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ERICJAZ FOODIES was invited to try out the newest steak hub in Pasig City and though it's a bit out of the way from where we lived, we're excited!

STEAK PROJECT was right in the heart of Pasig City near Pasig City Museum and the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Pasig. 

The Yub and I were familiar with the area because it was where the clinic of my OB Gyn was located.

Haaaaay! When kaya uli kami dadalaw sa OB?

Kidding!!! Hi hi hi! The Yub would have a heart attack.

The reason why we're willing to travel Pasig City is because STEAK PROJECT 122 was whipped up by Vincent Juanta -- the genius behind gourmet carinderias in the Philippines such as Kanto Breakfast, Calderon and Guevarra, 10 Ronin, and Lime 88. 

If the above the carinderia versions of breakfast, Filipino, Japanese, and streetfood, then STEAK PROJECT 122 is, as you have guessed, the eatery (or carinderia) version of our favorite STEAK!!!!!

Together with his partners Jet and Marissa Rubia, Vincent set up this simple restaurant that promises to serve delicious steak dishes that will be a bang for your buck.

Or in our case "Pwedeng pwede for your Peso!"


The kitchens and counter tables were located in the first floor. This is perfect for those who just want to eat, and go.

I recommend settling in the second floor because you're assured of airconditioning in full blast (he he he he). Such a relief in this hot weather!!!!!

ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!

The Last Don sweeties!

This guy is solo for lunch but not for long. He's getting married this October!!!! 



Uuuuy! Nilalamig talaga si Yub niyan!

STEAK PROJECT 122 menu 1...

STEAK PROJECT 122 menu 2...

The first on the table was an order of STEAK PROJECT Cheese Sticks with a side salad of Mango vinaigrette dressing.

Instead of Mozzarella, they used Kesong Puti and it was so good!!! It went well with the ketchup and mayo dip. I think we ordered another one because the cheese sticks were gone in a jiff!

For merienda (or appetizer) options, you could try out the STEAK PROJECT 122 White Hamburger (P175.00).

An order will give you 3 sliders plus french fries.

The sliders are doused with creamy cheese because, you could never really have enough cheese on everything. Ha ha ha!

For the mains, we set the ball rolling with STEAK PROJECT's Sinigangster Salmon (P251.00)!

This is like a deconstructed Sinigang na Salmon but instead of a soupy broth, you get the buttery braised fish topped with the fried veggies on a bed of gabi mash.

You eat it with a drizzle of the "gravy" of reduced Sinigang soup. It may coagulate a bit though (especially that the airconditioning is SO cold), but it still tasted great with the moist salmon and veggies!

Love barbecue? Try out the Barbecue Stick Project (P251.00)!

You'll get 4 sticks of fatty pork barbecue served with special sauce, veggies, and egg.

A strong favorite from the group was STEAK PROJECT'S Janno Ribs (P251.00)!

Fatty pork ribs marinated and grilled in a sweet, tangy barbecue sauce that's finger licking good. You don't need any knife here because the meat is fall off the bone tender!

If you want a hearty dish with sauce, try out the STEAK PROJECT 122 Janno Rib-I Sinigang (P273.00)!

Pork ribs served with sizzling sinigang gravy. One order is good for 3 pax AND just calls out for rice! Yum!!!! Sayang lang that it was not served sizzling to us. 

If you're craving for Filipino comfort food, the Sizzling Osso Bucco Caldereta (P273.00)!

One order will fill up 3 people!! Yum! The rich tomato sauce made more creamy with the gooey cheese is so perfect with crusty bread and/or rice!

I love too how the carrots were still crunchy. I don't like mushy vegetables even in stews.

Wow! Look at the marrow....

FINALLY it was time for the steaks! I was soooo excited for this!

We got the STEAK PROJECT 122 Rib-I (P251.00)!  

We got 2 generous cuts of Rib-Eye steak from  New Zealand served with a fried egg plus STEAK PROJECT's special 4 sauces.... 

Every order of the main entrees gets 4 servings of gravy served in tequila shots. You have a choice of the usual Mushroom Gravy, Red Wine Gravy, and for the unique ones, there's the Japanese Curry and the Caldereta.

I was especially fond of the Red Wine Gravy and the Japanese Curry! I don't know why! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

For another steak option, you could go for the STEAK PROJECT Love Me Tenderloin!

Strips of tenderloin meat with egg and veggies! Yum!

According to Mr. Juanta, their steaks are only marinated with salt and pepper before going onto the grill.

With the 4 sauces, it's like getting 4 viands of the meat but really, the steaks already tasted great so you may opt not to get any.

Next up is STEAK PROJECT'S Rosemary's Chicken (P251.00) served again with buttered vegetables, fried egg, and the delicious sauces. 

The Chicken fillet had that appetizing chargrilled taste with the essence of dried Rosemary. Extra rice please!

STEAK PROJECT Pork Steak (P251.00)!

This is another sulit platter of 2 pieces of pork chop, fried egg, buttered veggies, and their special sauces!


For those on a budget, don't fret. STEAK PROJECT 122 have students, office workers, or those just watching their wallets in mind with their P99.00 meals.

Biro mo for only P99.00 you'll get 1 serving of the Pork Steak, Rice, Buttered Veggies, 1 serving of sauce, and 1 glass of Iced Tea!

The STEAK PROJECT sulit meals are available with their other meats!

See the difference from their regular serving?

Mirror selfie! He he he he he!

We were all so full so we only shared the STEAK PROJECT Ube Custard Cake (P100.00).

It was not so sweet so it was the perfect ending from all the heavy food we feasted on earlier. He he he he he.

This went so well with my iced coffee!


Thank you Vincent and the Rubias for having us.

1600, 27 Alcalde Jose, 
Pasig, Metro Manila




  1. wow pupuntahan namin to ng mga anak ko. nakakagutom sya tingnan :D

    1. Go go go dear Istin!!!! You should try it. Besides serving really delicious steaks, prices are so affordable too! Winner na winner! Cheers!


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