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Thursday, May 19, 2016


As MOTHER'S DAY approached, I was both excited and worried.

EXCITED because it will be MY day. I expected to be spoiled silly with food and whatever I friggin desire.

WORRIED because the Chinese Dimpol and Andrei were set to leave for Quezon Province (he was going to vote).

Now who will be treating me to whatever I friggin desire?????

To be honest, as MOTHER'S DAY approached I became more and more miserable. For some reason, little dramatic me was doing some serious self pitying and questioning my worth as a Mom when my bunsoy was so set to leave me on that special day.

But then I remembered: why do I have to focus on my weird self when the most lovely lady who had ever walked on the face of the earth is with us?

YEP. My Mom!

Now I don't want to get into details as to how my Mommy is the epitome of a beautiful Mother inside and out because believe me, it will take more than one post!!! Everyone agrees that she has the beauty of Boots Anson Roa and she's so mahinhin too (unlike me). She is always a principal sponsor in a wedding because couples really look up to her! Would you believe that she's a doctor but she did not continue with her practice as she chose to stay home and take care of her beautiful children (NAKS).  Anyway, I choose not to enumerate any more because everyone who knows my Mom knows how awesome she is. So I don't really need to be repetitive now do I?

So don't mind about me. This MOTHER'S DAY will be for my Mommy.

But of course, we're still going to do some serious eating to celebrate!!!!! 


After mass, we had a MOTHER'S DAY breakfast at Pancake House. My Mom's choice that morning!

Too bad my Dad already left before we took this picture. It's okay. He paid anyway. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

For lunch we brought Kare Kare, Crispy Pata, and Bicol Express so that my Mom didn't have to cook! Would you believe that she still offered to do so???

After lunch the Chinese Dimpol and little Andrei left for Quezon Province. I took a long sad nap but when I woke up, I did so with a vengeance!

Mati will be taking me out on a MOTHER'S DAY date tonight and my Mommy is coming with us!!!!

And the choice of the majority tonight was my Mom and Mati's favorite...


My 2 great loves this MOTHER'S DAY!!!!!

Now let's start some serious GENKI SUSHI eatin!!!!!

GENKI Spicy Salmon Sushi (P80.00)!!!

GENKI Salmon Sashimi (P200.00)!!!

GENKI Squid Sushi (P80.00)!!!

GENKI SUSHI Tuna Roll (P80.00)!!!!

GENKI Tekka Maki (P80.00)!!!


My happy date!

Yup! He's such a foodie like Mommy!

GENKI Octopus Sushi (P150.00)!!!

GENKI Salmon Maki Roll (P80.00)!!

GENKI Crab Sushi (P80.00)!!!

GENKI Corn Sushi (P60.00)!!

GENKI Squid with Spicy Oil (P120.00)!!

GENKI Udon with soup (P99.00 -- promo price).

It's originally priced at P150.00!

We love this light but very flavorful bowl of noodles. A must order in GENKI SUSHI if you don't fancy raw stuff.

MOTHER'S DAY date with my master Mati and Mommy!!!!!!!!

When we go out, it's very rare for my Mommy to choose where we'll eat. She's always like "Whatever you guys like." 

That's why for tonight, we really insisted that she choose. My Master Mati was so happy that she chose GENKI SUSHI too!

Gobble! Gobble!!!

And we're done!

We don't let the servers get this because we love seeing our stack of plates! He he he he he he!

My GENKI SUSHI bill!!!!

For dessert my Master Mati requested for some Serenitea. As usual when the server asked for a name, I gave "THE SUPER POGI MATI!!!" to call out. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The "Super Pogi Mati" later on became the poor beggar outside... Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

When I got home my Mommy and I fixed the roses she received from my brothers, Ate Jit's hub Anthony, and the Yub, and offered it to a MORE special lady, Mama Mary.

I was clicking away saying that the blog will be about her. But being the usual generous and humble cool gal that she is, my Mom said I should join her since it WAS my MOTHER'S DAY too!

Told you she is special!!!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY Mommy! We love you so much!!!!

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