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Monday, May 30, 2016


Whenever I go out with my College friends, it is sure to be a riot -- there is always non-stop laughter, gossip, jokes and ribbing, then never-ending trips down crazy lane.

So we had another night just like THAT when mareng Carrots was in town and we decided to have a meet-up during the work week. Everything was fine and dandy until being the usual finicky girls that we were, there were sudden changes in the venue: For one week it was somewhere, then the day before it became somewhere else, on the day itself it became "Now where should we go?"

Good thing that after a bit of walking (IT'S TRUE) my College friends came upon BUGSY'S BAR AND BISTRO where they had available tables that night to take in our group. The place was so perfect for us that it's a wonder why BUGSY'S was not our first choice! The food was great, service was friendly, and the crowds did not mind the decibels of noise that we were making. We finally found our place to settle our big butts in.

And what an awesome time we all had!


Like I said, the place was packed, mostly in the smokers and the bar area. Yup! Even if it was a weekday!!! It's a good thing that my friends were still able to secure a table.

My College peeps got a place upstairs and it was perfect for us. It was still a bit noisy but at least we could hear each other talk.

Besides, we were the ones who were going to make noise anyway.

Assumption Girls Batch 2007 (tee hee) and my boy toy in BUGSY'S!!!!


Mareng Heidi, Mareng Kerots, and Mareng Perlie!

Michelle, Marie, and MEEEEH!


Tee hee!!!!

Before he was the Chinese Dimpol and the Chinese Adonis, the Yubhub was originally THE CHINESE STALKER. He goes with me ANYWHERE!!! It's a joint decision really because I have more fun (AND security) when he's around. At the same time, my husband knows how I need him during night outs. I'm proud that my guy doesn't mind to be the only one with testosterone in the group. He would always say that he would rather join us than have me go home late with some other driver.

Wouldn't have it any other way too!




New Menu Items!

Menu 1....

Menu 2...

Menu 3...

Menu 4...

While waiting for our food, Marie and I compared biceps!

My College friends and I chattered non-stop. I'm sure you could see based on this picture who is the noisiest in our group.

BIGAY NA BIGAY O!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you're worried about the Chinese Dimpol getting out of place, don't pity him too much. He's having the time of his life. I PROMISE.

Why you ask?

He's watching the last game of Kobe Bryant on replay! My husband was so happy because he was not able to watch it live in the morning. Yey!!!!! 

He let us chatter and guffaw away while his eyes were fixed on the screen. The Chinese Dimpol paired up the monumental basketball game with an ice cold bottle of Miller Geniune Draft Beer!

As for me, I discovered that BUGSY'S had a promo on Margaritas during Happy Hour that it's buy one take one for only P165.00!!!

WOHOOO!!!! As long as the tequila content is light, I LOVE MARGARITAS!!!!

Too bad my other Margarita was zoinked by Mareng Perlie (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!). Still, I was so happy with a sip of this light, sweet, and citrusy drink!


BUGSY'S Buffalo Chicken Tenders (P245.00) was spicy with the appetizing glaze of the Tabasco infused sauce!

So perfect with the blue cheese!!!

BUGSY'S Marcos' Honey Garlic Tenders (P245.00)!

This was sticky... This was messy... This was DEFINITELY finger lickin' good!!! Loved the extra chopped chili topping for more excitement!

BUGSY'S Salmon Pasta (P345.00)!

Cheesy and creamy with bites of the fatty Salmon. We really enjoyed slurping on the hearty linguine!!

BUGSY'S 5 Cheese Pizza (P345.00)!

Like I still need words to describe how nummy yummy this is.


The night was spent drinking, eating and laughing away. We especially loved looking back at fun times during College. Like we had this schoolmate who gets A for effort in her cheer dancing. Let's just say she also made her face do a lot of dancing.


It was more funny of course when dear Michelle would make a perfect impersonation of her. 

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Don't worry we won't show you. H ah aha ha ha ha ha ha!

Our table was so noisy that the other table tried to "over laugh" us. In the end, they gave up.

Well, they really should. They don't have Carrots in their group. He he he he he he!

Egad! When we were downstairs, the laughs just kept on going!

Our BUGSY'S bill!!!

We had such a fun getogether at BUGSY'S and even if there were some absentees (like BGP Marian, BB Aning, and Agot). Don't worry, we sent you guys the bill. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

We all wanted to stay longer but work next day and our kids beckon. We would DEFINITELY schedule another one!

Of course, one of the real reasons why I wanted to have another getogether was we were not able to do our usual tradition of singing to Carrots a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. It's just too bad that BUGSY'S SPORTS BAR AND BISTRO don't do this which we understand because they're not that kind of restaurant.

Whenever we have dinner at TGIFRIDAYS (our favorite College hangout), we always asked the waiters to sing Carrots a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Yep! Even if it was not really her birthday!

One time when we were in YAKIMIX, we did it again!!!!

It's always fun messing with her!

So finally we had a sequel to our BUGSY'S dinner the following week and we had it in our favorite TGIFRIDAYS!

I'm sure you know what happened next. Ha ha ha ha ha!

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY" Mareng Carrots!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Yey! BB Aning joined us!
Sorry! That tradition of a joke will NEVER grow old!!

Yep! I love my Barkada from Assumption so much and I had great memories of College life because of them. Believe it or not, I was a bit shy in High School and I had some self esteem issues before (E ANG LAKI NAMAN KASI NG NOO KO AT NGIPIN KO HELLER!!!!! O DI BA ALL CAPS PA!!!!). It's because of my College friends that I learned to believe in myself, enjoy life, and be VERY confidently beautiful... with a heart.


BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! It's true I swear!

Love you ladies! See you gals soon!!!! Hopefully we're complete na so that Agot, BB Aning, and BGP Marian won't pay our bill anymore. Wawa naman sila.

KIDDING!!!! :)

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