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Monday, May 15, 2017


It's summer and since the little lords don't have school, the Chinese Dimpol and I have date nights EVERY DAY!


Of course, when the Chinese Dimpol picks me up from work, we would normally look for a place to have dinner. But as much as we wanted to pig-out on our favorite foods, we don't want to break bank. E kami pa, King and Queen of Kuripots kami!!! Ha ha ha!!! So it's really a life-saver when we discover food joints that are so affordable.

Imagine our excitement when we found out about the newly opened 10 RONIN in Makati City. Besides serving a fusion of our favorite cuisines, their dishes are all affordable that you would find it hard to believe they serve legit Japanese and Filipino food!

And guess what, it's not just legit, the food was oh-so-delicious!!! You should really try it out for yourselves!

Yup! 10 RONIN will now certainly be in my to be BACK-EAT list! 

10 RONIN!!!

10 RONIN is hidden in the quiet alleys in Makati City near the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

When you go there, don't fret, they have parking spaces. And, they have attendants who are quick to assist you with your AHEM, porsche!


We were welcomed by Mr. Vincent Juanta, one of the owners of 10 RONIN. Mr. Juanta, who's also behind favorites KANTO BREAKFAST, LIME 88, and CALDERON AND GUEVARRA, proudly boasts of 10 RONIN as the carinderia counterpart for Japanese food.

Why do they call it 10 RONIN???


Besides Mr. and Mrs. Juanta, 10 RONIN is co-owned by 4 other couples. They decided to add RONIN, the Japanese term for a Samurai with no master, because they wanted to stress on how their food does not adhere to the strict norm of Japanese cuisine and that it has its own direction with the fusion with Filipino flavors

(l-r)  Chef Mark Custodio, Wee Gamboa, Vincent and Sandz Calderon-Juanta, Jed Argones, Architects Gigs and Koko Dagdag and Architect Eugene Pidlaoan.

Inside 10 RONIN, the space may be limited but it still had that cozy and chill feeling to it. Let me warn you that the place DOES NOT HAVE AIRCONDITIONING! Yup! Let me say that early on. Like KANTO BREAKFAST, LIME 88, and CALDERON AND GUEVARRA, Mr. Juanta said that they did so to lessen the cost and make their dishes more affordable without hurting the quality. 

And you know what, even if they did not have airconditioning, 10 RONIN was well-ventilated that we did not suffer the scorch of summer for that dinner.  Also, if you read their reviews, nobody complained about the temperature, it's always about the good food!

ERICJAZ FOODIES met up with THE FOOD ALPHABET family who were celebrating their anniversary tonight as well. 

The LAST DON was there, busy flexing his biceps (he he he he he)....

Plus NINES VS FOOD, and the other half of YOGO AND CREAM!

Let's check out the menu!

10 RONIN menu 1!

10 RONIN menu 2...

10 RONIN menu 3... 

10 RONIN menu 4!

NOW LET'S EAT!!!!!!!!!!!

Uuuuy! Ang payat ko sa picture!!!!


Now I won't feel too guilty on pigging out!

We started off with some 10 RONIN Spiced Crispy Onion Frizzles (P95.00). This is a great dish to munch on while waiting for your main plates because the crunchy onions fried up in light barbecue and unagi (the state of total awareness) seasoning is very addicting. YEP! Especially if you give it a go with the matching miso soy dip!!!!!

10 RONIN Tinapa Kani Salad with Salted Egg Sauce (P175.00)!

The name says it all! I'm gonna order me this when we go back.

10 RONIN Agedashi Tokwa't Baboy with Onion Salad (P150.00)!

I loved that they used silken tofu for this appetizer because it went so well with the crunchiness of the pig's ear!

Ronin Adobo Flakes Maki (P125.00)!

10 RONIN Spicy Tuna on Ice with Wanton Chips (P175.00)!

You just gotta love the ingenuity and simplicity of this appetizer! Fresh chopped tuna mixed with spices and onions to be spread on the crisp wontons -- so refreshing and tasty!

