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Thursday, September 7, 2017


Ever since they announced the live-action movie of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST and unveiled its wonderful cast, I have been counting the days until its showing. Whenever I see the trailer, I would immediately cry -- it was just so beautiful! I always tear up everytime I see it because it made me remember my pre-teen years when I obsessed over the movie during that summer.

When the day finally came, I bugged the Yubhub to buy tickets at the earliest time and insisted on having the little lords with us. I wanted it to be a family thing because it's THAT special to me. The two boys agreed since they were familiar with the cartoon version (although they  were not too enthusiastic at watching something in Powerplant Theatre that's for girls).  However, the bunsoy Andrei begged off at the last minute and said he will join his Lolo and Lola instead. It's okay. I still have my Master Mati and the Chinese Dimpol with me.

When we already got the tickets, I was so reeling with excitement that I wanted the one hour wait to be over, FAST. With that, my husband suggested that we have dinner in PRESS CAFE because it was so close to the theatre and it would also give me a view of Starbucks so that I'd know when to buy my caramel macchiato for the movie.

I appreciated the gesture and agreed. At least I wouldn't panic too much just in case our food order arrive late -- I'll just leave 'em and go right ahead... Tee heee!!!

I am so thankful to be blessed with two Prince Charmings. Too bad they had to contend with their Queen Beast everyday!

Har de har har!  


PRESS CAFE has been in Powerplant Mall for as long as I can remember. It was initially located in the first floor ( where Zara is now). It is also where Fully Booked used to be.

The place is always full because they serve delicious food and desserts. It's a great hub to hang around especially if you have a good book or magazine with you.

In my case "Choose Your Own Adventure." He he he he eh!

Have you guys read that?

We loved the food in PRESS CAFE when it was in the first floor. When they transferred, it was unfortunate that some of their menu items changed. 



PRESS CAFE menu 1...

PRESS CAFE menu 2...

PRESS CAFE menu 3...

PRESS CAFE menu 4!

My Master Mati got the PRESS Calamares (P265.00). 

Whenever my boys sees "calamares" on the menu, he always gets it. And in PRESS CAFE, we were ALL happy with his order. 

Yes, kuha kami ng kuha (to Mati's irritation). Ha ha ha ha ha! It was that good.

My dearest paired his Calamares with Garlic rice!

THAT'S MY BOY! I'm so proud!

When we're in PRESS CAFE, I always get the Chicken Cordon Bleu but tonight, I was in the mood for Pasta so I ordered the Pesto (P190.00)!

The Pesto Spaghetti was just okay for me. Nothing that I would seriously crave and go back for. Still, ubos na ubos siya. He he he he he!

The Chinese Dimpol had the Pork Chops (P280.00) and he got 2 pieces with plain rice and grilled veggies. 

Again, the pork chops were just fine. Nothing that would make the Yub go KABLOOOWIE but still, he was able to finish it. I helped too with the veggies!

Sorry if I kept on whining but the former PRESS CAFE dishes were THAT delicious. It's like everything in their menu was cooked juuuuust right for our taste.

Come to think of it though, PRESS CAFE is always full so maybe it really depends on the diner. Maybe weird lang preference namin??? He he he he he he!


When Master Mati was younger, we would always share our food. Now, sharing is a thing a past since his appetite warranted him to finish a whole order AND get from my grub! He he he he he!

It's okay my baby. Now that you're older, eating out may cost more but Daddy and I still love having food trips with you.

As predicted, the Chinese D left all of his veggies for me. He he he he he!


Our PRESS bill!

Since we still had time, Master Mati asked if he could buy something from the bookstore. He went back with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Hound of the Baskervilles". 

Great pick my baby!

Afterwards... YAYYYYY it's time for BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!!!

In Powerplant Mall they even had rose displays in special glass cases.

We saw the movie and woah... It was just so beautiful! 

Of course, nothing would match the production and feelings brought by the original version, but the remake was so worthy of its predecessor. I was in tears for many parts and I sang silently along.

Others may complain about the cast but for me, Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, and the others were so perfect for their parts. 

Bravo Disney!!!!!!!!!

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST was SO worth the wait!!!!!

Now THAT was a super fun date night with my pogi princes. 

The Powerplant Mall, 3/F, Rockwell Center, 
Lopez Drive, Makati, Metro Manila
Phone: (02) 901 4177



Once again Andrei's school invited their students to watch a show produced by Repertory Philippines.

For this year, it's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!!!!

The YAPPY BUNCH have been watching Repertory Philippines' shows organized by their grade school. Usually, it's only the students who are required to watch but the Yub and I have decided to make it a family outing.  The hub just bought extra tickets for us.

For this year, the family is complete again! 

Master Mati was initially begging off (because he feels too old for kiddie theatre already), but we made him join us. Sorry Mati, it IS family day! He he he he he!

In the event, even the school teachers were there. Bunsoy Andrei was thrilled to see his advisor (and favorite), teacher Beng. Hay naku! Thank you so much for always being patient with my kulit bunsoy!

And the show is about to start!

REPERTORY PHILIPPINES' version was different of course from the Disney film as they included original songs. 

To be honest, it really didn't compare with the movie version. Either that, or I loved the Disney film so much that I was being too picky. I know that they shouldn't even be compared because they are two different presentations, but still....

I think I was just too reeling from the BEAUTY AND THE BEAST movie. He he he he he!

But look at my Andrei's face!

My bunsoy said that he liked it, so that's what matters. He even asked to have a picture with the Beast (now a Prince) and Beauty! 

I'm happy that even if he's a kulit boy, he has a high appreciation of theatre and the classics. He can't wait for the next year's kiddie theatre by Repertory!

As for the rest of us, we've seen better Repertory shows. But for this afternoon, we're still happy that we were able to enjoy something together and laugh at some parts. We even have private jokes because of it...

"MARRY ME!!!!!!" H aha ha ha ha!

See? Private joke.

We may have seen two different versions of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST but both were still very enjoyable experiences for the family. Stories of true love and inner beauty talaga will never EVER fail. He he he he he he!





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