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Sunday, March 8, 2015


During my nephew's vacation in the Philippines, my sister and I thought of taking him to ENCHANTED KINGDOM to inject a bit of adrenalin in him just in case he's getting bored from eating and lazing around. Besides, Chuck hasn't been back to Las Vegas for quite awhile and Korea didn't have an abundance of UNIVERSAL STUDIOS or SIX FLAGS. So we thought this may be something that will be fun for all of us.

It has been years since my last trip to ENCHANTED KINGDOM and I was wondering how it was now. Truth be told, there were some hits and misses that made me miss STAR CITY... Yes! STAR CITY more! But of course, in the end, nothing could give out the night time sparkle of ENCHANTED KINGDOM and I'm glad that we chose to go there with dear Chuckie.

ENCHANTED KINGDOM may not be as grand as it was before but yes, the sentimental magic is still there.

I'm sure, you will still get an enchanting time!

The happy boys at ENCHANTED KINGDOM!!!

We're here!!! 

If you're thinking of going to ENCHANTED KINGDOM, here are their ticket rates!

Applies to park-goers with the height of 48 inches (4ft or 122cm) and above
Enjoy unlimited use of all the Park’s rides

Applies to park-goers with the height of 48 inches (4ft or 122cm) and above
Enjoy unlimited use of all the Park’s rides

Applies to children between 36" (3 ft or 91 cm) to 47" (3 ft 11 in or 119 cm) tall
Children 35" (2ft. 11inches) and under are FREE
Enjoy unlimited use of the Park’s rides depending on height restrictions

Applies to children between 36" (3 ft or 91 cm) to 47" (3 ft 11 in or 119 cm) tall
Children 35" (2ft. 11inches) and under are FREE
Enjoy unlimited use of the Park’s rides depending on height restriction.


If you're going on a weekday take note of their special deals and packages on the

Do take note that when you're in ENCHANTED KINGDOM, there will still be a LOT of rides that you need to pay extra for. This was just a bit disappointing because this goes for most of their new rides. Yep! It's not included in the day pass!!

I had a picture here because this big crabby face has been a fixture in ENCHANTED KINGDOM when it opened! Me and my college friends even had a wacky kodak session here!

The first ride that we tried was the ENCHANTED KINGDOM Bump Cars! There was quite a line but it was moving.

Andrei got excited. He was not able to try the Bump Car in STAR CITY because the queue was a mile long!

Ate Jit jammed up with Mati and let him drive.

My guy was an expert driver too!

Mati's mission that day was to bang his Kuya Chuckie hard!

In the end, Chuckie sneaked up from behind and really gave us a strong rear ender! He he he he!

The heat was a-blazing during our weekend trip to ENCHANTED KINGDOM. At that time, we really missed the enclosed and air conditioned area of STAR CITY (he he he he!). 

So it was no question that come eating time, us "seniors" demanded to eat in the air conditioned restaurant in ENCHANTED KINGDOM that was right across the Swan boats. 

We were sweaty but so happy!

Our grub! 

The food was just okay. But we were in a cool place and our tummy got full so it's all good!

After energizing ourselves, we went to ENCHANTED KINGDOM's new ride -- ZOMBIE ATTACK in 7D INTERACTIVE MOTION THEATRE!!!

You need to pay extra here at about P100 or P150 per person (sorry epidural effect!) for the 3 minute ride.

Inside the 7D INTERACTIVE MOTION THEATRE, we sat on special hydraulic chairs with laser guns on the side. We also wore these cool 3D glasses!

My little Andrei was concerned about the zombies and asked me to hug him while we were shooting the zombies.
Haaay.... I really cherish little moments like these because who knows if he'll ask me again when he's all grown up na.

Hmp! I'm sure! He'll use it as tactic for his girlfriend! GRRRRR!!!!!

The 7D ZOMBIE INTERACTIVE motion theatre would have you playing ala Darryl or Rick in Walking Dead. 

In order to win you gotta shoot a LOTTA zombies!

He he he he! The camera caught me "trespassing" on Andrei's chair! 

He said he wanted a hug kasi e!

The ZOMBIES in 7D was really fun and we're glad that we played it. (Yep even Andrei). 

The Chinese Adonis had so much fun that he lost his body!

Ha ha h h h ha!

If there was one ride that I requested from the kids it was ENCHANTED KINGDOM'S Raging Rapids. 

The boys, especially Andrei, violently protested because they didn't want to get wet!

I assured the little lords that I brought extra t-shirts.

In the end, I discovered the reason why Andrei didn't want to go on the ride was because he didn't want to get his new Nike shoes wet. Ha ha h ha ha!

Good thing that I always packed extra plastics in their backpack.

There! Andrei now has water proof shoes!!! Now he's happy!

