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If you're one of my ultra close friends (Oh poor you), you should know by now that you shouldn't really take me seriously. Since I love making people happy, I would usually joke about anything and everything that it has become as normal to me as breathing. Yu-uh! Even at my own expense! Add to that my experience in theatre (Yes. 1 workshop in Trumpets already counts as "experience"), I could totally do a VERY convincing joke that would make any doubting Thomas believe in an instant!

So really. When I say "Treat me now!" Don't take me seriously. I'm just making a joke or wanting to watch you click the "unfriend button". But hey, if you still choose to go for the red pill and believe my sweet words...

Then I love you.

Yep. More than my stingy "close" friends.

Har de har har!!!! Kidding!!!!

This is somehow what happened with my dear friend from High School, Hershey. It was my birthday last February and she greeted me. As usual, I responded with "Awwww! Thank you! Treat mo ko!!!!" To which she gave a sincere "Sure!!!"

Really??? WOHOOO!!!!

Now I'm not really a popular person but when I was checking my weekends, my schedule was already full for the months of February and March!! Que horror! Will our date still push through??? I was really not expecting anything since my available Saturday was too far off. But when I said "April 9", dear Hershey said "GAME!!!".

FINALLY!!! So my long overdue meet up with an old friend was set.

AND, it was still a birthday treat, from a close friend, because I teased her.

MAN. I love it when the trifecta of getogethers join forces!

UMU Japanese Restaurant!

I was really up for anything just to meet up with dear mareng Hershey. When she recommended her favorite Japanese restaurant in DUSIT THANI MANILA, I became doubly excited!

UMU entrance!

UMU had a spacious dining area by the entrance, but I was led by the maitre d' further inside to this wonderful room!

And what a good recommendation it was! The room had a lovely view of the DUSIT THANI HOTEL flowers and garden.

My simple yet elegant UMU plate setting.

Dear mareng Hershey is here!!!

Since we're looking at full blown chat-fest, we decided to order ASAP.

Yeah because once we pop, we won't stop! Ha ha ha ha ha!

There was a lot of Japanese food to choose from in UMU but we went for the set menus since it had a little of everything.

We were immediately served with an Amuse Bouche after ordering!

The UMU Amuse Bouche were cuts of ground beef in a sweet Teriyaki sauce. This was indeed a delicious starter before our much anticipated lunch ahead!

Each set came with a serving of Tuna and Salmon Sashimi!

ALWAYS a welcome sight whenever I'm in a Japanese restaurant!

First on the table was mareng Hershey's Steak Zen set (P1,450.00)!

Geez! This is just lovely at any angle!

She requested her plain rice to be upgrade to Seafood fried rice.

With all the bits and pieces of fresh seafood in her rice, this is already a full meal in itself!

Yummers! They CERTAINLY did not scrimp on the flavor factor!

Each set came with a bowl of piping hot Miso Soup! 

So tasty and comforting especially with the strips of seaweed and chunks of soft tofu!

We also got a cupful of Green Salad with faux Crab Meat and Sesame dressing.

The freshness and the tanginess of the greens with the dressing were certainly a delightful contrast to our hearty main dishes!

Mareng Hershey's UMU Steak!!!

This is such a mouth watering sight of grilled US Rib Eye Steak in a hearty Wafu Sauce.

Mareng Hershey shared this with me and I swear if I wasn't watching my figure (ahem) I would've finished her whole plate myself! The perfectly grilled medium steak was buttery tender and fatty in all the right places.  I can't help but illicit a mini-groan every time I popped in a chunk of the pink beef.  It was already so tasty on its own. BUT! The Wafu sauce was just crazy delicious!  The sauce was similar to our favorite "bistek" but it was creamier and had that savory "umami" flavor that would get you shoveling more rice in your gluttonous mouth. 

I swear, I even ate the Onions with the sauce because it's THAT good!!!

As for me, this is MY order -- UMU Tempura Zen (P1,200.00)!

I also requested for an upgrade and had the Umu Steak Fried Rice! So meaty and very appetizing!!!

I was deeply craving for Tempura and was so happy with these breaded and fried fat prawns!!! Each bite was crunchy and the breading already had a light taste to it. I certainly did not have any trouble wiping out this plate!

Me and dear Mareng Hershey at UMU!!!!!!!!


I know I'm supposed to limit my rice intake now but I can't help but wipe out my UMU Fried Rice down to the last grain because of all the delicious food around it!

Of course, even if we were happily chomping, dear Mareng Hershey and I exchanged tales, gossips, news... NON-STOP!

Believe me. NON-STOP!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

For dessert, we had some ice cream.

And a cup of coffee! This really capped an ultra satisfying lunch!!!

Mareng Hershey's bill!

Thank you so much dear Hershey for this delicious birthday treat at UMU!!! Though it was very delayed from my real birthday last February, I'm very happy to have great friends like you who still valued my special day no matter what month we celebrate it.

I'm SOOOO looking forward to more meet ups and birthdays in the future!

Oh and more chika too!  If that's possible.... He he he he eh! The servers at UMU were amused at us because we buzzed like bees non stop! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Thanks again mare! WOHOOOOOOOOOO!

 Lobby Level, Dusit Thani Manila, 
Ayala Centre, Glorietta Complex, Makati City
02 2388888

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