Friday, April 29, 2016


Usually when it's my birthday, I would bask in the love of family and friends who would treat me out for a rockin' good time. But since I just turned 31 (tee hee!!!!) I decided that I would share my blessings to the people who really matter to me and THE YAPPY BUNCH. And with that, it was no question that I would celebrate my beloved birthday with my BB (Best Bud) Anne Virrey who I was friends with since our tusok tusok the fishballs days!

One time I chatted with her pogi husband Jonahs and told him that I'll be treating them one weekend. I asked if they would like to have a couple's date in TGIFRIDAYS (our favorite when we were still in college) OR a meet-up with the kiddies at our other go-to place, KENNY ROGERS.

As expected, the Virreys chose to have a meet-up with the kiddies since the boys were all raring to play with each other. So yey! I love how even our kiddies are turning our to be BBs as well!!!

Another reason why I'm so thankful to be friends with the Virreys after all these crazy years. Looking forward to a million more years to come!



We went to the Robinson's Magnolia branch and good thing that there were a lot of available tables.

However, for the big group that we are, we have to go to THIS side.


Jonahs and Aning!!!

Anne and my naughty godson Jelo (yep! Just like ninang!).

The Chinese Dimpol, MEEEH, and naughty Jelo!

Take two:

The Chinese Dimpol, MEEEH, and invisible Jelo! He he he he he he he!

MEEEEH and little Andrei!

My Master Mati was not able to join us because he was "kidnapped" by his Lolo and Lola. Oh well. I'm sure there will be A LOT of "next times" during the summer vacation.

Dani and Johans!

Johans missed Mati that night. He he he he he he!

Ordering up!

Jonahs ordered a cup of KENNY ROGER'S Pumpkin Soup (P105.00).

As for me, I had a solo plate of KENNY ROGER'S Caesar's Salad (P90.00)!

I only got greens in the salad but it was fine. As long as it's vegetables to go with my meal, I'm good!

Since most of us will be having the famous KENNY ROGERS Roast Chicken, I got the Group Meal 1 (P795.00) which also included rice and 4 sets of sidings.

Chicken was as usual juicy, so flavorful, and a trip down College lane. 

Besides the super flavorful chicken, I love the side dishes of KENNY ROGERS. It just makes the meal all the more special!

My boys' favorites are always the Macaroni and Cheese, and Corn and Carrots!

This KENNY ROGERS group meal definitely gives a lot of value for your money! It will definitely feed and satisfy MANY hungry beautiful people that night.

Besides the chicken, I also ordered the KENNY ROGERS Rib Eye Steak Plate (P470.00) to share with the carnivorous men in our group.

Of course, it's not like the steak from HOUSE OF WAGYU or MAMOUS but it will definitely satisfy any meat craving for a very reasonable price!!! I loved it!!!!!

For Johans, besides the chicken he was in the mood for some lasagna (P150.00).

For the size, this would be a good side dish... He he he he he h ehe!


My plate!!! My super light plate because I'm on a diet!!!


Carbs galore! YEHESSSS!!!

The steak was wiped out in no time!

After a lot of chomping, chewing, and gulping, we were DONE.

BURP!!! That was SOOOOO good!!!!


Of course, after eating, I immediately touched up.

And on cue, my naughty inaanak copied me. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

After dinner, we went to the park so that the boys could go karting!

The Chinese Adonis and John Lloyd Cruz chatted up!

Same goes for us cutie pie girls!!!!

When they finished go-karting, the boys also played with their frisbee!!!

I attempted to join them but I was huffing and puffing after just 2 disc throws. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

As usual, every time we meet up with TEAM VIRREY, we would go to their house afterwards for coffee and dessert.

There, mareng Aning excitedly gave me her gift because she bought it last January pa!

OMG I love her gift!!!!! Since I always wear long dresses on weekends, she gave me one that was such a perfect fit for me!!! I feel so pretty! YEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

As I am growing older (31 lang don't worry), I have decided to always surround myself with the people who are true, loving, and give value not just to my fabulous self but to my YAPPY BUNCH as well. Like I would always say, I'm open to being friendly and going out with a lot of people but I am already VERY satisfied and contented with the cool buds that have been with me for sooo many years.

And with TEAM VIRREY, I'm so thankful and blessed for the many years of friendship, love, and coffee (NAKS!!!!). Of course, not just for me but for my YAPPY BUNCH too!!! Now that just makes it MORE perfect (if that is possible).

Now THAT truly, is already a HAPPY BIRTHDAY gift for me!!!!




Lower Ground Floor, 
Robinsons Magnolia, New Manila, Quezon City
02 9615773 / 02 5559000


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