Egad... The line was SO long and it was hot. Good thing nobody needed to go to the bathroom. 

Tee hee! Sorry! When there's a long line that I cannot get out of, I always think of that!

Andrei and Mati waited patiently and just bugged their Kuya Chuckie! Tee Hee!

We were not able to get pictures inside the ENCHANTED KINGDOM Raging Rapids because we didn't want our cameras to get drenched!

All of us were so wet at the butts!

Yohoo! Andrei's shoes and our bags were dry because of the plastics! That's something to remember when you plan to go on Raging Rapids...


I meant the bag ha not the people!

It was blazing hot and Ate Jit was kind enough to treat the boys to some ice cold drinks.

Up next...


Is that a smile I see dear Chuckie?

I told the attendant that I was just there to take pics. NO WAY will you make me ride that.

Hi. I'm a hottie who's a afraid of heights.

Tee Hee!

And away they go! My boys are braver than me.

WELL! They should try carrying babies for 9 months! Lets see if they could do that!

(Sorry that's my favorite argument with them... He he he he!)


I heard somebody screaming like a girl...


I wasn't able to get a picture of the bigger fall because I was taking a video.

The boys got wet again!

I just remembered the reason why they went for the Log Jam was because they were already wet from the Raging Rapids. He he he he!

Shooting two birds with one stone that's what I'd always say!

Woohoo!!! The Chinese Adonis, Chuckie, Mati, and Andrei got log jammed!

Mati and Andrei are so addicted with wishing wells that when they saw one, they immediately asked for coins.

They were so sweet in wishing that they hope their Kuya Chuckie could stay forever!

Hence the face from Chuckie! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Yub and Chuckie were supposed to go on ENCHANTED KINGDOM's Space Shuttle but the lines were so long they didn't feel like going topsy turvy anymore.

I've always had fond memories of RIALTO from my earlier trips to ENCHANTED KINGDOM. I remember before that it would be a dinosaur or a rollercoaster ride. For this one, RIALTO will be featuring THE GREEN LANTERN!

Hmmmm.... Even if this was supposed to be a crappy movie, I'll let my sentiment take over and try it out.

The traditional picture of all shades and seat belts on at the RIALTO!

So how was it?


Unlike old RIALTO rides where there was that effort of taking you to a certain place no man has ever gone before, with THE GREEN LANTERN feature, they only got a snippet from the movie and turned it to 3D!


To think that if they're going to just get something from a movie, they should've just featured something that would be really worth our while... like... AVENGERS?

Oh well. I guess THE GREEN LANTERN was the cheapest to get the rights to! He he he he!

After the crappy GREEN LANTERN, Ate Jojit, the kids, and I lined up for ENCHANTED KINGDOM's BUMPER BOAT.

While Chuck went for the famous, ANCHOR'S AWEIGH!

Smile Chuckie! They're taking your picture!

While waiting, we saw several people ahead of us doing selfies. I wonder if they realize how freaky they look while doing THIS face.

He he he he!

Mati and Ate Jojit didn't feel like getting wet so it was just me and Andrei left to man our Bumper Boats!

Let's go Androse!

Man... that life jacket was smelly. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Each bumper boat had a splurt gun and Andrei was so successful in spraying water all over me!

After the Bumper Boat, we tried out ENCHANTED KINGDOM'S Kubot and yes, it charged us an additional P100 each!


The walk through maze had a lot of masked figures which surprised the kids but did not really terrify them. 

What I love about ENCHANTED KINGDOM is their romantic lights come night time! STAR CITY will never had that same effect on me.

Of course, when you're at ENCHANTED KINGDOM, always end the night with a ride at their carousel. It's sort of a requirement no matter how old you are!

He he he he he he!

Yub and Mati did not feel like riding a horse that time.

Unlike me and Andrei!

Ops! Ate Jit is ahead. Ha ha ha ha ha!

My wonderful view!

We were about to go but Andrei asked if he could still do more kiddie rides.

We really didn't mind waiting for him because we did have a lot to chat about.

Waiting for the airplane this time.

I asked if I could go with him but Andrei said I would just break the plane. Ha ha ha ha ha!


Good bye Andrei!

Oooh... Orbs everywhere!

I wonder if they're from KUBOT??! He he he he...

While walking, Mati asked if they could play a bit in the play ground.

Of course it's a yes since it'll be a while before we go back to ENCHANTED KINGDOM.


Time to go!

Andrei really loves staring at fountains.

ENCHANTED KINGDOM may not have exciting and colorful rides like what they have in DISNEYLAND or UNIVERSAL STUDIOS but all of us still had a great time! Something to go to for some screams... laughs...

... and yes, a bit of magic!


San Lorenzo Road,
Santa Rosa City 4026,Laguna
(02) 584 3535

Check this out

Dinner for us was at KANIN CLUB!

