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Monday, September 4, 2017


It's very rare that the Chinese Dimpol and I find ourselves in SM City North Edsa because it's quite far from our lurrrv nest. (He he he). But when we do it's probably because of (Ding! Ding! Ding!), you guessed it, to try something out with my fellow foodie friends. And this time, we were happy that we ventured this far to taste something so cool from this side of the Metro....


SNOWBING is actually a Philippine franchise that whips up popular Korean favorites that tastes oh so right for our palate! 

SNOWBING has 2 locations  with the other one being in Trinoma. If you want something more than desserts, their SM City North Edsa branch is for you. Their space is much bigger here anyways. 

When the Yub and I arrived, my inaanak was already there. 

You behave little Sky or else Ninang will get cross!

Meh... My inaanak is so smart to be affected by my fake angry face! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

And the Chinese Dimpol is here!!!!

Now what are we going to have?????

SNOWBING menu 1!

SNOWBING menu 2!

I initially thought that SNOWBING was a dessert restaurant, so I was a bit surprised to discover that they served actual food. 

We got a taste first of their pastas which were all cooked to a perfect al dente.

SNOWBING Salted Egg Spaghetti (P198.00)!

For something with more heat, go for the SNOWBING Kimchi Pasta (P198.00)!

Slurp worthy noodles with crunchy and spicy Kimchi plus crispy bacon.


As much as I loved the Kimchi Pasta, the SNOWBING Korean Spaghetti (P198.00) was my favorite!

Sweet and tender thin slices of Beef Bulgogi in noodles tossed in special nutty sauce. SARAP!!!!!!

For the pizza lovers, SNOWBING also has something for you!

SNOWBING Pepperoni Pizza (P99/slice).

SNOWBING Korean Pizza (P99.00/slice).

SNOWBING Korean Pizza (P99.00/slice).

SNOWBING Cheese Pizza (P99.00/slice).

This was the Yubhub's uno choice!

The pizzas were just fine for me. I loved the pasta more. He he he he!

Of course, when  you're in SNOWBING, though shalt not miss their drool worthy shaved ice desserts!

Since I'm a chocoholic, I scooped the SNOWBING Chocolate and Brownie bowl (P188.00) more!

The chocolate ice cream was fudgy and the chopped brownies added a chocolatey chewiness at every scoop.

For something on the "healthier side" (because of the fruits??? He he he he!!!!!!!), try out the Mangoes and Cream (P168.00)!

Tee Hee!

Sweet cubes of mango drizzled with marmalade sauce on creamy shaved ice.


I was blown away (yes BLOWN AWAY) by the consistency and texture of the shaved ice. It was ALMOST like ice cream but you could see the light flakes of the flavor you're helping yourself to. 

Huwaw!!!! Parang isnow nga!!!!!!

For something more rich, try out the SNOWBING Cheezy Mango (P168.00).

The cubed cheese gave a nice salty contrast to the sweet mangoes. Yummers of a combination.

My least favorite (and ONLY because I don't like the flavor) is the SNOWBING Matcha Green Tea (P188.00)!

My dinner mates who are fans of the flavor loved this pretty bowl of matcha goodness and scraped it clean.

Come to think of it, I may not like Matcha but with the addition of the mochi balls and red beans, made this an a-OK dessert for me.

And you gotta admit, it looks so puuuurty too!

If you want something to add to your shaved ice heaven, try out their thick toasts!

SNOWBING Belgian Chocolate (P188.00)!

SNOWBING Honey Butter (P188.00)!

Trust me. You'll get so full from these toasts because they're so thick and luscious. You'll want to order one for yourself but since it's so heavy in the tummy, you'll be forced to share.

He he he he he he!

Enjoyed dinner at SNOWBING with ANIMETRIC and THE FOOD ALPHABET family. The Yub and were so glad that we joined and tried out this new Korean Dessert Cafe. 

We will DEFINITELY bring the little lords here soon!!!

Hope to see you here when we go back for some more SNOWBING-ing!



Thanks SNOWBING and THE FOOD ALPHABET for having us.

Upper Ground Floor, Main Building, 
SM City North EDSA, Quezon City (near National Bookstore)
02 3728333



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