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Tuesday, March 10, 2015


KANIN CLUB is one of those restaurants that I would love to eat more of but can't. As much as I would like to include their sumptuous Sinigang Rice, Crispy Dinuguan, etc. etc. to my daily date regimen, their restaurant locations are not within our usual go-to areas that we often find ourselves just promising to go there but never do.

Lo and behold! When my nephew Chuckie was visiting the Philippines for a major food trip, he mentioned he was craving for some Crispy Pata, Kare Kare, and Dinuguan, that KANIN CLUB immediately came to mind! We were all tired and hungry from our hot day in ENCHANTED KINGDOM and there would be nothing more comforting than jamming up all these Filipino favorites down our throats. Great thing that there was a branch of KANIN CLUB on our way home that it was indeed a unanimous decision to have our dinner there.


And all is great again in my hungry world.

He he he he he!


It was our first time in KANIN CLUB at Filinvest City and like its other branches, the place was packed!

We were about 10th in line but the little lords didn't mind. They were comfortably (and lazily) going on at the rocking chairs.

Of course, only until a Senior person comes by and need to sit down. 

Service was very prompt and the accommodating maitre 'd was able to seat everyone in the waiting list pronto!

KANIN CLUB in Paseo de sta. Rosa, Laguna had that all Filipino look to it. The space may get a bit cramped but it will only make you drool more by eyeing the food at the next table. He he he he he!

Like what the Chinese Adonis did!

We got a cozy table by the wall. 

Yup! Like what I said. A full house!


Little lord Andrei!

The future President of WWE Chairman and CEO, Mati Mcmahon, and the future Bridezilla!


The Three Musketeers...
Alvin, Simon, Theodore...
Crissy, Jack, Janet...
Huey, Dewey, and Louie...
Veni, Vidi, Vici...

He he he he he!

Would you believe I was actually putting finger horns behind Chuckie's head there but his hair was so fluffy that the camera didn't catch it! Bummer!

KANIN CLUB branches!

KANIN CLUB menu 1...

KANIN CLUB menu 2...

KANIN CLUB menu 3...

KANIN CLUB menu 4...

KANIN CLUB menu 5...

KANIN CLUB menu 6!

Our stomachs were grinding our insides like crazy so my sister ordered KANIN CLUB's Hototai (P220.00) to sip something hot asap!

I'm usually very partial to cream based soups but this KANIN CLUB appetizer surely did not disappoint. It was packed with vegetables and seafood that made the soup all the more tasty!

I know what Mati was thinking then...


Little Andrei was whimpering over something. I forgot what about but it's probably due to missing his naptime.

Chuckie, did I hear you say Crispy Pata (P430.00)?

Servings in KANIN CLUB could always feed a hungry army. And getting THIS for less than P500 is certainly a treat!

Of course, when you order Crispy Pata, KANIN CLUB'S Kare Kare (P350.00) shouldn't be far behind!

Vegetables were still crunchy and the hearty sauce made it all the more appetizing over rice.

OMIGERRD my 36-23-36 body is in trouble now!

A true-blue best seller in KANIN CLUB is their awesome Crispy Dinuguan (P260.00)! I'm not sure if they were the first to offer it but it is certainly one of the most popular in the Metro.

Imagine this earthy and delectable dark stew with crunchy pork bites! Truly WOW! It would certainly get you scooping up on a LOT of rice!


When you're in KANIN CLUB, you should not miss ordering their creative takes on the simple rice. Among their selection, my favorite is the Sinangag na Sinigang (P220.00).

According to the menu, this dry and VERY flavorful take on Sinigang could feel only 2 people.

I DRAMATICALLY BEG TO DISAGREE HELLER!!! I think they got a sackful of rice and jammed it into a soup pot! Ha ha ha ha! This dish could definitely satisfy 4 people!

And wow! If you love Sinigang na Baboy, this would not just satisfy but it would get you delirious from bites after bites of the fried vegetables and soup infused rice! 

This is certainly my favorite in KANIN CLUB and the one that I would NOT share with the other 3 people! Even if I can't finish it I'll take home the leftovers and live on it for another day! He he he he he.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and some other people...


Yup! We're here in KANIN CLUB!

I finally got a serving of KANIN CLUB's Hototai Soup and it was still hot and nummity nummy!

Our table filled with food!

My finicky eater Andrei was finally eating and munching on a Crispy Pata skin.

I would've sucked on the bones of the Crispy Pata but somebody beat me to it already. 


FINE! I'll just settle on a LOT of skin then!

