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Monday, September 25, 2017


For so long Master Mati and I have been planning to eat in COCO ICHIBANYA. But since it's not located in Powerplant Mall and we have two party poopers who dislike curry, it's been put off many times.

Finally during the Mother's Day week (yes, it's a week for me... ha ha ha ha ha ha!), Master Mati thought of taking me out for our yearly Mother's Day date. And naturally, the choice for us that night was the long awaited COCO ICHIBANYA!!!


My date is here!!!!

We went straight to COCO ICHIBANYA in Greenhills.

My date deciding what to get.

I love it when Japanese restaurants have wax food displays. I remember when I was a kid my family would frequent Japanese restaurants and I would ogle at these fake dishes. The sight of it just gives me a trip down memory lane. 

COCO ICHIBANYA was casual, bright, and had relaxing homeyness to it.

COCO ICHIBANYA in Greenhills was almost empty save for 1 or 2 occupied tables. I cannot figure out though why servers took so long to take our orders. 

My HT (Handsome Teenager)!!!

Every year, we'll be going on a date to celebrate Mother's Day.

If you're wondering about Andrei, we had our pre-Mother's Day Date in YABU. He he he he he he!

In COCO ICHIBANYA, you could customize your order. Since I'm controlling my rice intake, I liked that the 200g serving would give you a P20 discount.

You could also add side dishes!!!

I got a side dish for me and master Mati. Since my baby loved starting every meal with soup, he got COCO ICHIBANYA's bowl of clear miso.

It may not look appetizing at first, but Mati scraped his bowl clean.

As for me, I loved my simple side salad. I got chilled veggies doused with this nutty sesame mayo dressing. This was perfect to combat the spiciness of my order.

Yummmers! Our orders are here!

I cannot decide what to get so I just ended up with the COCO ICHIBANYA Chicken Cutlet (P340.00)!

I ordered it super hot because I think it would make it more exciting. 

As for Master Mati, he got the Fried Squid and Shrimp curry (P380.00)!

Wow! Look at those shrimps swimming in that thick spicy gravy. My guy got it in hot too!!!!

Since I'll try my best to not eat rice, I'll give him half from my plate.

Take note. Half. Not ALL. He he he he he he he!

Master Mati and me for Mother's Day in COCO ICHIBANYA!!!

Uy! Look who passed by! It's Anthony, Ate Jojit's hub. He told us that he'll tell Ate Jojit that we're there so that she could join us for dessert.

Now let's get back to eating.

In COCO ICHIBANYA, they conveniently had condiments per table. Hmmm... At least I could make my bowl more spicy if I want to.


I was satisfied with my chicken cutlet since it was tender and fried juuuuust right. The curry sauce though was so flavorful (AND HOT) that it'll make you eat more rice!!!!

I could handle the super hot so I may try the crazy hot next time. It's super spicy, just the way I liked it! The creamy bites from my salad tempered the heat down.

My guy found his order spicy but there was nothing that a glass of cold water can't handle.

And we're done!!!!!

The bill!

That was a delicious meal and we will certainly be back. Next time I'll go for another order and make it crazy hot too!

For dessert, we went to Krispy Kreme and Ate Jojit joined us. She just lived nearby so she walked going here.

From sharing chikas and eating, we were certainly having fun. We also played around with our celphones.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Mati will look like a granny when he grows old!!!!!!

Later on, our sundo arrived!

When we got home, bunsoy Andrei and Monopoly Empire were waiting for us.

What a way to end our beautiful Mother's Day night.


Connecticut Carpark Arcade, 
Greenhills Shopping Center, 
Greenhills, San Juan City
02 2776528



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