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Thursday, October 5, 2017


Honestly, I'm not much of a drinker. But there are just some invites that you cannot say no to, especially if the word "Lechon" is connected to it.

With that, ERICJAZ FOODIES were excited to meet up with fellow foodies from THE KAIN TULOG GANG (or THE KTG) to discover how the Filipino's favorite Lechon becomes more delectable (yes it's possible) with GLENFIDDICH, the most awarded single malt whiskey!


The delicious event was held in TOAST ASIAN KITCHEN and TASTING ROOM in Ayala the 30th.

A special section of TOAST ASIAN KITCHEN was closed for the event but there were still some seats available on the other side for other patrons.

It was a festive night for whiskey lovers and lechon grubbers (especially after learning that it was from LEONARDO'S LECHON!).

I may be clueless on appreciating the goodness of whiskey but I'm up for anything. I'm very curious about how LEONARDO'S LECHON will go with GLENFIDDICH!

As for the Yub, I'm sure he wants to get me drunk...


He he he he he he!

First up is the GLENFIDDICH that's aged for 12 years in American and Spanish oak casks. 

This viand is the more popular choice for single malt Scotch whiskey lovers around the world!

The Yub and I agree to this because among the 3, it's our favorite especially with the light and fruity flavors.

The GLENFIDDICH 12 years was recommended to pair up with the fatty cut of Lechon. After eating the Lechon and having a sip of the whiskey, it somehow cut the fattiness and greasiness of the meat, leaving you with that clean taste. 

My Yub was happy with the first pairing. Ayan nagpakita pa ng dimpol ay!!!!

As for me, I raised my pinky finger in approval (and para shoshal...). Ha ha ha ha ha!

Next up is the GLENFIDDICH 15 year old that was matured in 3 types of Oak vask and carried the taste of the true essence of whiskey.

The GLENFIDDICH 15 year old was paired with the crunchy Lechon skin....

Mmmm... Lechon skin (Homer drools)....

The GLENFIDDICH 15 years has a full bodied taste that matches the crunchy Lechon skin. It was really fragrant and the Yub said the flavors were very strong.

The last but not the least was the GLENFIDDICH 18 years paired with the meaty morsel of Lechon. The whiskey was also fruity but more sweet in essence that it matched perfectly with the lean meat of the pork. 


Like I mentioned above, we had the glorious LEONARDO'S LECHON to pig out on that night.

(Oh PUN was SO intended :P )

The skin was crunchy and the meat very tasty. Ke sarap sarap!!!!!! Was surprised too that BOINGWONGWONGWONG, the lechon was stuffed with fat sausages and crisp potatoes!!!!!


The Chinese Dimpol excused himself and when he got back BOINGWONGWONGWONG, he gave me this plate filled with LEONARDO'S LECHON!

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the holiday season, instead of having the usual wine or softdrinks, GLENFIDDICH will be a sweet and intense surprise for your guests!

The Chinese Dimpol loved it! The single malt whiskey was so smooth daw and felt so velvety going down his throat (naks may nalalaman pang velvety).


As we were in TOAST ASIAN KITCHEN, we were able to enjoy some of their delicious dishes!

TOAST ASIAN KITCHEN's Not Your Usual Nachos (P495.00).

TOAST ASIAN KITCHEN's Sambal Shrimps (P495.00)!

Garlic galore! So perfect with garlic rice.

TOAST ASIAN KITCHEN's Chicken Karaage P239.00).

Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

So yum with the creamy dips!

TOAST ASIAN KITCHEN's Salt and Pepper Squid (P339.00)!

I ate this with the slivers of spring onion.

This also went well with our whiskey.


Fun night with THE KTG for some good ol LEONARDO'S LECHON and GLENFIDDICH whiskey at TOAST ASIAN KITCHEN!!!!

Thanks THE LAST DON for inviting us. Idol ka talaga namin! NAKSSSSS!

(I think I'm drunk. Kidding!!!)

Get ready for the holidays with GLENFIDDICH and LEONARDO'S LECHON!



(Available in most supermarkets and liquor stores)

 89 J. Basa, San Juan, 1500 Metro Manila
(02) 726 9828

Ground Floor, Ayala Malls The 30th, 
Meralco Avenue, Ugong, Pasig City
02 2469069 ext:592



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