My plate! My trying-to-diet-but-failing-a-bit KANIN CLUB plate!

Oh I really love the Sinangag na Sinigang!

And I'm sure it loves me back... He he he he!

And soon...


Yes we WERE hungry but the food was so many that we were not able to finish everything! 

We each only had one stomach to give to our country after all.

We asked Chuckie if he wanted some dessert but he just groaned happily and caressed his ice cold San Miguel beer. He he he he! That's my answer right there.

EGAD I ALREADY GAINED 10LBS based on this picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh well...

LET'S EAT (pa din)!!!!

Paseo de Sta. Rosa
Sta. Rosa - Tagaytay Road corner Laguna Blvd., 
Sta. Rosa Business Park, Sta. Rosa
Laguna, Philippines 
Phone Number
(+63 49) 544-0332


  1. All hail to the gentle, sweet, mild, lady Jaz!

    -alam mo, one time pa lang ako nakakain dito sa Kanin Club, nilibre ako ng mga kaibigan ko nun, sa alabang branch nila.
    -it's good to know that they're still going strong even with restos opening up left and right. Mabuhay ang Filipino food!!!
    -that's their first branch, right? I remember people trekking up to Sta. Rosa from NCR just so they can get their crispy dinuguan fix, hehehe... my friend was absolutely raving about that dish before!
    -ang cute naman ng smile ni Andrei dun sa solo pic niya!
    -bridezilla talaga si Ate! hahaha... hindi siya kasi nagbabasa ng blog mo e, hahaha
    -actually, lumagpas yung finger horns mo, andun na siya malapit sa ulo ni CA, hahaha
    -inisip ko ng matagal kung sino si Crissy, Jack, and Janet... buti na lang medyo photogenic memory ko, hahaha... pero for a thirty year old, hindi mo na dapat naabutan yung show na yun, hahaha...
    -awwww... pagod na siguro si Andrei
    -36-23-36???????? BWAHAHAAHAHAHAHA... Sige na nga, prens kita e, hahaha
    -sinangag na sinigang... I've been reading about the sinigang paella of this currently popular resto in alabang, thinking it was very original... turns out may inspiration pala siya. Must try Kanin Club's version one of these days.
    -yey! kumain si Andrei! (grabe, sobrang invested na ako na patabain si Andrei, hahaha)
    -kamukha pala ng Ate mo si Kuya Jon mo ano? Sino ba eldest niyo? Si Kuya Jon o si Kuya Jemy?
    -ganyan din ako, trying to diet but always failing, hahaha


    1. Hiya dear Mr. Snuff!!!!!!

      WOW! Ano kayang kabutihan ginawa ko ngayon at may HAIL TO THE CHIEF ako???

      1) I think this is only my 3rd time to eat in KANIN CLUB -- the first 2 times in Ayala Triangle. Kasi it's not usually where we go e kaya we don't eat there as much as I want to. PLUS! If it's just us YAPPY BUNCH sobra sobra ang food! He he he he he!

      2) Yes! It was the most full resto in that branch!

      3) Sorry I'm not sure.. He he he he! Alam mo naman ako basta history, I tune out. Ha ha ha ha!

      4) AWWW THANKS! I think so too!!!

      5) You know us na so well dear Niel! Ha ha ha ha ha!

      6) Ay yung isang pic pala sinasabi ko. May two versions niyan e. O di ba pareho ko sila sinungayan. I think I felt a pang of guilt (in 2 seconds) kaya napunta sungay kay Yub. Ha ha ha ha ha!

      7) Tee heee!!! Ay oo nga no! I saw it in Youtube!

      8) I forgot what he was whimpering about pero I'm sure it's something trivial kasi he didn't nap. He he he he he!

      9) PAGBIGYAN NA SIGE NA... ha ha ha ha ha

      10) Yes do try it. And when you do, I hope you like it. The rice has a very strong appetizing sinigang taste. Ang sarap!

      11) I know! I'm touched that even you would notice it dear Niel. Haaaay hirap talaga pag picky eater! Bilang na bilang ko kapag ginanahan si Andrei e.

      12) Ay no sorry pero in person she does not. Kasi my Kuya Jon looks exactly like my Dad... While my Ate Jit takes after my mom... As for me, lahat ng kapangitan ng pamilya sa akin binigay... big forehead, big teeth... etc etc. Buti na lang maputi ako. Ha ha ha ha ha! Eldest is Kuya Jay!

      Oh beg your pardon milord!! I give you my thanks!!



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