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Tuesday, October 3, 2017


One of my most favorite memories as a kid was when my family and I had our very first Baguio getaway. I think I was only a scrawny Grade 4 student when my family rode a Victory Liner (Yup! We rode a bus!!!!) going to Baguio and stayed in this simple 3-star hotel. We had the "superkaduper bestest" of time when my Dad (RIP) took us to what families normally do there -- go horse back riding, coin dropping, biking, and just enjoy the shivering cold weather that Baguio is so popular for.

I know that may never happen again ( :( ) but I am just consoled with the fact that my husband and I could give that unforgettable experience with the little lords. We have been planning it for so long but we never got around to doing it because it meant that we had to be absent from work.

One night, my friend Anne said that her brother invited us all to join them in their Baguio trip on an upcoming 3 day weekend!!! Wow! That would be so YAY!!!! Besides going to our much revered place with our great buddies, our accommodations will be courtesy of Kuya Larry! Wohooo!!!! Now THIS is so meant to be!!!!

And just like our trip to Baguio with the family, THE YAPPY BUNCH had a super fun time doing the things that I did before as a kid. There was no dull moment at all! We all enjoyed every minute of our trip and are so raring to go back very soon.

So let me share with you our awesome Baguio trip with Team Virrey!!!! I'm warning you this early that there will be A LOT of pictures (please get used to to it... ha ha ha ha ha ha!) because we would like to remember every fun moment from it!!!

Yooo to the HOO!

We're going to Baguio! YIPEE SKIP!!!

We decided to drive out to Baguio after dinner to avoid traffic. It may be risky but we just promised to go carefully and slow. We also passed by the safer route of Marcos Highway.


And at about 1:00am, we saw the twinkly twinkly lights of BAGUIO CITY!!!!


Our crib for the weekend!

Not too shabby right???

The upstairs dining area!

The boys were so excited! They were going to have a weekend with their best buds!

Their excitement calls for a dab!

It's already 3:00am and I doubt if they'll be sleeping anytime soon!!!

After settling our things in our rooms, we decided to hang out in the main living room.

These boys will surely rule the weekend!

As much as we wanted to stay up all night, we had a loooooong day ahead later. So it was time to get some shut eye.

Good night everyone!!!!


The next day, we woke up to the mouth-watering aroma of breakfast!

Fried Vienna Sausage!

Corned Beef and scrambled eggs!!!

Augh! I wasn't supposed to eat rice!!!!!

This is so perfect with coffee. Yummers!

Andrei ate a lot that morning.

Pareng Jonahs showing some sweetness to Aning!

Ako din Yub!

Yub: MEH.

CHE! He he he he he he he!


We packed on our car to go to our first itinerary for the day!

The little boys all squeezed in at the back but they didn't mind. They were still so noisy!

Waze was not our friend this morning because it led us to an abandoned airport at a faraway area.


FINALLY!!!!  Our first stop that day was in the Philippine Military Academy!

The boys had so much fun checking out the different tanks and weapons!

Let's fly!!!

And dab!


Check out our PMA BLOGPOST!!!!

Up next, we went to Camp John Hay for some snacks!


We got a long table for our snacks in The Manor!

Aning and Jonahs!

Me and the Yubhub (both wearing blue!)

And the boys who were sooo busy making their own ruckus!

Aning ordered this delicious Banana Bread from Le Chef in the Manor and had it cut up for sharing.

The moist and sweet Banana Cake was so perfect with my hot cup of brewed coffee!

The little lords each had a long mug of Hot Chocolate too!

The fudgy hot chocolate really hit the spot!

Besides the hot chocolate, bunsoy Andrei and Jelo had their fill of sweets because the nice lady at the counter gave it to them for free!

Having a super fun time at the Manor! Ops! Noo lang nasingit kay Pareng Jonahs! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Yipeee! Much better.

Piping hot soup and steaming mugs of coffee are so perfect when it's raining outside.

Since it was kinda chilly my bunsoy sat by the fireplace.

He was then joined by his brother.

And the other boys.

Andrei liked that he could warm his butt on it. Ha ha ha ha!

Syempre, we saw this as a great photo op. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Yup! Even if our backsides were getting toasty.

Team Virrey and the Yappy Bunch in Le Chef at The Manor in Camp John Hay!

There were a lot of picture perfect venues in The Manor but the weather did not cooperate with us.

The boys were still curious and wanted to look around.

Good thing that we packed some rain coats and hats for the boys.

Of course, nothing could stop them from doing the dab!

AND, the grass may be wet but the boys will still do their jump shot! He he he he he he!

The rain was pouring at night but we still drove on to the heavily recommended restaurant in Baguio.... 

The restaurant served delicious ribs AND more! Their big platters of food were so perfect for our hungry selves!

When we got back to the house, Kuya Larry and family were there!

The boys got to play with Mateo.

Since the boys were already having a happy time back at home, the adults went ahead for a night out at Session Road!

We were able to get a parking space so we hopped right out for a mini-street tour.

It was an uphill walk. It should be tiring but the weather was cool so we just went for it.

I was expecting Session Road to be more crowded but it was not! 

Wohooo!!! I got a John Wick dibidi for my Master Mati!

Normally we would be complaining for the long walk but this was really fun!

I also got a The Crown dibidi! He he he he he!

Now THIS is a different kind of date night!

In Session Road, tiangges were in full force!

Hmmm.... Should we go down there?

On the other side, they had loads of street food for sale.

Pictyuuuuur na lang!

When we got back, the little lords already changed in their jammies but were so NOT ready for bed.

Aba! E di kami din!!! It WAS the perfect time for anyway for some midnight snacks.

That night, we had some coffee, wine, and chips!!!

We also devoured hot bowls of instant noodles because the chilly weather called for it.

My bunsoy Andrei had some too!!!!!

After eating, I whipped up some hot cocoa with marshmallows for the boys as they got ready to play some MAD!

I wanted to lie down and rest but the boys invited me to play with them. Sige! I'll crash your game!!!!

My sibs and I played MAD when we were little and when we saw one for sale in Ebay, we immediately bought. The little lords love this game too!

Heyyy!!! Who's cheating????

In the end, I WON! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! Suddenly, the boys regretted inviting me to join their game. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

And with THAT everyone, GOOD NIGHT (drops mic)!!!


We all had a tiring but very enjoyable official first day in Baguio. Though the weather was not as cooperative as we hoped it would be, it certainly did not dampen our spirits. It just made more more excited for the next day's happenings!!!


Part Two coming soon!





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