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Thursday, September 28, 2017


It's the birthday of one of our favorite bloggers, THE FOOD ALPHABET, and we thought of meeting up for dinner at the restaurant of his choice to celebrate.

And the choice for tonight was CHOI GARDEN!!!!

It was actually my first time to eat at CHOI GARDEN so I really didn't know what to order. My office would sometimes order for take out in their Annapolis branch but I was not able to try it because nobody loved me :( ha ha ha ha ha!

It was a Friday and it's a good thing that CHOI GARDEN was not crowded so we were able to get a table asap.



Pareng Abet and his Mom!!!

Hmmm... I wonder if he's adopted because he DOESN'T look like his Mother at all!!!

Me, my Kumareng Joan, and cutie Pie Sky!

Plus the Chinese Dimpol!!!

We're quite excited for this dinner because THE FOOD ALPHABET family certainly knows their Chinese food. They would surely know what to order in CHOI GARDEN!!!!



CHOI GARDEN menu 1...

CHOI GARDEN menu 2... 



The birthday boy ordered a plate of CHOI GARDEN Asado Chicken Rice topping (P260.00)!

The cured sweet pork were thick and juicy! The chicken too were also fat and glazed with their special sauce.

The happy birthday boy!

Mareng Joan also got the CHOI GARDEN Spinach Seafood Soup (P380.00)!

Too bad I was not able to take a picture of the whole bowl but I'm sure you'll see why this is a must order in CHOI GARDEN based on what you see above!


Chili Oils for the win!

Mareng Joan ordered this delicious Fookien Fried Rice (P380.00) that was soooo good!!! Again, I wasn't able to take a picture of it (because we arrived late) but trust me, get this dish when you're in CHOI GARDEN!!!!

Photo grabbed from OPEN RICE
The Fookien Fried Rice is a platter the usual Chinese Fried Rice then topped with this thick oyster soup mixture of minced pork, mushrooms, and green peas. When you mix the hot bowl, you will get a very thick stew of rice that's so saucy!

Seriously, I was not planning on having carbs tonight because I had noodles in the office. I even told my husband to get my share because I'm really trying to practice with that thing you call "self control".

Guess what??? I failed!!! Grrr! This Fookien Rice was sooo effin good that I found myself zoinking back what I gave my hub. He he he he he!

CHE! Bakit ba!!!!

For our main entrees, we got the CHOI GARDEN Salt and Pepper Spare Ribs (P380.00) because we were craving for more meat into our system.

The Spare Ribs were crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside!

When you bite into it, your lips will certainly have a coating of the seasoning. Give yourself a good lick and you're good to go. 

OR! Share the love and have someone slobber on you!

TEE to the HEE.

CHOI GARDEN Spare Ribs with Salted Egg (P380.00)!

Judge me all you want but I'm really digging this whole salted egg craze! It just makes any food it touches MORE appetizing!!!!

I happily gnawed and sucked on the meats from the bone. Kilig to the ribs ang sarap! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

To complete the whole "carby" experience, we also had 3 orders of CHOI GARDEN Asado Pork Bun (P65.00 each).

The dough was soft with a slight crust on the outside. Of course, it may not be equal to what they have in Tim How Wan or Tuan Tuan but it was still a strong and delicious contender.

It got the Chinese Dimpol's DIMPOL of approval!!! He he he he he he!


Hay! Ke seswerte talaga ng asawa namin! He he he he he he he!

Almost done!!!!

Fooling around with the birthday boy and my inaanak Sky!!!!

I bet that I'm Sky's favorite ninang!

Ah basta!!!!! :)

It was a very fun birthday dinner for THE FOOD ALPHABET!!! It's great too that the Chinese Dimpol and I have found another restaurant to add to our BACK-EAT LIST!!!!

He he he he!



Ground Floor, Promenade, 
Greenhills Shopping Center, 
Greenhills, San Juan City
02 8719286

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