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Friday, May 13, 2016


My TAPE INC friends and I had so much fun in our night out at GINZADON last time, that we immediately scheduled another Fridate in RESORTS WORLD MANILA.

And this time, we will start with dinner at IMPRESSIONS!

I'm quite excited actually for our dinner here because I know that IMPRESSIONS has received many awards and recognitions.

The look of the restaurant is something to take note as well -- the white table cloth served as a nice contrast to the black shiny flooring and surrounding. It certainly added more elegance to it.

The view from the other side.

Gray walls with simple food portraits. It may be a minimalist's dream come true and for me, the look still worked!

I'm sure that IMPRESSION'S bar list is something to take note as well!

Open kitchen!

Too bad that Executive Chef Chef Cyrille Soenen (Brasserie Cicou) was not there that night. Would've loved to say hi to him!

For some reason, I am reminded of Belle's rose from Beauty and the Beast.

The elegant plate setting at IMPRESSIONS!

They even provided jacket hangers!!!!


Tita Flory and hub!

Tita Josie and hub!

Tita Grace and Hub!

The "pogiest" Sotto brother of all, Maru!


He may be alone but he got with him several angels!!!




Did you catch last night's premier??? 

That was a LOT of MELISSANDRE that I did not ask for.

He he he he he he!

Time to order!



The pretty and sexy Eunice attended to us and she was so nice and helpful.

She immediately served us IMPRESSIONS complimentary bread basket before ordering.

I got the walnut baguette and it was hot and crusty on the outside then soft and chewy on the inside.

So perfect to munch on especially with the butter!

Good thing they served some complimentary bread. I was so hungry that I took out the office snack I did not eat earlier.

Since we were having red meat, red wine was in order!

As it was a Merlot, tita Flory's pinky was definitely out!

The gang was complete and so ready to eat!

We started off with an Amuse Bouche of Tuna.

We ordered the IMPRESSIONS Green Pea Mouselline (P390.00) and loved it!

It was like our favorite mushroom soup but of another level. 

It was creamy... savory... and so satisfying!

The entrees were served with a side salad. And we requested it to be brought out as an appetizer instead. He he he he he he!

The greens were tossed in a light vinaigrette and topped with parmesan shavings. It certainly whet up our appetite for the rich food to come.

The parmesan worked wonders for this light salad and added a certain punch into it!

Finally, our order arrived!

IMPRESSIONS Mayura Wagyu Shin Shank (P5,888.00)!

This fall off the bone wonder was cooked for 48 hours and glistening with its hearty gravy.

Crunchy vegetables were also served on the side!

An order could feel 4 to 5 hungry diners!

Can't stop drooling over that marrow!

The IMPRESSIONS attendant sliced it up for us.

My mouth watering plate of IMPRESSIONS Mayura Wagyu!

I think I need another serving of that crusty bread...

OR a cup of rice. Hmmm...

Our boys were so happy with the very tender meat!

Tita Grace and Tita Josie each ordered the IMPRESSIONS Prime Rib (400g P2,888.00) with baked potatoes.

Their steak was thick and fat. I can't stop drooling over it.

I wonder if they'll give me some?

Hmmmm... Who should I ask from?

Tita Josie?

Or Tita Grace?

How about BOTH?

He he he he he he he! Kidding!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with my office Dabarkads in IMPRESSIONS!

Our IMPRESSIONS Mayura Wagyu Shank was too much for us! There were two more full plates for everyone to share!

Those veggies were mighty good with the juicy meat!

My plate! My very meaty plate!

Yup! I was able to zoink a piece of Tita Grace's Prime Rib while she wasn't looking.

Kidding! She cannot finish it so she gave me a hearty serving!

And betcha by golly wow I'm glad she did because that chunk of meat was juicy and perfectly grilled!

The Shank marrow all to meself!

That's one of the great things about being the "youngest" in the group. The others are watching their diets too much that they give me the "sinful" stuff! He he he he he he he he!

Slowly but surely I enjoyed my meaty plate with that goblet of Merlot!

Oh my fatty self is so happy!

And finally....


I could hear our side letting out blissful sighs....

The same could be said for the other side!

Done! We were so full!!!!!


For "dessert", our group had some music and drinks once again at BAR 360!!!

Tita Flory ordered the big beer goblet again and I just had to try it.

ME NO LIKE!!!!!!!!!!

Did I just give you nightmares??? He he he he he!

Just kidding! I don't drink beer. But I was SO happy to be reunited with their Classic Margarita again. It's my new favorite drink!

Of course, when the Yub and I acted all sweety patootie, SOMEBODY just had to follow.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

We inspired Tita Grace to go forth and be mushy too!

It was another great night with my TAPE INC Dabarkads! The Chinese Adonis and I are looking forward to our next Fridate.

Seriously though I really have a great time with my TAPE friends! Yes they may be older than me but I learn a lot from them on how they raise their kids, make more money, and continue to have loving relationships with their husbands. We may tease and bash each other but deep down, I have the highest respect for them and I really treasure our friendship. 

That's why even if they tease me that I am already looking like a grandmother because I keep on hanging out with them, I don't mind.

Life is indeed about being happy and surrounding yourself with loving and true people. And with my "Lola Baes", I have such an abundance of that.




3rd floor of Maxims Hotel, Resorts World Manila
 Newport Blvd, Pasay, 1309 Metro Manila
(02) 908 8888

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