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Tuesday, October 17, 2017


It's been a while since our last Japanese fiesta that when our out-of-town-trip was cancelled, I was happy to join the KTG who was going to have Saturday lunch at 10 RONIN.

The Yub and I have already tried 10 RONIN before and we loved the dishes A LOT that we wanted to return FAST. Good thing that the food gods were in the mood to get us fat that weekend that they made this craving possible for us.

And the great thing was, we were going to enjoy our favorites plus new dishes at 10 RONIN!!!!



10 RONIN is owned by 5 couples (hence the 10) including Mr. Vincent Juanta, the genius behind popular Pinoy hole in the wall restos such as KANTO BREAKFAST, LIME 88, CALDERON AND GUEVARRA, STEAK PROJECT 122, and a whole lot more coming soon. Since he's fond of putting a new spin on eateries, this is what you may call his "Japanese Eatery with a Filipino spin!"

Mr. Juanta was there on the dot to welcome us!

We were early at 10 RONIN and had the place to ourselves. Mr. Juanta said however that they get more jampacked during the weekdays probably from the working folk.

10 RONIN may be "Japanese carinderia" but you'll appreciate the simple Japanese touches. 

Walls are bare except for some murals and oriental fixtures -- it works for me!

The plants add a certain zen like relaxing feel to the place.

Let me warn you that 10 RONIN doesn't have air conditioning (so it's best to go there at night). Still, the place is well ventilated.

The KTG are here... so LET'S EAT!!!!

Joining us that afternoon is Team Campo!

Mareng Gail is charging up her blog named GLOG again. You should really check it out!


We started off with our usual 10 RONIN appetizer, the Spiced Crispy Onion Frizzles (P95.00)! This may look so simple but the crispy breading makes it addicting especially with the dipping sauce. 

10 RONIN Mixed Tempura Platter (P220.00)!

An assortment of golden fried goodness of this pinoy favorite. 

10 RONIN Yakitori Platter (P295.00) with a variety of skewered meats!

10 RONIN Adobo Flakes Maki (P125.00)!

For the price, I'd say this is quite a steal!

My favorite though was the Spicy Tuna with Crispy Tempura Batter Flakes (P175.00)!

I loved it so much I forgot to get a solo picutre of it. 


10 RONIN Bagnet Japanese Curry (P195.00)!

A Japanese spin on a Filipino crispy favorite. This will get you asking for extra rice in an instant!

Because the holiday season is starting to give us chilly nights, it's great to slurp on the hot broth of 10 RONIN Spicy Miso Tinola Ramen (P155.00)!

I'd say for the price and taste, this IS a very sulit!

They also have the 10 RONIN Bacon and Grilled Adobo Cha Siu Shoyu Ramen (P155.00). 

My favorite would have to be the 10 RONIN Spicy Kimchi Sinigang Ramen (P240.00)!

It may seem to be a weird choice for Ramen but I loved it. I find the broth fruity and sour similar to a Tom Yum that you'll want to eat it with rice.

In this case though, the chewy egg noodles will do the carby trick!

The piece de resistance that day would be the  10 RONIN Corned Crispy Pata (P450.00)!

10 RONIN used the curing salting technique to get that extra crispy skin and flavorful meat. Yummmers. Worth a try! 

Of course, I would never miss having one of my favorites in 10 RONIN -- their Beef Gyudon!

Saucy and deliciously seasoned tender cutlets of beef with gooey egg and crispy onion rings. ANUBEEEEEEEH.....

Do get this. I swear. You'll not regret the carbs, the meat, the bowl. MAKAKAIN MO SILANG LAHAT!!!!!  He he he he he he!


A Chinese boy seems to be VERY happy!

For dessert, we had the 10 RONIN Azuki Matcha Cake (P150.00).

And the Japanese Cotton Cheesecake (P150.00)!

No aircon? No problem! We didn't even notice it because we were enjoying the food so much and meals with THE KTG are always fun. 

Thanks 10 RONIN for having us!

4357 Montojo, Makati, 
1205 Metro Manila
0925 807 6646



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