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Wednesday, May 11, 2016


There may be a lot of restaurants that have already become favorites of many but for me, one of the spots that will always have a special place in my heart is SHAKEY'S!!!!

Well... Besides the fact that it was introduced in the country in 1975, A DECADE after I was born (:P), SHAKEY'S has always been there for my family's special events while I was growing up. Being one of the few American fast food chains that was in the Metro at that time, my Dad would always include SHAKEY'S in our birthday celebrations. I would never forget our meals there where servers would hand out their special straw hats and sing to us a very jolly Happy Birthday song. Great happy times indeed!

Now I'm sure there are more popular and flashy restaurants that may have dimmed the spotlight on SHAKEY'S. But really, our forever favorite PIZZA PARLOR will always be the one that we go back to again and again not just for our special occasions but for our friends' events as well!

I'm not pulling your leg when I say that because SHAKEY'S has already given us a deep foundation of enjoyment, an ordinary day/getogether will become something great with its awesome presence! With that, LET'S go for some SHAKEY'S!!!!

Let's go back to the memories!
Let's go back to special moments!
Let's go back to our favorite comfort food!
Let's ALWAYS go back to SHAKEY'S!!!!

We may have a lot of favorites now, but really, when the mood calls for something that has fun and comfort food, LET'S GO FOR SHAKEY'S!!!

Let's go for SHAKEY'S on weekends!

Let's go for SHAKEY'S during birthday weeks!

Let's go for SHAKEY'S with great friends!

Let's go for birthday's celebrated at SHAKEY'S!!!!


What if nothing really special is going on??

For one particular weekend, THE YAPPY BUNCH decided to stay at home since we're almost always out.

BUT, what we thought was another lazy Saturday became something exciting with the arrival of an old "friend"!!!!



It may be another lazy Saturday where the most excitement that we'll have is when we get ready for a nap. So the sight of a hot and fresh from the oven pizza is really something to gawk at!


Let's INSTANTLY have a great Saturday with SHAKEY'S!!!

What we're so obsessed about with SHAKEY'S is their thin crusted pizzas that give an appetizing crunch at each bite!!!!

Add to that the meaty toppings and fresh vegetables over loads of cheese. Each slice will definitely get you munching and reaching out for more!

One of my favorites in SHAKEY'S has always been the Manager's Choice because I love the abundance of ingredients and how it is so meat/veggie friendly!!!!!

Everytime I sink my teeth onto the layers of hot cheese and hear the slight crunch from the onions and green peppers, I instantly get transported to foodie heaven!

Then how about if we match THIS.....

with THIS???


Let's forget whatever diet we were delusional with shall we????

It would be a great idea too to match this with an ice cold glass of rootbeer or milkshake! My favorites at SHAKEY'S!!!!!

My master Mati cannot WAIT to dig in!

Same goes for my usual finicky eater Andrei!

Could somebody LET me have the whole thing????

If SHAKEY'S has been a part of your life (and I'm sure it is) whether in parties, pot lucks, birthdays, getogethers, or any sort of cravings, it's time to go back and relive all of the love.

Believe me, you may be jaded with the latest food trends and buffets, but there is really nothing like enjoying again and again a true favorite!!!

With that...



Yup! And you should do so AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN!!!!

Check it out:

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