Blog post coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Mr. SnuffleupagusMarch 8, 2015 at 8:02 AM

    OMG! A BLOG POST ON A WEEKEND!!! *faints*

    -ANG MAHAL NG RATES! Hindi ko kinaya! Pang EJF levels lang talaga! hahaha...
    -NGEK! Ang chaka ha! Dapat pag day pass kasama na lahat ng rides, no exceptions!
    -knowing Andrei's love for cars, I'm sure he really had a blast in the bump cars
    -teka, bakit nasa leeg ni Andrei yung "seatbelt" - baka masakal siya, hahaha
    -air conditioned is the only way to go! (super senior na kasi ako, hahaha)
    -uy kasama pala si Eric, hahaha... ngayon ko lang nakita pic niya, diyan sa 7D chorva =)
    -baliktad na pag lumaki si Andrei, tatakutin niya GF niya para i-hug siya, hehehe
    -wow! hugging Andrei with your right hand while shooting zombies with your left - ASTIG!
    -dito pala yung lumulutang yung ulo ni CA, hehehe
    -Laging Handa with extra shirts and plastic bags!!!! Girl scout talaga! Ulirang ina! hahaha
    -parang ang sarap ng log jam! dapat sumama ka!
    -suot pa din ba ni Andrei yung plastic for his shoes nung nag log jam sila?
    -cute naman ni Mati nung naka-pose as green lantern
    -chaka naman nung green lantern ride niyo, kaya pala naka-thumbs down ka dun sa pic
    -they do that pag nag-se-selfie? Di kse ako mahilig kuhanan sarili ko kse chaka ako, hahaha
    -ewwwww... I could just imagine how bad that life jacket smelled! Ilang buwan na kaya nilang hindi nililinis yan? Mainit pa naman that day, kaya madaming pawis nang na-absorb yan, hahaha
    -additional payment na naman? HARANG!!!
    -ah requirement pala yung carousel? EJF tradition din ba yan?
    -hindi orbs yan, madumi lang camera mo, hahaha
    -nakita na ba ni Andrei yung fountains sa luneta? Maganda siya, esp. pag madilim na
    -BTW, though I've been to EK before, hindi pa ako nakakasakay sa kahit na anong rides nila... nag-ocular lang yata kami nun, tapos hindi natuloy yung plano, hahaha


    1. Hiya Mr. Snuff!!!!!!!!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! For Friday talaga to hindi ko naprint! He he he he he!!!!

      1) KOREK!!! We spent almost P1,500 per each person for the extra rides. I dont know sabagay I do understand where ENCHANTED KINGDOM is coming from because high prices will turn off customers and not everyone will want to go on, lets say, KUBOT. But still, it's just so frustrating that most of their cool and new rides have additional payment. It's like, HEY WE'RE ENCHANTED KINGDOM WE HAVE NEW RIDES BUT YOU HAVE TO PAY EXTRA! Oh well...

      2) Yes! Bitin nga e. Sayang lang the lines were wrong.

      3) Ay si Andrei lang naglagay nun and I immediately took a picture kasi. We fixed it when I sat next to him. Ha ha ha ha ha!

      4) Kasi naman. Hindi na tayo bata para magbilad sa init ng araw na wala namang swimming in the end. Ha ha ha ha ha!

      5) Yes! Sya tagapicture. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


      7) He he he he! He didn't want me to let him go e. Promise ko daw sa kanya that I'll hug him the whole ride.

      8) YES. hA HA HA HA HA HA!

      9) Ha ha ha! The plastics are supposed to be as barf bags or trash bags, buti nagkanew purpose siya. Ha ha ha ha!

      10) No way! Im so scared! I tried that before na so I know how it feels (even the space shuttle). I don't like it!

      11) For log jam hindi na. They didn't get as well compared to raging rapids na talagang may water sa floor.

      12) thanks!!! I agree he he he he he!

      13) DI BA? Ang baduy talaga. Sayang one of my most fave rides pa naman way before pa is Rialto!

      14) Yes pinagmamasdan namin ng ate ko mga ibang kabataan and we are like... tee hee.... OH well.... that's how they are pero nakakatawa lang talaga.

      15) It was smelled like feet... Nuff said. Si Andrei lang kasi gustong gusto talaga kaya I cannot object anymore. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      16) ha ha haha with regards to the carousel hindi naman. Parang kulang lang kasi na walang ride doon.

      17) ORBS YAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      18) Not yet nga e. We haven't been to Luneta at night time parang nakakatakot. He he he he he! Will do so.

      You should try it kahit at night time lang kasi maganda din siya. Nice to be kids again!!!!

      Thanks dear Mr. Snuffffffffffffffffffffffmwaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


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