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Tuesday, May 17, 2016


This summer, I did not jam any summer classes or lessons for the little lords because I would rather that they have FUN (with a capital EF) this vacation. And while scouting online the different activities that we could do as a family, I came upon SLIDEFEST that will be happening only on the weekend of April 16/17 in Filinvest Alabang.

Now normally I'm not that eager to join pop up activities since the facilities would usually be lacking or not enough for the attendees. But then I got curious with SLIDEFEST and when I showed it to the little lords, they really wanted to go.


Even if it would be under the glaring sun....
Even if there would only be portalets...
Even if we had to wake up so early in the morning....

We are going to the SLIDEFEST!

And we are taking reinforcements with us!


We went for the FIRST WAVE scheduled at 8:00am since it's more appropriate for the families. I was thankful when we did so because it was HOT already even if it was early morning!


I was not really paying attention that we should go to the queue with our last names. I just lined up at the first place I saw then lo and behold, I was for the group including the letter Y!

My guardian Angel is ALWAYS working overtime I know. He he he he he he eh!

They gave away free NIVEA beach balls per ticket!

The little lords were happy! Something MORE to play with!

Afterwards we were strapped with the paper bands that's specific for our time schedules.

LET'S... VOLT... IN!!!!!!

(Tananananan TAN TAN!)


It was rather quite a long walk from the register towards the actual Slip and Slide.

The many stalls that we saw gave me an idea that his is indeed something like a street party. You could munch on hot and fresh foods the whole day and drink like there's no tomorrow.

Oooh MALCOLM'S!!!!!!


There were also these large inflatables!

I wonder if it could hold my weight?

Later on there WILL be a party in the SLIDEFEST because they will have DJS and bands playing!

While walking, we saw this turn and went for it.

There's a bubble machine!

Wow! This certainly cooled us off!


It was already 8:30am and they still haven't opened the doors for the Slip and Slide.

It's okay. Andrei was having an awesome time with the bubbles anyway!!!!

He had a halo pa!!!!

Go Andrei!!!!

The bubbles and suds really entertained the kids and adults while waiting!

The tricky part though is that after they turned off the bubble machine, there was no shower to wash it off! As a result, we were all sticky under the sun. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I don't think anyone minded though because we were all still having an awesome time!

FINALLY! They opened the gates for the Slip and Slide in SLIDEFEST!!!!

YIHIIII let's go!

Photo grabbed from SLIDEFEST FACEBOOK page
SLIDEFEST is the biggest slip and slide event in Asia where guests will have fun going down 1000 feet of slippery fun!!!!!

There are actually 2 slides to choose from in SLIDEFEST!

Photo grabbed from SLIDEFEST FACEBOOK page
 The first was the SUPER foamy slide which was more slippery for the guest.

The other one was your traditional slide with water.

Check out the girl checking out my hub's perky butt! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

When you get to the tents, you'll be made to chooose.


Team Captain America!

Oops! Wrong one. Tee hee!

We lined up for the regular slide first.

Wohoo! It's now our turn!

Inflatables were given before you go on the slide.

Once you're snug and comfy, you'll be pulled by 2 men for speed!

Wohooo! Go Yub!!!!

Later on, the little lords were joined by their friends!

My girls joined in also!

It's ERICJAZ FOODIES with Team Campo and Team Navarro in SLIDEFEST!!!!!

It will now be the 2nd go for Mati and Andrei on the slide!!!!

I only took pictures of their first try. This time I'm going with them!

Mati's going for the Foam Slide this time in SLIDEFEST!


Go Andrei!!!!

I'm sure the SLIDEFEST staff didn't have a hard time pulling you to go! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

And I lost him in a sea of bubbles!

Now it's my turn!

It's a wonder that the inflatable did not deflate with my weight!


"I love big butts and I cannot lie... No one can ever deny...."

Who only knew of that song because of FRIENDS?


And POOF! I'm gone!!!

After sliding the boys went to this area where they could do "bubble wrestling!"

They were so cute bumping and falling onto each other.

Andrei was having fun at first.

Kuya Mati got his eye on my little bunsoy.

And boom!!!!

When Andrei fell down he immediately cried and wanted to go. Ha ha ha ha!!!! Hay naku! He should learn to be tough!!!

We discovered that there were no bathing areas, just changing rooms in SLIDEFEST. There WAS a make shift shower by the end of the slide but you could only use it after you went on it. 


So it may seem gross but we decided not to change clothes anymore. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! The boys just removed their wet rash guards!

Dear Master Mati and I just waited for the Chinese Dimpol and Andrei from their last go on the slide before our time was up. We only signed up for the 8:00am to 10:00am slot!

And here they are!!!!

Andrei was able to go for 5 times on the SLIDEFEST Slip and Slide while the Chinese Dimpol, Mati, and I, did it 4 times.

Before going, we had some small snacks and chika with Team Navarro! I'm glad they had fun!!! It's always great to hang around happy people who are so game with whatever!!!!

For our early lunch, the little lords craved for Ramen. So we went to our favorite in the South -- BUTAMARU!!!!!


Tantanmen Ramen!

We arrived before their opening but the very kind server said we could wait and cool off until it was 12:00pm!

My hat's off to friendly and accommodating people!!!!


So how did we find SLIDEFEST?

It was certainly an unforgettable experience. As a parent, we immediately looked for clean restrooms, bathing areas, and changing areas that we could go to after hours of sweat and fun. But nothing that we were used to was available in SLIDEFEST. My OC self was just left to contend with what was there. Add to that, the smoldering heat that was burning our sticky skins. Of course, it was not SLIDEFEST's fault that summer hailed before us, but still, it added to the discomfort of the other people in attendance.

But hey.  Are we still going back next year?


As expected of any pop-up events, there will just be portable facilities for the attendees. But because THE YAPPY BUNCH enjoyed so much the Slip and Slide plus the other activities in SLIDEFEST, heck, we didn't care if there was no bidet in the restroom!

We just didn't "go". We just focused on the fun!!!!

It was super awesome to do something very different than our usual mall dates, movie nights, or hotel swimming with the boys. Though we feel there are hits and misses with the SLIDEFEST event, we all charged it to experience and will just take note of what to prepare for THE NEXT TIME.

Yup. THE YAPPY BUNCH will be back in SLIDEFEST next year.

So SLIDEFEST, you better do so too!!!!



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