Thursday, March 5, 2015


Unlike Andrei (who almost gets one every year), Mati only had kiddie parties on his 1st, 6th, and 7th birthdays. At that time, we thought it was impractical to have super kaduper big bashes that we'd rather put our money on affordable bonding trips/staycations. Good thing too that my dear boy would usually prefer a play date with his best buds over a noisy getogether.

So as part of Mati's 2 week birthday, I planned a mini-party with Johans and Jelo Virrey in SHAKEY'S near our favorite Robinsons Magnolia mall. Even if the night did not give him a barrage of presents or wacky parlor games, it was obvious that my birthday boy still had a lot of fun with his little gang based from his laughs and guffaws that night.

And of course, that's what really matters during a birthday: to celebrate with the people you love... of course... over your favorite food!

He he he he he!  OF COURSE there would always be food!


SHAKEY'S near ROBINSONS MAGNOLIA was the very new branch of this long time favorite.

Before, we used to frequent SHAKEY'S in SHAW BOULEVARD because service was always good and there was a play area there similar to what they have in Chuck E. Cheese's.

But now we go to this branch more because it's near ROBINSON'S MAGNOLIA and where the Virreys lived! Plus, it's more convenient for us to go here after my work because it's only about a 20 minute drive from TAPE office (minus the traffic).

Mati and Johans!

Me and the Chinese Adonis!

Andrei and Jelo!

My bunsoy was having a mini-tantrum here.

Me, BB Aning, and her daughter Dani.

Too bad her hub Jonahs (aka John Lloyd Cruz) was still at work and couldn't join us.


While Yub was talking to the waiter, my godson Jelo gave me a flower that he picked outside.

Awwwww! So sweet of baby Jelo!


Platters of SHAKEYS spaghetti!

SHAKEY'S Carbonara for Dani!

A party size SHAKEY'S thin crust pizza in Manager's Choice and Cheese!

Adults get the Manager's Choice.... 

... while kiddies got the Cheese!

Hot off the fryer SHAKEY'S Chicken with Mojos!

PLUS SHAKEY'S usually ignored garlic bread!

These are pretty darn good too!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and the Virreys for Mati's mini-birthday!

Missing you here Jonahs!

Time to EAT!

Of course, me and BB Aning would chat non-stop.

MY the camera DOES add 20lbs! I better change to Sony!!!!

The boys were also having a great time!

The SHAKEY'S food!

When they were done, the kiddies sang a little birthday song to my dearest Master Mati.

After SHAKEY'S, BB Aning treated the boys to some go-karting in ROBINSON'S MAGNOLIA. It was so priceless seeing our kids shrieking with laughter and getting along like we did when me and Ann were younger.

My happy little birthday boy!

The boys certainly had a lot of fun that night!!

Mati's happy face all throughout was priceless! I'm sure it will be a night to remember for him!!!


On another night, we went back to ROBINSON'S MAGNOLIA for some go-karting because the little lord's school didn't have classes the next day due to some faculty event.

Mati remembered the fun they had before and asked for some go-karting again!

They asked for Jelo and Johans but the Virrey boys had school the next day. I told them we will meet up on the weekend anyway.

While waiting for the boys with the kart-riding, me and Yub got a YELFIE!

My super happy little lords!

After riding their hearts out, we went to SHAKEY'S once more for our late dinner.

Spaghetti platter!

Chicken and Mojos!


SHAKEY'S thin crust pizza in Manager's Choice and Cheese!

Oooh yeah it was soooo gooey!

My plate!!! My pack of CARBS plate!

The Chinese Adonis and Andrei!

Me and master Mati!

I remembered how that night, Yub raved over the HD tv of SHAKEY'S that it was so embarrassing. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Oo na! We get how the players almost leapt out of the TV!!!!

Mopping up the sweet spaghetti sauce with my garlic bread -- my new favorite!

I... este... THE YAPPY BUNCH can't wait to go back to SHAKEY'S again!



Doña Hemady Street, A
cross Robinsons Magnolia,
New Manila, Quezon City


After eating, Mati excused himself to go to the restroom. It was that time that we thought of pulling a prank on him. We always do this to unsuspecting family members! 

I guess the only one who is not a victim here is ME! I wonder why???

When Mati left the table, we rushed outside and hid from my guy.

Oh yes. We are such model parents we know. 


We watched from the outside near the glass door.

Mati just stood there and knew he had been had again!

Later on he saw us huddling outside. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

He he he! 

Sorry Mati that you were born into THE YAPPY BUNCH! Tee hee!

It's a curse and a blessing at the same time.



  1. Mr. SnuffleupagusMarch 5, 2015 at 4:11 AM

    -ganyan din ako! Not really a big fan of big celebrations with hundreds of people, most of which are not close to me. I get that there occasionally needs to be some of those, but, on the whole, I prefer celebrating only with a small group of people who are closest to me. =)
    -alam mo ba na my dad rented out a whole Shakey's resto here in Pasig for my 10th birthday? Imbitado yata buong Grade 4 ng school namin. Binigyan din nila ako ng Voltes V robot nun. I think that's the only time I've ever had a birthday party! Di ko nga alam kung saan niya hinugot pambayad dun e, hahaha... Purlalu lang kasi kami nung lumalaki.
    -Have you tried The Clubhouse there at Robinsons Magnolia? How about Gaucho? At siyempre, ang peborit namin diyan na Pasteleria La Terrazza, where they serve a spectacular Profumo di Tartufo - one of the best truffle oil pastas I've tasted
    -awwww... ba't nag-tantrum si Andrei? Ganyan din ako nung bata ako, hehehe
    -sweet naman ni Jelo. Nung bata ba kayo, sinisipsip niyo din yung liquid na nasa gitna ng santan? We thought it was nectar before (hanggang ngayon di pa din namin alam kung ano yun, hahaha)
    -"MY the camera DOES add 20lbs! I better change to Sony!!!!" <<<=== hahahahaha
    -May go-kart na pala sa Magnolia. Which reminds me, matagal na pala kami hindi nakapunta diyan. Must visit that place soon.
    -what's a YELFIE? A Yap-Selfie?
    -hahaha... dapat bumili na kayo ng HDTV!!! hahaha...
    -HAHAHAHAHA... Ayus! That stunt you pulled was fun! Buti hindi pikon si Mati!

    Have a Terrific Tuesday Jaz! Mwah!

    1. Hiya Mr. Snuff!!! How are you this THURSDAY??? hE HE HE HE HE! Gutom ka na!

      1) Me too! I would rather intimate getogethers with a group of friends and family. Ayoko ng madami because I don't go and chat around. I just stay in one place usually. I may be the "bangko" but I'm just in one place!

      2) WOWOOOOOOW sosy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow Voltes V! Cool! You should've kept it!!!!

      3) Dear me we haven't! Everytime kasi were at Rob Mag it's always Yabu, Ramen Nagi, and Shakeys! Ha ha ha ha! We should try out the restaurants you mentioned!

      4) Andrei kasi is very protective of his toys. He may be generous one day but other times he gets so worried that the other kid might break it... Like the walkie talkie. Ayun cry tuloy siya.

      5) Ha ha ha ha! He was still connected with Discovery Tagaytay niyan e and usually he's working on weekends.

      6) Yes! The kids love it there more tuloy. I remember before, we would bring Andrei's bike there tapos later on pinagbawalan. Ngayon go karting place na? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      7) KOREK! YELFIE! YAP SELFIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      8) MAHAL YON!!!

      9) I think he got a bit embarrassed and upset he he he he he! Oh well! We gave him a big hug afterwards naman!




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