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Tuesday, September 26, 2017


When I crave for something, I'm like this bratty baby that just have to have it right away. When it comes to food, there's no EQ-shmikew on me. I want to have it NOW.

That's why for our pre-Mother's Day celebration last May, I was soooo kulit on having dimsum. While chatting with my good friend Aning, I kept on including in the conversation how dimsum was perfect that night. Finally she relented and we went to my favorite dimsum place of all time...



(Belated) Happy Mother's Day to me!!!!


It was actually our first time in CAUSEWAY TOMAS MORATO because the branch more convenient for us was the one in Libis. 

Though the place is newer compared to its Libis branch, the interiors were like what you usually see in Binondo Chinese restaurants -- dingy and old!

But do we mind?


According to reviews, CAUSEWAY in Tomas Morato served delicious food and the only negative mentions were more for the service. I was preparing myself for the worst because I hated bad and rude service, but to my delightful surprise, everyone (including the manager) were so quick, friendly, and accommodating!

Our happy and chirpy server even looked a bit like Mike Tan from "Ika-6 na Utos!" Uuuuuy!!!!!!!!!

And no, they don't know I have an online diary. It's not like I go around announcing "THE ERICJAZ FOODIES are here!"

He he eh eh eh! Ew!

There are 2 things I don't like about CAUSEWAY Tomas Morato though...

1) They don't have Globe or Smart signal inside. So if you're going to text or call someone, you have to step out.

2) Unlike in their Libis branch, their dimsum promo is only from 2:00pm to 5:00pm. They don't mark down their dimsum to P55.00 after 9:00pm here. Boo!

Yihiii! Team Virrey are here now let's eat!!!!!

CAUSEWAY Century Egg (P60.00)!

CAUSEWAY Fried Springroll (P70.00)!

This is Yub's favorite and could wipe out 2 pieces in a jiffy. Mahilig kasi siya sa mahahaba at matataba...

Wait... Ako dapat yun ah???

Bastus! (Sorry I'm hungry).

CAUSEWAY (faux) Shark's Fin (P70.00)!

I certainly hope the shark's fin is fake!

CAUSEWAY Spare Ribs with Tausi (P70.00)

Fatty, saucy, and juicy!

CAUSEWAY Siomai (P70.00)!

You cannot have a dimsum dinner without siomai. That would just be unimaginable. 

CAUSEWAY Beancurd Roll!!!!

Our new favorite!

CAUSEWAY Kuchay Dumplings (P70.00)!

Anything to get some veggies in our system!

CAUSEWAY Chicken Feet (P70.00)! CAUSEWAY serves my favorite Chicken feet because the meat is all juicy and plump. Perfect for sucking and gnawing of meat!

CAUSEWAY Hakaw (P83.00)!

CAUSEWAY Yang Chow Fried Rice (P230.00)!

This is our first time to order fried rice in CAUSEWAY. As much as the Yubhub and I want to in our other visits, we know that we'll not be able to finish it!!!

Happy Advanced Mother's Day to us!!!!


Galit galit muna!

It's always a great night for dimsum!

My plate! My refillable plate! He he he he he he!

My view of the food.

Done! Well almost... I zoinked that last piece after the picture was taken.

The CAUSEWAY bill!

After our delicious CAUSEWAY dinner, Team Virrey invited us to their house for some wine, coffee, cake, and chips!


The mothers in this pic are SO happy na... AND full!

Yipeeekikay Mother Effers!!!!


 Timog Ave, Diliman, 
Quezon City, Metro Manila
 (02) 376 2559



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