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Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Sometime last March, 2016, Manong Fred invited THE YAPPY BUNCH for dinner at PEKING GARDEN to celebrate his Mom's 80th birthday.

Even though Manong Fred could be SO annoying...
Even though he makes MY life miserable....
Even though he would ALWAYS get between me and Best Gal Pal Marian....

I love his Mom, AND Peking Duck, so that means WE'RE GOING.

Yup! Sometimes you just HAVE to make sacrifices for the things you love AND crave for.


PEKING GARDEN is located in level 4 of Greenbelt 5. It was just across KIMPURA.

I arrived late because I came from work. Nevertheless, there were still guests eating and enjoying their dinner,

Manong Fred reserved a private room for his Mom's intimate birthday dinner party.

NAKS! We suddenly felt so special!


BGP Marian and Manong Fred!

Mike and invisible Donna!

Master Mati and cutie Paolo!

Andrei was not able to join us because he was kidnapped by his Lolo and Lola. He he he he he!


King Henry VIII and his Queen, Catherine of Aragon!

Yup! STILL watching THE TUDORS!!!

I arrived late so the food was already served on the table. First thing I saw was my favorite, PEKING GARDEN Hot Prawn Salad (P1,360.00).

Normally I don't like fruits in my main dishes but I just find the creaminess of fried prawns doused with mayonnaise so irresistible!!

Of course I eat this with RICE! YUMMMM!

Another favorite for me when we have Chinese food is the Beef with Broccoli and the one at PEKING GARDEN was really good! The beef was so tender and the crunchy broccoli was well seasoned. I could finish the whole platter by myself!

The Chinese Dimpol forgot to take a picture when it was presented by the waiter but Manong Fred ordered the PEKING DUCK Birthday Noodles. We loved this because the seafood was plump, fresh, and so tender to the bite. Definitely a slurp worthy carb for us!

Of course, the piece de resistance for us is the Peking Duck (P2,600.00)!!!! 

The waiter sliced it so accurately fine that you would think they used an electric knife!

I normally don't like duck but PEKING DUCK is something I would go for. The skin is very crunchy and the layer of fat makes it more appetizing and delicious! The meat itself too was so juicy!

AAAAAAAAAAAAGH! Why do I have to blog at 12:38am??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I'm getting hungry!

The Peking Duck was served with Hoisin sauce and Scallion!

And soft but chewy pancakes!

I told Mati how to really enjoy Peking Duck and my foodie son did it dutifully.

I would have to convince him to have it with scallions though. He he he he he he!

As for me, I love scallions in my Peking Duck wrap.

Then a few slices of the meat. It would be better to have it with the skin of course, but the meat is so tasty, you would still enjoy this whole bite without it.




Open wide!!!!!!!!!!

Peking Duck second way (P380.00) was something to definitely save room for!

Manong Fred also ordered this flavorful fried rice that the kiddies loved so much. Check out Paolo eating from his Kuya Mati's plate while he's not looking.

My plate! My PEKING DUCK plate!!!!


ERICJAZ FOODIES with master Mati, the Minas, and more!

Dessert was the Chinese Dimpol's favorite, Mango Sago!

I'm not really fond of gelatinous desserts but this was quite refreshing.

Later on, the servers served the cake with matching Happy Birthday song in Chinese!

Happy Birthday Tita Vicky!!!!!!

God bless you always!!!!!!

Thank you Manong Fred and BGP Marian for inviting us to this special occasion. We're so glad that you consider us family too!!! We love you BGP!!!

BGP Marian and Manong Fred were leaving for the US tomorrow....


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

When you get back, let's celebrate with PEKING GARDEN again ha???

Manong Fred's treat of course.


Level 4, Greenbelt 5, 
Ayala Center, Greenbelt, Makati City
02 7290820 / 02 7290567

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