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Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Ever since I first saw DIPLOMAT HOTEL in Halloween specials and documentaries, I made up my mind that the next time I'm in Baguio, I would really go there. Well that's just me being my usual weird self because I'm so into supernatural tales and ghostly stories. (Yun lang come night time, I would get very jumpy and scream at the small sound of a butiki. I swear, sa akin matatakot yung multo! He he he he he he!!!)

That's why with THE YAPPY BUNCH's first trip to BAGUIO CITY, I really included in our itinerary this popular abandoned relic at the top of Dominican Hill. And I was not disappointed.

At first I was really hoping to see something to be scared out of my wits or at least feel an eeriness that I haven't experienced before.

In the end, we saw something else that I really did not expect. 

What is it you ask? Read below if... you... dare... to know kung ano ang nasa dako pa doon....




It's actually called HERITAGE AND NATURE PARK now but for familiarity's sake, let's stick to the name that I was used to since before.

The DIPLOMAT HOTEL was actually a vacation and retreat house for nuns and priests of the Dominican order in the year 1915.

During the World War II, Japanese soldiers invaded the retreat house and made it into their head quarters. 

There, they held captive the priests, nuns, and some refugees in the retreat house. 

Tragically, some of the Japanese soldiers and their secret police tortured, decapitated, raped, and killed their prisoners. 

It was said that most of the massacre happened in this area near the fountain. They even killed young children!!!!

Could you just imagine the murder and the blood bath that happened in this tranquil place decades ago?

If you just stopped and "listened", you could almost hear them crying for help.



In 1972, they renovated the structure and came to be DIPLOMAT HOTEL.

When the owner died in 1987, they stopped operations and the hotel was abandoned. Besides being looted on by scavengers and getting more damaged from 1990 earthquake, DIPLOMAT HOTEL was soon ruined and neglected.

Later on DIPLOMAT HOTEL would also serve as venues for movie sets. In the movie BAGETS (1984), it was the vacation house for the boys in the BAGETS movie in 1980s. Yup! Watch it! It's there!

The Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council of Baguio City took ownership of DIPLOMAT HOTEL in 2005 is now called Baguio Dominican Heritage Hill and Nature Park. They made renovations in some hallways but preserved the other rooms and areas.

Now it is a tourist spot and venue for events. It has also become very popular due to the paranormal activities going on in the abandoned building.  

We went to DIPLOMAT HOTEL (sorry I'm so used to that name) after breakfast. After a drive uphill, we were able to see the gates where a signage says they'll be closing at 6:00pm and that admission is free!


Ngiiii because we WON'T ever go here at night!

And YEHEEEYYYYY kasi admission is free!

To be sure, we all said our prayers and armed ourselves with St. Benedict bracelets before going inside. 


My little lords love learning about a place and read the sign posted before going in.

The timeline of DIPLOMAT HOTEL!

At first my little lords were scared to go to DIPLOMAT HOTEL but reading about the timeline somehow gave the building more history and character.

In short, he said it's not so scary after all!

Besides, if you go there in the daytime, there are also many tourists checking out DIPLOMAT HOTEL.

As they learned about the background of DIPLOMAT HOTEL, the little lords suddenly wanted to know more. 

Instead of focusing on the deaths, the little lords became curious of the structure and imagined how it looked like before.

Like, what was the color of the walls and who used to walk in the sunlit halls during cool Baguio mornings?

How lovely it must have been to listen to the flowing waters of this fountain amidst the soft breeze of the mountain with the pine tree scent!

Hello neighbor!

DIPLOMAT HOTEL may have become popular because of the ghost stories. 

But really, it's a beautiful structure that you would appreciate more if you just imagined how it was especially when it was newly constructed. 

What you may see before you now is an abandoned skeleton of a building.

But when you look and feel DIPLOMAT HOTEL more closely, you would value its former glory and respect what the retreat house had gone through.

When you go to DIPLOMAT HOTEL, make sure to go to the roof top.

The view is just spectacular!

Perfect for muni muni sessions!

(Hey don't look at my braso!)

I'm not much of a photographer that's why this picture will not do justice to the breath taking view atop Dominican hill.

Even my normally jaded teenager loved it!


The sun may be glaring at the roof top so it's advisable to wear sunscreen.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in DIPLOMAT HOTEL!

After a lot of explorins in the other floors, we went downstairs to learn more and checkout the old pictures of DIPLOMAT HOTEL.

Based on his happy smile, my bunsoy was not scared anymore. In fact, I was the one who kept on reminding them about the sad end of the priests, nuns, and refugees. But my boys were more in awe of what this place represented in Baguio.

Yes, DIPLOMAT HOTEL may be more popular these days because of the sightings of the headless priests or running kids. Many adventure seekers would like to go here to do ghost hunting. 

But even if you're not a paranormal enthusiast, DIPLOMAT HOTEL should still be in your must-go list in Baguio. 

If you're a lover of places with a lot of historical background, you will certainly enjoy your visit here.


If you could just look beyond the gore and the moomoo stories, you will find DIPLOMAT HOTEL to be a place that was so much more,

So yes. We all went to DIPLOMAT HOTEL expecting to get scared or learn more ghost stories. But what we discovered was a deserted structure that had an inner beauty about it and was still full of life. 

The "regal shocker" or "Jessica Soho halloween special" moments may be the tales that you will just appreciate on the side. What you will admire and grasp before you is a building, although worn out and damaged, with an old style charm and beauty that was still picture worthy.

You will get instant history lessons too from the drama and the backstories of DIPLOMAT HOTEL. And if you're like me, an outing is more special if you and your companions learn something from it. 

We're really glad we included DIPLOMAT HOTEL in our Baguio itinerary.

As long as you're respectable and arm yourself with strong religious beliefs, imagination, curiosity, and appreciating inner beauty and history, you'll surely enjoy and have fun here!




Dominican Hill, Diplomat Road, Baguio, 2600 Benguet
0926 788 9234


  1. Hey, it does not look that scary! I'm only able to say this because I wasn't there and because photos were taken during day time. :D Salamat sa pag-share.

    1. Hiya dear Ysh!!!!!!!! Di ba?? You should really check it out when you're in Baguio. If you love history and old structures (like me), you'll have a great time! Mmmmwaah!

  2. I'm not really a fan of horror things but this is a must visit place in Baguio. I love history and old structures like this. Nice photos Ericjaz! :)

    1. Hiya Josephine!!! Di baaaa? We didn't just focus on the moomoo aspect because really appreciated Diplomat Hotel because there's a lot of drama and history behind it. I'm happy you share my views. Ang saya lang din talaga ng visit namin! Would love to go back again.

      Take care! Mmmmwaaaaahness!


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