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Monday, March 30, 2015


I know it's the start of summer and the weather is just absolutely scorching. But let me add more to the heat by featuring yet again ANOTHER RAMEN POST!

Yeah! Yeah! You should know by now that when there is RAMEN, ERICJAZ FOODIES will come KNOCKIN'!

I'm sorry. It must be the heat. I'm getting cornier than usual.

Anywho, one Sunday many, many, weeks ago, the Chinese Adonis and I were curious at trying out a ramen house we've seen in SM JAZZ, Makati City. We have actually heard about RYU a long time ago but its branches were not geographically desirable for me and the hub that's why we'll only be able to try it when the restaurant is now nearer to our "looove abode" (peeyew).  We asked the little lords if they wanted to join us and only Mati was interested since he shared my love for noodles. As for Andrei? Forget about him. We certainly did.

Oh I'm joking! He went with his grandparents.

I think.

Tee Hee!

So we headed out to RYU that night armed with our desire to try out some Ramen other than our usual noodle favorites. How did it fare up? Read on and find out.

I told you I'm cornier than usual today. :P


We tried out the RYU branch in the new SM JAZZ Mall and upon hearing a familiar name, Mati joked that I owned the place. He he he he he!

Inside, RYU focused on more dark tones that were accented with bright red touches. 

Like these ceiling flowers.

There was a lot of available tables that night so we were able to take a seat without having to wait. 

There were also counter tables available for those flying solo.

Probably like this lone server here...

"Malayo ang tingin....."

Complimentary tea was immediately served to us and there was nothing that gets the Chinese Adonis more than getting something F-R-E-E!


OH YEAH. That's how intense I could get!


RYU menu one...

RYU menu 2...

RYU menu 3...

RYU menu 4...

RYU menu 5...

RYU menu 6...

RYU menu 7...

Is it just me or did they change all of their prices in the menu?

Hmmmm... Interesting.


Me and my Ramen mate!

I love going out of food trips with Mati because he has a more adventurous palate than my husband. The only drawback though, unlike when I go out on dates with Yub, is that I pay! Tee Hee!

3 red soup spoons for me, Mati, and... Me!

I'm very fond of spicy noodles so I thought of trying the RYU RAMEN (P380.00) 

The soup definitely gave me a whiff of a strong curry aroma which I love.

My RYU RAMEN came with 3 fat slices of Chasyu Pork and one whole tamago egg! Yey! I don't need to order extra!

Truth be told though, I don't really care much for the chasyu pork. I only love the soup, veggies, and noodles in my bowl.

The Ramen noodles from RYU were very firm, chewy, and had a slight bounce to it! So perfect for some MAJOR slurping!

The broth was lip smackingly packed with umami flavors and very rich in curry taste! Yowza!!!

As for Mati, he was in the mood for some spicy noodles as well and othered the RYU Tan Tan Men (P360.00).

Wow! Look at that bright red color of thick tonkotsu broth with spicy sesame oils!

Gimme some already!

Mati cannot wait to get a big mouthful of his ultra hot ramen!

As for my husband, he ordered a plate of RYU Chahan... (P115.00).

Yup! That's his ONLY order!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with master Mati in RYU!

Don't pity the Chinese Adonis too much. I did give him all of my chasyu pork!

Yup! All 2 pieces of it!

Tee Hee!

I draped over my black cardigan onto my chest because I didn't want to have soup splatters over my dress.

Believe me, when I'm wearing something light, my food will ALWAYS try to imprint itself on me.

(So THAT'S why lone server was standing there for a long time. She just wanted to photobomb me! Tsk tsk... Talk about fulfilled mission! 


Mati was very happy with his order!

I had a spoonful of his eye-catching broth and it was tasty as it looked. Of course, nothing will beat my favorite Tan Tan Men from UKOKKEI RAMEN RON but this was a good alternative.

As for me, my Ramen may already be very strong and all but I wanted more kick into it.

With that I added a glop of chili oil! Tee Hee!

I didn't need to ask if Mati wanted some on his RYU RAMEN (as he would normally do) because there he is already holding a glass of water.

As for me I'm nearing the finish line.

Happy and sweating with our orders!



So how did we find RYU RAMEN AND CURRY? Well, we did have an enjoyable night and it was indeed a good slurp of Ramen. However, it lacked the authenticity of what we were used to in the many Japanese franchises that have been sprouting everywhere. Me thinks it was tweaked to satisfy the Filipino taste. Still, for Ramen newbies who want something adventurous, go for RYU RAMEN AND CURRY! We will certainly drop by again if we're feeling for some spicy in our Ramen lives!

Besides, I need to check on MY mall from time to time. At least I know that there's something for me to gobble up when I'm craving for Ramen!


› SM Jazz Mall, 
Nicanor Garcia Corner Jupiter Street, Bel-Air,
Makati City
02 8471022

Check it out!


  1. Can I be a part of your family? I love Ramen too :3 (♡°▽°♡)

    1. Hiya dear!!! Are you sure? You might regret it. We are SO weird I promise you. Ha ha ha ha ha! Kidding! Would love to meet you! I'm sure we'll bond over ramen AND MORE!! For now, you're part of our online family. Thanks again! Mmmwaaaaaah! Cheers!!!!!

  2. Ho ho. (♡°▽°♡). I am actually suffering from a broken heart right now but your reply made my day hehe. ( ̄ε ̄@). Since I'm part of the online family, I can be the big daughter.. Ho.. ho.. (Don't worry I'm still 20 XD)

    P.S. call me cute anonymous.. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

    1. Hulloooo Cute Anonymous!!! I swear, you are soooo adorable! I don't mind having you as my eldest daughter for sure -- a lady who loves Ramen and reads my blog? Perfect!!!!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!

      Oh no... I hope you'll be alright. Here's a big virtual hug for you. Don't worry. Coming from experience, everything will be alright soon I promise. And if it's somebody who broke your heart, I swear, the next one will be better than the stupid one who hurt you. There's a reason why you two did not end up together and that's because somebody better is coming along. Promise it's true. I've seen it happen many times (my experience too).

      Cheers to you my lovely daughter!!! Take care always. Here's a hug again. Mmmmwaaah!

  3. Thaaaanks for the virtual huuug! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ


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