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Monday, September 11, 2017


APPLEBEE'S, an American favorite that has also called the Philippines their home, recently introduced new menu items to give more mouth-watering choices to any Filipino foodie.

One weekend, ERICJAZ FOODIES got deliciously acquainted with APPLEBEE'S new dishes on the block and we were surprised at the long list of grub we're going to try.

Just to clarify, we were "surprised" but we were definitely not complaining. Ha ha ha ha! Everything just looked so awesome that we were so excited to introduce them all to our tummies.

And that we did! Check out our happy (and shameless) gluttony of a Saturday with APPLEBEE'S!!! 


The Chinese Dragon and Mother of Dragons!!!

#imissGameofThrones #Boatscenebitin

We invited the little lords to go with us but they said they would rather stay with their Lola. Okay fine.

Instant date night for us!


When the new APPLEBEE'S dishes were served, we suddenly missed them. Ha ha ha ha ha! We need help eating them all!

APPLEBEE'S Fried Sweet and Spicy Pickles (P195.00)!

I thought I'm not going to like this because the undesirable pickles-in-the-jar taste have always haunted me. But the flavorful and crispy breading complemented the fresh pickles (that were definitely not from that disgusting jar) and were very good especially with the creamy jalapeno dip.

This one may be different but it's worth your order.

APPLEBEE'S Southern Beef Brisket Quesadilla (P525.00)!

Tender Beef Brisket with Salsa and Jalapeno then topped with melted cheese. Definitely a winner!

APPLEBEE'S Bacon Potato Jalapeno Croquettes (P265.00)! 

A bit on the spicy side but it's nothing a hungry diner can't handle. 

APPLEBEE'S Calamares (P395.00)!

Whenever this seafood favorite is on the menu, my guys would surely get it. If Master Mati was here, that'll be done in a second!

APPLEBEE'S Buffalo Chicken Salad (P525.00)! 

From the salad selection, I helped myself more to this because I'm a sucker for anything with bleu cheese. For me, it just goes oh so well with anything!

APPLEBEE'S Grilled Watermelon and Spicy Shrimp Salad (P445.00)!

You will love the sweet and spicy play of this appetizer especially with the tanginess of the feta cheese. Most of my friends went for this.

For the pastas, we started off with the APPLEBEE'S Grilled Sausage Marinara Pasta (P495.00)!

APPLEBEE'S Spinach Artichoke and Grilled Chicken Cavatappi (P495.00)!

If you're a fan of those popular dips, then this is the order for you!


The creamy Spinach and Artichoke pasta may be very yum but almost everyone went for the APPLEBEE'S Firecracker Shrimp Pasta (P595.00)!

To think that it was slightly spicy but it was allllllll good (pun sorta intended)!

APPLEBEE'S Pork Liempo Adobo (P485.00)!

The local favorites were exclusive only to APPLEBEE'S Philippines! 

Just in case you're craving for a different take on Filipino food, try these out.

Yub went loco for APPLEBEE'S Fiesta BBQ Pork Liempo (P495.00)!!!

2 VERY fat chops of pork brushed with savory sauce and grilled to tenderness. Hindi na nga niya pinansin yung rice!

APPLEBEE'S Teriyaki Balsamic Glazed Salmon (P675.00)!

Salmon was fresh and went well with the sweet and tangy sauce. The fried battered veggies were something too!

For all that delicious APPLEBEE'S food, we paired it up with an ice cold glass of Engkanto Beer!

Made with the finest ingredients, ENGKANTO BEER is created by Filipinos for the Filipinos. The icy brew definitely paired well with APPLEBEE'S mouth watering dishes.


It was great to catch up with TALES FROM THE TUMMY and INDULGE BY IRENE! Long time no see!!!!!!! 

It was also so fun to finally see YEDYLICIOUS again!!! Missed her muchos!!!!!!! Hope to see you again soon dear Yedy!!!!!

For dessert, there's APPLEBEE'S Creme Brulee (P375.00)!

While the Yubskers got the APPLEBEE'S Hot Fudge Sundae (P225.00)!

Yup! He still had room for this gooey and messy concoction!

Great times enjoying new grub at APPLEBEE'S!!!! We'll definitely bring our little lords to pig out here again. 

Thanks APPLEBEE'S for having us!!! We will definitely be back.



Eastwood Citywalk 1, 
Libis, Quezon City
02 5666800



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