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Tuesday, September 12, 2017


It is actually rare for my little family to go out during weekdays because not only do the boys have school but we are also trying to watch our budgets. But during the last summer vacation, we just can't help it -- the little lords are so free to stay up late that we take them with us if they wanted to!

That's why one time I asked Master Mati if he could join us for dinner. Usually, they go with their Lolo (RIP) and Lola who treat the little lords to whatever they want, every night (YES! Every night!). For our impromptu date however, I was able to entice my little foodie to some exotic Asian food at BANANA LEAF CURRY. And wow! We had such a great dinner and ate more than we should!!!!

Good thing Andrei was not with us...

Wait. Who's Andrei again???

Tee Hee! Kidding!

BANANA LEAF CURRY in Power Plant Mall!

We arrived pretty late but good thing that there was a group having a dinner party that night. At least we won't be the only ones to close down the restaurant. He he he he he he he! 

Oooh! Check the server's dagger look!!!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Service at BANANA LEAF CURRY was actually very nice!


The Chinese Dimpol (with matching kagat labi!).

Me and my New Teenager!!!

I swear (and I know I'm not just being biased) but my New Teenager is becoming more handsome every friggin day!!!!!!

SO POGIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's why I plan to get him braces when he's in High School na so that there'll be less hanky panky with girls. Ha ha ha ha!

By the way, if you're looking for Andrei, he's happy with his Lolo (RIP) playing at Power Station. Even if we want him to join us, my parents are always looking forward to nights with our bunsoy.

Besides, he doesn't want to go with us anyway. CHE.

While waiting for our orders, we were given our "plates" for that night!


First on the table is Master Mati's order of Spicy Singaporean Clams (P328.00)!

The clams had that fresh and firm bite into it that makes each spoonful with the sweet spicy sauce more appetizing!

This was SOOOO perfect with steamed rice!

Up next is the Chinese Dimpol's usual order of BANANA LEAF CURRY Pandan Chicken (P198.00)!

Unlike me and Master Mati, the Chinese Dimpol wants everything simple. He could ALWAYS do away with complicated sauces!

He loved their Hainanese Chicken Rice though (P100.00)!

Master Mati was craving for some vegetables to go with his clams and got the Sambal Kang Kong (P198.00)!

I was actually recommending the Fish Paste or Garlic Kang Kong for him but I was glad that he went for this one. This was also spicy yet very delicious with rice! It's like having a sweeter version of bagoong with the Kang Kong but with more garlic and onions to it!

I also had the BANANA LEAF CURRY Roti Canai (P88.00) with Curry Dip (P30.00)!

This was supposed to be our appetizer but I don't mind that it was served along with the main entrees. I enjoyed dipping the roti into the various sauces around the table.

My favorite for that night was the BANANA LEAF CURRY Mee Goreng (P188.00) and it was just so frickin awesomely delicious!

It was just how I loved my noodles -- greasy, saucy, spicy, salty, and with a crunch from the vegetables!

Egad! I was supposed to be watching my carbs but I finished this bowl good for 2 people ALL BY MYSELF!!!!


But I'm not sorry. It was so good I don't mind getting an extra stretch mark for it!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with handsome Master Mati in BANANA LEAF CURRY!

My plate! My seemingly simple plate! 

This is just for appearances... Ha ha ha ha ha! The actual plate was messier!

Our table filled with glorious food!

Unti-unti lang kuno. He he he he he he!

Almost done!



I love impromptu dates with my boys especially Mati, the master foodie!

BANANA LEAF CURRY (Power Plant Mall)
P1 Concourse Level 
Power Plant Mall Rockwell Center, Makati
(02) 896 1828



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