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Thursday, May 26, 2016


It was eeeeelection day and even if the weather was scorching hot, we will go out and brave the crowds to make our voices heard in our country. And like what we do every year, we voted together as a family. Personally, I like it that way because besides being a tradition for us, it's like somehow, in our own little way, we are putting up a united front to support our candidate. On a more self-serving note however, it IS more convenient for all of us because it meant not worrying about parking or getting drowned from the sea of people if we go individually.

And of course it would also mean that we'll automatically have a lunch out together!!!

The great thing about that too is that our own "President" (aka my Dad) is paying!

Tee Hee!

Oh don't judge my freeloader face. It's another tradition too!!!!


Duran Duran : "I pull my shirt off and pray, 
I'm saving myself to suffer the heatwave
Pull my shirt off and pray, 
We're coming up on re-election day!!!"

For the national elections last May 9, 2016 I asked (aka forced) Mati to come with us. Every elections he acts like my bodyguard. I make him go always because  I wanted him to see the process of electing a new leader.

I was with my brother and Ate Jojit. My parents were downstairs and my Kuya Jon arranged for a Comelec representative to take their votes.

If you're wondering about the Chinese Dimpol, he's with Andrei to vote in Quezon Province. Me thinks he purposely does not register in Mandaluyong so that he could always have a time to "escape" from me.


And for lunch we're in WOODEN SPOON!!!!

WOODEN SPOON is owned by Chef Sandy Daza. The restaurant has another branch in Katipunan and it was also always filled with diners!


Me and Ate Jojit!

Her hub Anthony was also in Quezon Province with the Chinese Dimpol!


Kuya Jon, Mati, and Mommy!

My Daddy didn't want to have his picture taken!


When you eat at WOODEN SPOON, don't miss ordering the Dinuguan na Bagnet (P245.00)!!!!

The dish is so rich and jampacked with all the right flavors of how a dinuguan should be. For every mouthful you'll also get delightful bites of the crunchy pork bagnet!!!! Sooooo worth every calorie going to my fat butt!

Sinigang na Salmon Belly (P285.00)!!!

My sister was in the mood for something hot to slurp on and the soup broth of this sinigang satisfied her craving.

When we had lunch here last time, I remembered how much some of the kids loved the WOODEN SPOON Baked Chicken (P215.00)!

I loved this dish so much too because I'm a sucker for anything doused with cream and cheese!!!! Yum!!!! So perfect with rice or bread!!!!

My master Mati loved seafood and immediately set his eye on the WOODEN SPOON Squid with Chili and Mushroom (P275.00)!!!

The squid strips were tender and so delicious with the sweet sauce that packed some heat!!!!!

Mati loved it!

WOODEN SPOON Lechon Kawali (P265.00) was just like any other lechon kawali in the metro: crunchy and well seasoned. I mean it's good but we were not blown away. 

I ordered the WOODEN SPOON stuffed Pechay (P195.00) because it was one of their specialties. I was happy that my Kuya Jon loved this and was able to eat a lot of it.

We're all trying to control our carb intake now so we just ordered one plate of the WOODEN SPOON Tinapa Fried Rice (P175.00)!!!

The rice was already so flavorful on its own especially with the salty bites of the crunchy fried fish!


My Kuya Jay, Karen, and Rocio followed after my brother's TV interview that morning in Bloomberg (naks).

But for somebody who was always asked to appear on TV for his legal skills, he sure didn't want to join my pics >:( !!!!!!!!!

I'm happy my niece Rocio joined us for this one. Tee hee!!!!!!

Hmmmm.. Looking at this picture, I think I know why my brother doesn't like joining. He he he he he he he!

My plate! My super delicious WOODEN SPOON plate!

Our food!


With leftovers!!!

Yep! Our appetites are not as strong as it used to!!!!!

I know I always say this but if you're in a close knit unit, you would understand:

I always love eating out with my family because not only do I have the best times with them (yep even with my Dad's temper... ha ha ha ha ha!) but it also reminds me of our happy childhood. My Dad is the original foodie in our family and he would always take us out to try the popular cuisines. Now because of family, work, and living locations (my brother and sister live far away pa), we don't get to eat out together as a complete Gatdula family. That's why in occasions such as this, I always have the best time!

Yup even without the Chinese Dimpol. HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oops... I missed Andrei terribly though. 

That's why I rejoiced like a crazy person when he arrived that night.

He he he he he he!



After lunch at WOODEN SPOON, my sister and I availed the buy one take one promo of Starbucks when you show proof of your voting.

Something tells me I put too much ink hoping I could get more from the promo.



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Rockwell, Makati City
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