I think I had about 3 servings of this!

Specialty drinks will soon be in 10 RONIN's menu and that will be perfectly paired with these Grilled Yakitori!!!

(l-r) Pork Ear with Sisig Sauce (P75.00/2 sticks), Pork Blood with Salsa (P75.00/2 sticks), and my favorite, Bacon Wrapped Chicken Liver (P75.00/2 sticks).

Pwedeng pang-inuman or sa rice idaan! He he he he he!

My favorite appetizer for the night was the 10 RONIN Crispy Sisig on Nori Taco!

Meaty and fatty pork sisig mixed with salsa and Furikake to combat the richness! 

Every bite went so well with the crisp nori!!! I definitely wanted more but the plate got empty in no time. 


For the main dishes, my husband was blown away with the 10 RONIN US Beef Tapa Gyudon (P195.00)!

Tender strips of meat jampacked with soy and garlic flavors topped with crispy onions and pickled ginger!!!!

Give the soft runny egg a good mix and you'll have a rich bowl of meat and rice that will make you happy on so many levels!

Titirik ang mata mo sa sarap!


For those craving for Chicken instead, 10 RONIN has the Chicken Teriyaki with Adobo Glaze (P195.00)!

Juicy strips of chicken simmered in teriyaki and adobo sauce!

I know what you're thinking...

"Whaddahel didn't I think of that???"

It may be summer but that certainly did not stop us from enjoying the 10 RONIN Ramen!!!

First up is the 10 RONIN Butter Sweet Corn Nilaga Ramen (P195.00)!

We got a piping hot bowl of noodles with clear soup that has been flavored with the richness of beef and marrow. To make every spoonful more comforting, they added a generous helping of sweet corn and creamy butter.


10 RONIN Spicy Miso Chicken Tinola Ramen (P175.00)!

The broth was spicy and gingery and went so well with the greens plus soft egg!

I just wonder if they have the option to make it SUPER KADUPER spicy????

If I have to choose, my favorite would be the 10 RONIN Spicy Kimchi Sinigang Ramen (P195.00) because, why not peklat???

The soup may be clear but it had that thickness from some of the popular Sinigang ingredients. Every sip would give you the tangy and sour flavors from the tamarind juice and fermented kimchi. It may be a weird combination but trust me it works! This bowl of noodles is similar to Tom Yum but with that Filipino love into it!

After helping yourself with the comforting broth, take a huge bite from the crunchy tempura.... MADUDULING KA SA SARAP!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

For their anniversary, 10 RONIN gifted the lovebirds with a Green Matcha Tea chiffon cake!

Uuuuy! Kiss!

We also enjoyed their different take on the cheesecake!

When we all got full, it's time for more kodak moments! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Awwww so cute my inaanak Sky!

Group pic!

Or group hug???

He he he he he he!

It was a cool night of delicious food and fun company. Thank you 10 RONIN for having us! We will definitely be back again... and again... and again!



(I love that my hair had that wind-blown effect that my big noo got hidden! He he he he he he he he!

Uuuuy! Type ako ni server.... Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Kidding.)

4357 Montojo, Makati, 1205 Metro Manila
0925 807 6646
Hours: 5:00PM–12:00AM


  1. Ahh! Tinola, Sinigang, Nilaga Ramen?? So curious how those would taste like. I love Japanese food but this one is quite unique especially that it's a (literal) fusion between Japanese and Filipino food! Can't wait to visit this restaurant. Thank you for sharing :)

    1. Hullo Allyza!!!! YES!!!! Unbelievable right??? The great thing about these bowls of Ramen is that they all taste so authentic but it had that Filipino touch. Tapos for the price, pwedeng pwede!!! Do drop by when you can. Tell me how you find it. Hope to hear more from you soon!!! Cheers!


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