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Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Hullooo! I'm sure by now you all know how much I L-O-V-E my silly little foodie blog and how I would only document personal experiences. For this post, I'm using ERICJAZ FOODIES to cope with the absence of my dear beloved BGP Mariane and have her share one of her unforgettable meals while in vacation in the US.

I'm missing her but I'm enjoying this blogpost too, so YEY!


By Mariane R. Mina

Thanks BGP.

Fred, Pao Pao, and I are currently on vacation in the US and staying with my relatives from my mother's side in New Jersey.

One day, Ninang Min invited the family out for a lunch in THAI LANNA. My ninang said they serve delicious Thai food and wanted us to try it.

The sun may be out this lunch but the weather was still nice and comfortable.

It was good that we were able to get a parking space because the cool weather seemed to have prompted many people to go out.

THAI LANNA restaurant.

When you enter THAI LANNA, you will see these beautiful figurines.

THAI LANNA did not have any customers for our late lunch but I was told they are very popular in the area.

The design of THAI LANNA is simple but we liked it. There are paintings mounted on walls that have an exotic flair into it.

My family and I went towards the corner table.

Pao Pao was very behaved and happy to be out with his Lolo and Lola.

My husband Fred loves to joke around when we try to take pictures of him.


THAI LANNA menu 1.

THAI LANNA menu 2.

THAI LANNA menu 3.

THAI LANNA menu 4.

THAI LANNA menu 5.

THAI LANNA dessert menu.

Menu 1.

Menu 2.

Menu 3.

We find the prices okay with the food. Everything received a thumbs up from Fred.


THAI LANNA Thai Salad.

THAI LANNA steamed dumplings.

Thai Sea Rolls.

Fried Calamari.

Red Snapper with Tamarind Sauce on the Side.

Chicken Penang.

Jumbo Shrimps with Garlic.

Pad Thai.

Duck in Garlic Sauce.

Crabmeat Fried Rice.

My cousin Ray enjoyed his THAI LANNA Iced Coffee.

My Dad had the Thai Iced Tea.

For dessert, we had the Coconut Ripieno.

My Daddy had the sticky rice and mango.

Pao Pao liked the design that THAI LANNA made for his Chocolate Ice Cream.

We also got some Fried Ice Cream.

The food was delicious in THAI LANNA and we were all full and happy. Thank you Ninang Min for treating us. We all had fun with our Thai lunch here in the US.

You will like the food here BGP. Wish you were with us. I hope next time we could travel together with our families. 

 1135 Easton Ave, Somerset, 
NJ 08873, United States
+1 732-220-0202

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