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Wednesday, May 4, 2016


If there's one thing I could say about the Chinese Dimpol is that he's....


Oh wait. I'm going for something meaningful here and state something that is not so obvious (hi hi hi). Okay... Take two.


Yup he is! If you get to know my husband, he's the type who gets happy easily. You don't need to make explosive celebrations or expensive gifts. Yep! His birthday is already complete as long as the family is together and we're eating his favorite food.

Before, I would make surprise gimmicks and extend his birthday to 2 weeks. When we go out, I would ALWAYS organize birthday songs with special candles.

But then, the Chinese Dimpol told me recently that I really don't need to do all the fuss. According to him, he is already so happy and contented with what he already has. As long as he gets to eat his favorite Pancit Lucban, it's already a HAPPY BIRTHDAY for him.

Honestly, at first I was peeved: "What an ungrateful Chinese Dimpol he is!! I make all that effort and he'll just say that EVERYTHING was unnecessary???" And then I realized, what the heck am I complaining about? I'm so blessed to have somebody who doesn't require me to plan something special because just being there for him is already special enough!

Yeheessss! This is a lazy-assed person's dream!

Kidding aside though, besides being a very hardworking and loving Daddy, we appreciate how my husband is very focused on THE YAPPY BUNCH. Even if I told him to go out with friends or have a night out with his work peeps, he still chose to spend his birthday with us. He didn't even ask for a gift. For him, as long as we are all healthy, happy, AND together, is more than enough for him.

And with that, the Chinese Dimpol is DEFINITELY more than what we have wished/prayed for.

Oh and just to stress it further, he IS SUPERKADUPER POGI!

He he he he he!

Here's our simple birthday celebration for the Chinese Dimpol!

We love you!!!!!!!!

My husband, aka Mark Anthony Fernandez, aka Kenneth Peralta, aka The Chinese Adonis, aka The Chinese Dimpol, is celebrating his birthday!

His birthday celebration kicked off when we had a joint celebration via a DIAMOND HOTEL staycation!

It was indeed a fun YAPPY BUNCH bonding weekend for us!

We swam the whole weekend away!!

We horsed around and splashed all we might. We had another unforgettable weekend as a family!

The night before his birthday, the Chinese Adonis and I celebrated with a date night!

We saw ALLEGIANT and my husband became a fan of Shalaine Woodley once more!

Come midnight, it was OFFICIALLY the Chinese Adonis' birthday!!!!


When we woke up for the Chinese Dimpol's birthday, this was on the news!

After Sunday mass, we went straight to GLORIA MARIS. Our usual breakfast birthday hub!

We feasted on our favorite, Bean Curd roll....

Andrei fought hard for the last piece! He he he he!

Pork buns may be the rave in other restaurants but we were still tempted to try it in GLORIAMARIS!

The boys were so curious!

After one bite, it became a new favorite as well!

The birthday boy and I just waited for leftovers. Ha ha ha ha ha!

We also had some vegetable dumplings!


And pork siomai!


Happy Birthday dear Chinese Adonis!

We got home for the Yub's birthday lunch with my family!

We all served his favorites!

Buddy's Chami!

Crispy Pata!

Kentucky Fried Chicken!

Pancit Lucban!

Chicken Tinola!

My Mom had a live chicken killed as "alay buhay" for my husband. We then cooked it up into this Filipino favorite!

Seafood Paella!

Yub's simple birthday cake!

Preparing to sing for Yub!

We were supposed to go to Yub's hometown in Lucena, Quezon Province for his birthday. But we have decided not to have a long drive during the Yub's birthday.  So we cancelled our trip there to another week.

Yub was still so happy to spend it with his other family. He he he he!

We sang to him several times though!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Yub from your Gatdula family!

Let's EAT!

The Chinese Adonis was excited to pig out!

Ate Jojit and Anthony arrives!

Time for cake!

And gifts!!!!

That night, the Chinese Adonis was still full from his birthday lunch so he asked for something light!

So we went to CIBO!!!!

In CIBO, we had our usual Truffle Pasta!

And pizza!!!!

My plate! YUMMERS!

Happy Birthday dear Yubhub from THE YAPPY BUNCH!!!!

While celebrating for his Daddy, my Master Mati was so happy that he was able to buy his Batman Bobblehead using his own money (from allowance).


That night, the Chinese Adonis chose to end his birthday by doing video games and chomping on his cake!

Told you he enjoys the simple things in life!

The next day we celebrated the Chinese Dimpol's birthday by treating Team Santillana and Team Campo in LINGUINE FINI!



We officially ended the Chinese Dimpol's birthday with a dinner in IPPUDO!!

We ordered Gyoza!

Tsukemen Noodles!

Mati's spicy noodles!

Tonkotsu Noodles!

The Chinese Adonis' birthday ending!


I know what you're thinking...

"That's it???"

Yep! Like I said, the Chinese Dimpol didn't want to trouble us with his 39th birthday. So for this year, we did it his way because he just wanted to keep everything simple, inexpensive, and laid back.

But come to think of it, after celebrating it the most simple and "The Chinese Adonis" way possible, it just made me value more the kind of man that he is. Though he would prefer to have everything plain and MEH for himself, he would do everything to make me and the little lords feel special and happy.

So with that, sorry dear Chinese Dimpol. But you will be having a birthday that you truly deserve next year and for many many more years to come!!!

Not saying that we didn't have fun with your birthday this year but we all feel you should get A WHOLE LOT MORE for your future birthdays!!!!!

WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 



  1. Love reading your blog. Pure and unpretentious. Your kids will be happy to have this to refer back to one day.

    -a fan from USA

    1. Wow thank you so much!!! You don't know how much your comment made my morning! It will get me happy the whole day. I really love my blog too because as a kid I would also jot down everything that would happen to me in detail so I wouldn't forget it. I guess I carried it now that I'm an adult. Yey! Hopefully like you said, my kids will treasure the memories and be happy that they have my silly blog to refer to.

      Thanks again for dropping by!!! Take care!!!! :)


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