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Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Most recently, the officers of TAPE Inc., planned a surprise birthday party for who we feel is the "POGI-EST" and "MACHO-est" Sotto brother -- MARU!!!

Yes! He'll get all the good "ESTS" from us now because it's his birthday!!!! He he he he he he!

It was actually the middle of a work week and we were supposed to have a production meeting. When we received the invitation to this surprise bash, me and my friends (aka the LOLA BAES of TAPE Inc), did not think twice and immediately gave our yes for our attendance.

And why shouldn't we?

We are always with this very cool dude at TAPE office where dear Maru would keep everyone in stitches with his stories and antics. Even if he came from a popular family, he was still very simple, a fun "cowboy", and just an all around good guy!

Of course, it doesn't hurt also that he is the spitting image of his "older" brother Vic Sotto! So really, for us "Bossing" fans, Maru is the next best thing!  Ha ha ha ha!

Just kidding!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Maru! We love you!!!


(He hates it when I do that. Ha ha ha ha ha!)

A surprise birthday party for one cool guy!!!


DJ was ready...

The pictures were ready...

Photo venue was ready...

The food was hot and waiting!!!

I never expected bar food to be scrumptious and so good but in REMINISQUE BISTRO, it was!!!

Lip smacking REMINISQUE Beef Kansi!


Very creamy beef lengua!

Tender and juicy REMINISQUE Beef Skewers!

These were SOOOO yum too!

The Sauteed Seafood was a hit! 

I loved the extra crunch of the vegetables!

Of course, there was buttered veggies!

For long life, there was REMINISQUE Linguini with Smoked Tilapia! This was soooo good that I got seconds and dreamed of thirds of it!

And a favorite of the celebrant, LECHON!!!!

Buko pandan for dessert!


The celebrant just arrived!!!

Sorry I wasn't able to get a picture of him entering the building. I didn't have a camera so most of these pictures were "borrowed" and "stolen" shots. He he he he!

And with that, I meant that I "borrowed" and occasionally "stole" Tita Flory's camera to take pictures! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Wow! BOSSING sa Kapogian talaga!

Yohoo! Let's get this party STARTED!

70'S music were in full blast!

Wait... That's not porn.

That's SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER of course.

We already got all wild and crazy while waiting for the celebrant. But when it was time to eat, we were all behaved!!!

Maru later on settled and sat beside the love of his life, Ms. Mabel!

I spent the whole night chatting up with my seatmate, Tita Josie!

You would think that even if we already have our tables beside each other at TAPE office, we would run out of topics to talk about.


Cutie pie Tita Flory played with the flags used when we yelled SURPRISE to the celebrant!

Dear Maru was so happy and thankful because it was his first time ever to get a surprise party! He can't stop thanking his TAPE family who were there to give him a huuuuuge Pabebe birthday hug!

Table 3 with the LOLA BAES, Ms. Jenny, Ms. Mabel, and dear Maru!

Table 1 had Direk Poochie, our Floor Director Moty, and Sales Executive Jewel!

TAPE Admin Girls, Tonet, Sunshine, and Noemi!

The table for Creatives and Productions!!!!

Sales Boys!

EB Production Michael, Ate Sheila, plus Meian of GMA International!

TAPE ladies Larlene, Ate Dalden, Alaine...


The photographer!

He he he he he he!

Here's a brighter picture of us outside!

I wasn't able to take a picture of my plate but here's the salad I ordered.

He he he he he he! Cough faker Cough!

Like I said, I was also surprised that REMINISQUE served such delicious food! Here I am having a take 2 with the pasta!

Tita Josie again reminded me that my "biceps" are getting bigger.


My bangs though look horrendous.

After eating, we did some serious drinking!

I shared a margarita with my favorite Lola Bae...

NOT! Ha ha ha ha ha!

After the drinking, after the human cha cha train, after the live greetings, dear Maru got some video messages!

The celebrant was laughing and clapping the whole time!

Even if we attended the party, the LOLA BAES also gave a message for dear Maru. And ours was the last pa! NAKS!


My loving friends pushed (aka bullied) me to be the speaker. Ha ha ha ha! It's okay. We gave dear Maru a very loving and cry worthy message.

We said he was born in 1971!!!!!!

O di ba? Nakakaiyak!


After the messages, Mam Jenny brought out her cake!

It was the green cake with the golf theme!

And we all sang a very loud and super out of tune HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Direk Poochie also brought out another cake with more candles!

I guess Maru was so happy that he was able to puff it out all in one blow!!!

Mam Jenny gave a funny yet heart warming message to the very cool Sotto dude.

After all the speeches, the celebrant took the mike.

Honestly, he didn't need to talk at all. His facial expression said everything that is in his heart. 

Dear Maru was so happy that he suddenly became younger by about 20 years!!!!

So that would make him 35 then???


HAPPIEST of birthdays dear Maru!!! Thank you for always being nice to us LOLA BAES. You never fail to make us laugh and feel special. Gatherings are indeed more fun with you around!!! Personally, I am thankful to know a very cool guy like you who is game anywhere and is very helpful. I know that despite your dirty jokes and pa-dancing dancing ala bossing, you are a very honorable, and respectable man who's a devoted husband, father, brother, and friend. THAT'S why you have the love of all those around you.


Mas pogi ka naman talaga kay Bossing e!

Hep hep! Ngayon lang yan!


We love you!!!!!!!

(Platonic lang of course. Mahirap na.)


Ground Floor, BDI Parking Building, 
Scout Lozano Sreet Corner Tomas Morato, 
Tomas Morato, Quezon City
02 2469069 ext:378


  1. Hi Jazzie Jaz! belated Thank you very much ~ this foodie blog is very special and will treasure it forever!

    1. You're so welcome Ms. Mabel!!!! We love you and dear Maru too!!!! Mwah! Mwah! Tsup! Tsup!!!!!!!


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