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Friday, September 29, 2017


It was a very busy Saturday for ERICJAZ FOODIES one weekend -- we had an early lunch at KING CHEF in Binondo then attended a baptism reception afterwards. At night, we drove out to Quezon province so we could meet up with the Chinese Dimpol's family.

Alas, when we arrived in Mama's home, there was a brown-out! It would've been okay but this was during the middle of summer and the combination of thick humidity with no breeze of air were just unimaginable.

To be honest though, it was just fine with us. We didn't want to leave Mama alone. But she insisted that we book a night in a nearby hotel because she didn't want the kids to have a sleepless and hot night. So we agreed. 

And that brought us to QUEEN MARGARETTE HOTEL!!!!

There are actually 2 QUEEN MARGARETTE HOTELS in Lucena City. One is the QUEEN MARGARETTE main where the hotel is bigger and had a pool. The other one is QUEEN MARGARETTE downtown that was located in the town proper of Lucena. This one was more for those on the go and just needed a place for the night.

That's what we went for!

We had a late check in at about midnight and the front desk officer was there to attend to us.

I was asking if he could give us a late check out (since it WAS already midnight) or a discount on the rate. I realized later on that we'll be having lunch with Yub's family so a discount on the accommodations was juuuuust fine. We paid about P2,250 for the night (with 2 breakfast).

Cheap huh????

Going up!

Andrei liked the modern-looking push buttons of the elevator. 

Yup! My boys get amused at the simplest of things.

It was dark and late!


I guess QUEEN MARGARETTE was going for the serious business kind of look but personally it came off as gloomy.

Oh well. Maybe I'm just tired. 

"Hi Danny! Come play with us."

He he he he he he!

We're at room 511!!!

Sorry for messing up the bed but they were nice and comfy. We were just too damn tired that night!

The TV!

The dresser!

The bathroom!

The shower!

Good night!

Breakfast was included in our stay at QUEEN MARGARETTE and it was at Kimsuy!

We were supposed to have our ala carte breakfast served via room service but since there was a lot of checked in guests due to the brown out, they had a buffet spread prepared.

Good morning!!!!

Wala pang ligo ligo yan. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The Chinese Dimpol and I only planned to have bread and coffee since we're going to have lunch with the family later.

Bread and fruits!

Coffee Station and Soup Station!

Garlic Rice!

Pancit Canton!

Hmmm.... Saucy and greasy! Just the way I liked it!

Scrambled Eggs!

Simple Salad!

Chicken and pork Adobo!

Now this was CRAZY good with the garlic rice!

Crispy Fried Danggit! Egad my favorite!!!!

Now I'm in trouble now!!!!!


Crispy Longganisang Lucban!

Again, this was seriously and crazy delishesssss! It was so frikkin good that I forgot to take a picture after the Yub and I scraped the serving dish clean!

Yub getting his bread... Plus more. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

My second plate of food.

The little lords were having a great breakfast as well!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords having a super yum breakfast at QUEEN MARGARETTE!

The Androse ate a lot!!! Now that's a big deal for me.

When we got back in the room, the boys watched some TV while I took a bath.


Andrei even brought his new game board with him.

And now it was time to check out!

Even if this was a sudden overnight hotel stay, we would still do out usual... pictures around the room!!!!!

Our drunken shot...

Our dab shot...

The boys' bored shot...

Another dab shot!

Good bye room!!!!

Seriously, even if this was not our usual staycation, THE YAPPY BUNCH still had a fun in our impromptu overnight stay at QUEEN MARGARETTE. The place was cold, the beds were comfy, the water was heated, and the breakfast was yummers. For us, everything was still an experience to remember wherever we are. 

With that, Andrei was still sad at leaving. He had a nice stay in our room!!!!

Checking out!!!!!

We had a very good rest in QUEEN MARGARETTE just being lazy and enjoying the cold blast of the aircon. We were certainly so raring to get up and have a full day with Yub's family!

After lunch, I kidnapped my nieces Hiley and Isha for an afternoon of fun in the nearby perya!

The kiddies were all screaming to try out the caterpillar in the perya. We got tickets and were the first to ride!

BFF cousins Andrei and Isha rode together while I paired up with little Hiley!

Yup! She's my new bestie!!!!!

We all loved the Caterpillar! Personally, it was a trip down memory lane. H ah aha ha ha!

Afterwards, we went for the Love Express!

I don't really get why they call it as such, but we still loved it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The Yub and Master Mati chose to go around and play with guns instead. He he he he he he!

The last ride for us was the Apollo Rocket!

I didn't join this one because I was starting to get dizzy. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

It was a simple ride but the kiddies were all laughing and having a great time.

Ha ha ha ha! Look at Isha!!!! 

Like QUEEN MARGARETTE, the local perya had a simple set up with very affordable prices. Still, we all had an awesome time!!! The kiddies want to go back!

When we got home, the four of us had a little tea party! Yes! No one should ever be too old to play pretend with kiddies!!!!

It was a totally unexpected sleepover for THE YAPPY BUNCH at QUEEN MARGARETTE. And we're not complaining. In fact, we wouldn't mind staying there again with or without another brown out! He he he he he he!



Granja St, Lucena, 4301 Quezon
(042797) 1881



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