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Wednesday, October 4, 2017


THE YAPPY BUNCH are with Team Virrey for our long awaited BAGUIO TRIP and we are all enjoying every minute of it!!!!

We had such a full schedule yesterday and got to sleep late. But we were all still excited to go around  to places we went to as a kid that THE YAPPY BUNCH got up early!

Yohoo! Time for breakfast!

Spam, Eggs, Fried Rice, and Assorted spreads for the bread!

Team Virrey were all up too!

THE YAPPY BUNCH went ahead to go to the first stop I've been wanting to check in a long time...

I know that DIPLOMAT HOTEL is known for being this haunted abandoned relic. But really, I was enchanted with how the place has a lot of history behind it.

Check out our blog post about DIPLOMAT HOTEL HERE!!!!

After DIPLOMAT HOTEL, THE YAPPY BUNCH and Team Virrey volted in! We may be packed like sardines but the noise and the kwentuhans were so fun!

We headed straight to BURNHAM PARK because really, you can't go to BAGUIO without taking your kids there to go biking!

And have a boat ride!

It is also in BURNHAM PARK where we got a taste of the famous Strawberry Sorbetes!

Will tell you more about it in a blog post coming soon!!!!!!

After all the boating, biking, eating, and picture taking, we all went to THE MANSION!!!

Then we also went to WRIGHT PARK!

Where we dressed up as Igorots and took loads of pictures.

And Andrei was finally able to ride his horse!

Check out our blogpost about WRIGHT PARK AND THE MANSION, HERE!!!!!!!!!

For our very late lunch, we all went to the popular eatery, GOOD TASTE!!!

Their most popular dish there was the Buttered Chicken. And one large order was so sulit for our big group!

See more of the delicious dishes there in our GOOD TASTE BLOG POST!!!!

After that heavy meal with GOOD TASTE (tee hee) our troop went to MINES VIEW PARK!

They now prohibited people from throwing coins out to Igorots. With that, we just threw our money for some street snacks!!! He he he he he he!

Woah!!! Whattaview!!!!!

Blog post will follow!

We were so tired but ultra happy with the days' activities. When we got back to our crib, my bunsoy Andrei played with the Virreys!

Like so!

We were supposed to go out for dinner but Kuya Larry's wife cooked a big pot of Pork Sinigang for us.


We just got a small pot and feasted on it. The piping hot sour broth was so perfect with the steamed rice in this cold weather!

We also ate some of our leftovers from GOOD TASTE!!!

There was a fireplace upstairs but the person in charge of it was not able to set it up. No worries. We made our Smores via the gas range!

This was sooooo gooey and chocolatey!!!

The kids and adults loved it!!!!

After our scrumptious dessert, we all went upstairs for some coffee, chips, and MAD.

There, the kiddies played and played while the adults watched the original ANG PROBINSYANO by Fernando Poe Jr.

Yup! That will be our Baguio movie forever. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The next day, it's time to say good bye.

We had to go ahead because poor Aning was having a bit of a tummy ache probably due to something she ate yesterday.

My little hampy was so sad!!!

Good bye room!

Good bye living room!

Good bye left side!

Good bye right side (and guy with ponytail!!!)...

It was a bitter sweet breakfast for all. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

And we're on the road.

Huhuhu... We're so sad to go.

I was so sad that I had to wear shades! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Good bye BAGUIO!!!

I feel so thankful that the drive back was smooth and stress-free.

 It's like we were so meant to take this trip!

(Yep! I played with filters to pass the time. As for Mati, he still can't get over the fact that we left Baguio already. Ha ha ha ha ha!)


I really cannot express how much fun we had in our BAGUIO TRIP!!!

It would have been nice if my Gatdula family were also with us. Maybe soon. But for now, the Chinese Dimpol and I relished the awesomeness of doing the things we did before with the little lords.  Every minute was truly something to remember with a smile!

We may not be with my family, but we were also with our long time friends whom we treat as family already!

Besides enjoying their first time in BAGUIO, the boys had a great weekend with their best buddies as well!

Their shrieks and screams of laughter were all music to our ears.

(Except when we were in the car of course which they repeatedly did!)

Thank you so much to Kuya Larry and to Team Virrey for planning and helping us make this BAGUIO TRIP possible!

We love you guys soooooooooooooooooooo much!!!

Now the Chinese Dimpol is immediately plotting our return. Yup! We cannot wait to have ANOTHER getaway in BAGUIO.

This was certainly one of the highlights of our summer vacation or for the year!!!

We're so thankful for this unforgettable and awesome trip. 

We superkaduper L-O-V-E you BAGUIO!!!!





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