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Thursday, August 31, 2017


It is the Chinese Dimpol's birthday week and for our family Sunday lunch, we are having a BOODLE FIGHT!!!!

WOHOO! For us, BOODLES are the BEST!

It's Sunday and like what we do for other weekends with the family, we will have a LOT of food!

For this Sunday, we also invited our friends Team Campo and Team Navarro to join us!

Of course, birthdays are more fun with the kids!!!

When it comes to BOODLE FIGHTS, I'm always in charge to fix the table.

As with any work of art, we'll start with an empty "canvass"!

In our last boodle fight, I thought the rice was not enough while setting it up. It turned out, it WAS a lot. Looks could get very deceiving.

So this time, I was careful in portioning our rice by doing it by cups depending on the number of people who are joining us tonight. I just added 2 extra cups so that we won't get "bitin"!

What are we going to have??? Here are some of it!

Grilled Tilapia!

Steamed Shrimps in butter and Garlic! 

(See the green mangoes at the back?)

Pork and Chicken Adobo!

AND a spicy version!!!!!

I also added Grilled Liempo and Pancit Canton!

People are getting hungry so it's time to speed up!

For the kiddie table, I added red hotdogs...

And pork barbecue... Andrei's request!

Kiddies were starving! He he he he he he!

And now everything is ready!!! Wohoo!!!!


We'll officially start the Chinese Dimpol's birthday lunch with a prayer to give thanks.

Check out Fritz reaching out for a hotdog... Cuuute!

Time to eat!!!!


Master Mati and Fritz!

Bunsoy Andrei and Sky!

BFFs Sasha and Jeorgina!

And here's the oldies table!

(My Mom ate with Daddy in his room)

Ate Jojit with Anthony!

Kuya Jon!!!!

Team Campo!

Team Navarro!

Galit galit muna!!!!

Of course, BOODLE FIGHTS are more complete with condiments such as toyo with sili and calamansi, plus bagoong balayan!!!!

The green mangoes with tomatoes and onions perfectly complemented the grilled meats too!!!!

With BOODLE FIGHTS, you should ONLY eat with your hands!!!

Our only utensil on the table were the serving spoons!

Our long mountain of food!

(The spicy adobo was the only entree on a bowl because not everyone could handle spicy!)

Time for me to dig in!!!

(I swear I'm drooling right now.)

The kiddies were attacking their food with so much gusto too!

To be honest they're not used to eating with their hands but now they're learning!

Wohoo!!!! We did good!!!! Yes we were THAT hungry!

Mareng Gail, dear Jojie, and I were the last ones eating!

After that delicious lunch, we all sang to the Chinese Dimpol A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Thanks for the cake Team Navarro!

Team Campo gave ice cream for dessert too!

We gave him a very crazy song!

Yub let baby Andrei blow the cake!


While having dessert, everyone ran off to their own "corners". 

Mommy chatted with Mareng Gail's Mom and "kababayan". Ate Jojit and hub Anthony joined the the "oldies" kasi mukha naman silang oldie.


The kiddies!

That cake was soooo good!

Even if I was so full already this light but creamy cake certainly hit the spot. So perfect with coffee or tea!

Even if this was for the "seniors" group, some little ladies joined in!

Chikahan galore!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAREST!!!! I hope you enjoyed our BOODLE BOODLE celebration!

Thanks Mommy for cooking up a storm for this Sunday's feast! Mmmwaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!! We all enjoyed it and busog hanggang dinner!

Ha h ah ah ha ha ha ha!



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