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Thursday, September 21, 2017


On weekends the Chinese Dimpol and I try our best to jam up some culture in our little lords so as to veer away from their gadgets. We feel that it's a more worthy adventure rather than taking them out for the usual mall or shopping getaway. He he he!

For one particular Saturday, we planned on bringing them to the newly renovated Planetarium but the crowds there were horrendous!!!! We lined up for the 2:30pm slot at about 1:00pm and while the guard was counting the batch for that showing, the Yub joked that the last person to be admitted would be the one in front of me.

Well what do you know? IYON NGA NANGYARI!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! The very person at my front was the 200th guest for that day. Kaya, if we wanted to, we would have to go for the 4:00pm show.

NO way.

So with that, the Chinese Dimpol decided to drive around. He was really adamant to take the boys somewhere that they'll learn from. And after some driving, we chanced upon a museum that we have never been before in the Manila area.


For this month, they're featuring the different maps on the Philippine seas.

At first I thought this was going to be MEH. But really, it was sooooo interesting!

Museum hours!


The METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF MANILA was spacious, bright, and warranted your strict attention. I'm glad we decided to go here today.

Admission is P100 per person!

For me it's reasonable considering that you will see some original artworks inside a clean and quiet environment.

Like I said, the maps were very interesting because it featured a detailed look at the geography of our country and its evolution. Too bad we were not allowed to take pictures of that exhibit.

Checking out the Met Lab!

The little lords saw the philosophy of this creation where the viewer is made to feel like the prey amidst many floating hooks.

Now this one is very colorful!

Andrei immediately took a fancy on it. I wonder why.

WHY YOU LITTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrei should just concentrate on creations that have a more GP flair to it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


This one piqued Andrei's interest too.

Mati loves reading books these days (he's currently reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Hounds of Baskerville"). 

I wonder if, like me, he felt somehow concerned that an artist could do THIS to a book.

It's great that in the first floor of THE METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF MANILA, we could take pictures. The friendly interns even offered to take our photos.

Mati's best bud, Johans, was staying with us for the weekend. YAY!!!!!!!

Some artworks have a more serious and grotesque theme. When Andrei wanted me to interpret it, I had a bit of a hard time because I don't want him to be traumatized too much.

Something tells me I don't need to do any explaining here. My bunsoy seems to be taking in all of the artful meaning all by himself.

We went to the second floor to see more works of art. Too bad that we can't take pictures of it. We saw some mind-blowing creations up there.

The museum promotes silence but of course, the boys still managed to make a bit of noise.

This portrait is very calming.

After about an hour or two, it's time for us to go.

We all had a great experience going around and taking in all the beauty of the interesting artworks in THE METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF MANILA.

I'm sure the boys would rather play with their gadgets than to visit a museum but I was happy when they said that they liked the place. I guess seeing something new that boggles up their mind is something that made their Saturday worthwhile besides playing with their favorite PS3.



BSP Complex, Roxas Blvd, 
Malate, Manila, Metro Manila
Phone: (063) 250 5271

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