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Wednesday, October 25, 2017


The Chinese Dimpol and I have heard of FLATIRON many times but we haven't tried it out because the little lords would always choose something else whenever we're at Uptown Mall in BGC. It's a shame too because I've always been curious of the place but of course, the priority would always be the boys' appetites.

Most recently, we were invited by FLATIRON 1771 to try out their new dishes and even if I would come from millions of miles away, or in Quezon City (he he he he), we really went for it. I think the food gods supported my decision because would you believe that from Katipunan, QC, I arrived in Uptown Mall BGC in only about 30 minutes???

QUE to the HORROR!!!!! Isa siyang himala!

OR, it was meant to be. He he he he he!

The Yub and I we're so glad that we dropped by FLATIRON 1771 that night because the food was indeed delicious and the new items were something that our boys would also enjoy. It was great too that they have fixed the place up to make it really look like a sassy modern diner where friends and family would have a good time.

Check out and drool at our fun dinner in FLATIRON 1771. Next time you see us here, we'll surely be with the kids.

Or not.

Because if they still object, ay, hello, they could wait outside.


Or am I?

Tee hee!

FLATIRON 1771, modern diner!

FLATIRON 1771 is now brighter especially with the lively vibrant colors in the interiors.

See the picture famous Flatiron Building at the top left?

As their name suggested, FLATIRON 1771 would remind you of a chic New York cafe where the girls from Sex and The City would dine and whine in.

Sex and the City 3 may never be but you could still get the same vibe in FLATIRON 1771!

The Yub and I were happy to join fellow KTG members in FLATIRON 1771!



Plus our pogi hubbies...


Now what are we going to have?

FLATIRON 1771 menu!



New on the FLATIRON 1771 menu is the Bravo Potato Skins (P260.00)!

(These are just special serving size for our group that night!)

We only got a small order and had 3 pieces of fried skins topped with beef, cheese, sour cream, and bacon. This tastes much more good than it looks trust me. I think I had 2 of these (after I devoured the pizza... he he he he)!

A classic best seller is the Tostado Wings Adobo (P180 solo / P 290.00 sharing).

Crispy chicken wings in Adobo seasoning. The chicken was a bit dry when I tried it but probably because I arrived late. He he he he he! Still, the nummy adobo flavors were there.

FLATIRON 1771 Chef's Salad (P350.00)!

I love veggies and would always order one on the side whenever I can. I almost finished this cold platter all by myself because the greens went so well with the chicken breast, hard-boiled egg, avocado, and bleu cheese dressing.

Come to think of it, anything that has blue cheese dressing, I'm sold!!!!

FLATIRON 1771 4-Cheese Pizza (P395.00)!

This is the first one I reached out for and was so glad that I did. It was instantly my new favorite. I liked it so much that I got the "shy piece"!

FLATIRON 1771 already had the popular 3-cheese pizza before with parmesan, mozzarella, and cheddar. But this time, they raised the delicious level by adding.... BLUE CHEESE! Yup! My favorite!

Great thing too is that you have the option to have it with white or red sauce. Me suggest you have it with white sauce to make it extra cheesy weesy. 

FLATIRON Chicken Fusilli Pesto Pasta (P295.00)!

Chicken breast cooked in white wine and sauteed with nutty and garlicky pesto sauce. Light yet very satisfying!

FLATIRON Seafood Angel Hair Spaghetti (P370.00)!

FLATIRON Fish Kebab (P650.00)!

FLATIRON 1771 Pressed Pork Belly (P595.00)!

I'm not much into sweet pork but the boys loved this. I really thought they don't have room for this anymore (because it was the last dish to arrive) but they finished it! 

The meat was indeed tender with appetizing SWEET buffalo sauce that you'd immediately look for rice. The mashed potatoes that came with were pretty yum too. Just hoped that they have the option to get garlic rice also. He he he he he he!

To wash all that food down, the Yub tried out FLATIRON 1771 Chocolate Milkshake (P199.00)! As usual, he didn't leave me any. 



Even if they have new menu items in FLATIRON 1771, their oldies were still goodies!

FLAT IRON 1771 Miso Glazed Salmon (P630.00)!

Moist, juicy, and fresh. The miso glaze on top added a slight tanginess to the fish.

FLATIRON Brisket 6 (P585.00 - solo / P 799.00 - sharing).

Uber tender beef brisket that was slow cooked for 6 hours. My husband loved this so much that he only left me a wee itty bitty plate by the time I arrived. Tapos from that wee itty bitty plate, he gave me a small bit then continued to enjoy the brisket that it was already shameful.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the MOMMIST and dear Marcie at FLATIRON 1771!!!

For dessert, the server recommended the FLATIRON 1771 Coffee Pie (P220.00), a Chateau 1771 bestseller!

The cappuccino was certainly a great ending to our dinner.

We really enjoyed our dinner at FLATIRON 1771! Thank you for having us!

We will certainly go back with the kids very soon!

Dan.. dan... DANNN!




Ground Floor, Uptown Place Mall, 
36th Street Corner 9th Avenue, 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
+63 9178544540



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