Sisig.


ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords enjoying a free dinner from CHALET BAGUIO HOTEL!

Now that sisig really hit the spot!!!!


He he he he he! Hi Johans and Jelo!


How did we like it?

To be honest, we've had better servings of grilled chicken and pork, mixed seafood, and chicken cordon bleu somewhere else, but the ones we had that night were okay naman and we were able to finish it (tee hee). 

I've read some nasty comments online about their food but really, why should you expect Michelin quality dishes when the food is already complimentary? Their food was not inedible and was served hot. If you don't like it, then just eat somewhere. It's free anyway. He he he he he he!

I just hate it when some people find reasons to complain and whine. Me and the hub are always appreciative of what we have that's why we always have fun wherever we go. Kaya we're good na with the food. At least we were able to save for one meal. Tomorrow, we'll just go somewhere else because we don't want to leave BAGUIO without eating at our favorites. He he he he he he!

So yeah, thanks CHALET BAGUIO HOTEL for the free dinner promo!!! We loved it!



Upper Military Cutoff Road
Baguio City 2600, Philippines
(6374) 424 8070 / 72 / 85 / 97
 (+63) 932 882 6043



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