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Wednesday, September 6, 2017


It was a hot Monday and as much as THE YAPPY BUNCH would like to stay in and just sleep the holiday away, we are going out for some Thai food. Now having sizzling barbecue and spicy cuisine may not be the ideal plan on a hot afternoon, but I've been hearing raves about SIAM THAI, plus we were going to see our favorite Kain Tulog Gang, so yeah, we are DEFINITELY going!

Yup! The holiday, sleeping in, Game of Thrones, household chores, online surfing, giving the cat a bath, dying my hair red, buying a bikini, studying my book on rocket science, etc etc. will just HAVE to wait! The Chinese Dimpol, Master Mati, and I will be stuffing ourselves with some hot Thai food as if winter is coming.

And with the amount of delicious plates of SIAM THAI food we ate that lunch time, you would think that we were getting ready to hibernate!

Check out our fun and yum lunch at SIAM THAI with the KTG! :)


SIAM THAI is located at the Pioneer Center in Kapitolyo. We arrived early so we were lucky to park in front of the restaurant. Normally though parking is so bad that you may have to sacrifice your first born to a white walker to get one.

Tee Hee!

SIAM THAI is your typical hub to kick back, relax, and have a cold one after a whole day at work. 

They have an extensive selection of drinks to go with your barbecue so this is a great place to hang out with friends and office workers.

I'm not sure how it is in the night time but I guess if you're with young kids, it's best to go here for lunch. Me thinks the place could get pretty full after hours.

SIAM THAI has an airconditioned and open-air area. The latter is where you could hear their live band play at night. 

Only master Mati joined us that lunch time because bunsoy Andrei had a church date with his Lola.


Our table had its own Barbecue Grill and Hot pot brass cook ware so we could savor the food that we cook ourselves!

Mika, our happy server, started off by pouring some Chicken broth on the sunken side of the pot.

Wohoo! Food is here!

We started off with a Thai Barbecue Set (P390.00) which was already so enough for us!

The full plate consisted of meats, veggies, balls, and some vermicelli noodles.

We wanted to experience the SIAM THAI barbecue how it's meant to be so we asked Mika to assist us. He he he he he!

She started off with two cubes of fat and smeared it onto the ribbed brass plate for extra flavor.

She then laid all the meats on the plate and it gave such a wonderful sizzle. According to Mika, the plate was ribbed so that all of the fat and juices will drizzle down to the soup giving it more flavor!

Yowza. We likey!

Somebody was so excited to eat. He he he he!

In a few minutes, the marinated meats were ready and the soup was bubbling!

Yohoo! Let's do this!


When in SIAM THAI, don't forget to try out the following:

SIAM THAI Fresh Spring Rolls in Thai Dipping Sauce (P180.00)!

SIAM THAI Fresh Salmon Salad with Thai Vinaigrette dressing (P190.00)!

This has got to be my top favorite in SIAM THAI! I loved the fresh and juicy salmon tossed in the spicy and flavorful sauce. I know that this is supposed to be an appetizer but DANGNABBIT, I'll have this with some fried rice!!!! SO SARAAAAAP NAKAKAIYAAAAK!

Of course, you'll only like this if you can handle spicy food. And in my case, I could handle even Jon Snow's hot tight white ass!


SIAM THAI Pad Thai Noodles (P220.00)!

The chewy noodles were sauteed with egg, shrimps, vegetables, and peanuts! This is something you should DEFINITELY try when in SIAM THAI!

SIAM THAI Crispy Catfish with Mango Salad (P190.00)!

It tastes better than it looks. He he he he!

If you want something more light and refreshing, try out the SIAM THAI Pomelo Salad (P160.00)!

SIAM Chicken Satay (P180.00)!

5 pieces of grilled chicken tenders in spices. So good with the peanut sauce and cucumber salsa.

Of course, when in a Thai restaurant, one should never miss the SIAM THAI Chicken Pandan (P200.00)!

This was my hub's favorite so he took a break from wolfing down his Thai barbecue to munch on THIS.

SIAM THAI Bagoong Rice!

Sticky rice mixed with fish paste and topped with barbecued pork, scrambled eggs, onions, and green mango. One order is heavy and filling for 2 people already.

SIAM THAI Tom Yum soup with seafood (P240.00)!

If we didn't have the barbecue and hot pot, I would definitely go for this. Their Tom Yum had the right punch of sourness and herby taste of the lemongrass.

Be prepared to get WOWED by the SIAM THAI Seafood Combo (P450.00)!

Mussels, squid, shrimps, clams, potatoes, corn, etc etc. in a sweet and spicy sauce with creamy egg. 

It would be so fine to get your hands dirty for this.

SIAM THAI also had lunch specials that are complete with potato salad, shredded vegetables, and hot egg soup! This one is the Chicken Green Curry (P160.00)!

SIAM THAI Pork BBQ (P160.00)!

SIAM THAI Chicken Stew (P160.00)!

I'm going to wash down all of that rich food with some Thai Iced Tea!

As for the Yubhub, he got a tall glass of Green Mango Shake!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with Master Mati at SIAM THAI!!!!

My plate! My super messy but trust me it's good plate!

For dessert, we got the Thai favorite, Mango with Stick Rice....

Water Chestnut with Coconut Cream....

And the Sweet Tapioca with Mango Salad!


What a great and super busog lunch with the Kain Tulog Gang!!! Thank you SIAM THAI and THE FOOD ALPHABET for inviting us.

We'll definitely be back with our little bunsoy to try out your delicious yet affordable Thai food!

Pioneer Center Supermart, 
8006 Pioneer Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
02 2392866

----- Post Script ----

We were so full that we wanted to go home and snooze off the calories (tee hee) but we braved the traffic (and the holiday shoppers) and went to SM Megamall to have Master Mati's eyes checked by an ophthalmologist. He claims to have a blurred vision and would frequently squint.

THAT'S what you get for being a peeping Tom!


In the end he doesn't need glasses pala. Too bad for my New Teenager! He was really counting on getting classes to wear to school para pogi daw siya.





  1. Wow! I was about to suggest this place to you Ms.Jaz! My family frequent visits the place as it is just near our place. Bagoong Rice is my wifey's fave! I love the salmon salad and my two princesses enjoy the chicken satay! Siam Thai is a decent and chill place to hang out and eat, to top it all, food is quite affordable but the quality doesn't suffer! Perhaps after this post, many peepz will try it too!

    Thanks big time!

    1. Hiya Dave!!! Timing na timing pala our visit there. I could see why your family go here lagi din kasi ang sarap nga ng food. AND very affordable! Your faves are soooo good! Ayan nagcrave na agad ako. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! BTW, I haven't been there at night, is it okay to bring the kiddies there for dinner? Or is it more like an inuman place? I would like to bring back my family here with my Mom!!

      Thanks also!!! Take care! :)

  2. We usually go there late lunch, though I already went there in the evening with my college buddies. Yeah, it's a bit noisy and medyo mausok. The usual hangout place for barkada night out.

    Better go there lunch time so the place is not that crowded yet. Thanks!

    1. Hiya Dave!!! Thanks for the tip. Sige I'll just bring the kids there and my Mom on a lunch time. Yes I could just imagine how wild it is at night. Ha ha ha ha ha!

      Thanks!!! Cheers and God bless you always! :)


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