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Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Charles aka Chuck (or if I could get away with it, Chuckie) is my nephew via my favorite cousins Kuya Nap and Ate Sheila from Las Vegas. Even if they live faraway, we still feel so close to him because I saw him from a cute wee chubby baby into a giant whom I have to do the tippy toes with to do "beso beso". 

Me and Chuckster (in black and with his brothers) in 1998!

Dear Chuckie, unlike his other brother, would seem to be the quiet type but as they say looks could be VERY deceiving. He may not be the Jim Carrey outrageous loudmouth but he could always make me guffaw with his dry humor and wit. It's always a fun time with Chuckie and I love that when he's onto you, it means he really likes you. Because even if he was named after that terror doll (yes my Kuya Nap is so cool), there is nothing fake or scary about it. What you ALWAYS get is a tall gentleman who quietly observes and would shoot out witty one liners and expressions. I'm glad that he grew up the way he is now. So proud to call him my nephew! My cousins did a very good job rearing him up!

I'll find a younger and more embarrassing picture of you Chuckie soon!

My nephew Chuckie (sorry I can't help it I know he hates that name) currently works in Korea as an English teacher and had a 2 week vacation coming up. He thought that instead of flying to Las Vegas (where he will return to in April) he could just go to Manila to spend time with us. At the prospect of seeing him again, we were all excited because we missed him last year when we were in Las Vegas. Mati saw him in his first trip in the US when he was very young but Andrei was intrigued because finally he's meeting the owner of the many SIMPSON'S dvd  and Xbox he abused.

As I was planning our itinerary, I asked Chuckie what he wanted to do for his short stay in the Philippines. To my surprise, he did not asked to be taken to beaches, tourist spots, or even malls! What he listed were foods that he wanted to try and he specified that the weirder the better. Nothing fancy shmancy -- he just wanted to have the things he cannot have in Korea or Las Vegas. Wow ! He turned out to be a different kind of foodie. Now THAT I didn't know!

That does it. I'm going to adopt this nephew of mine soon!

Upon Chuck's arrival in the Philippines, his first request was to have dinner at JOLLIBEE! Yep! JOLLIBEE! So the whole family (minus my eldest brother) got a long table for dinner at our country's number one fast food chain!

Mati was smitten with his Kuya Chuckie and didn't leave his side. They talked non-stop like there was no tomorrow!

Besides the chicken joy and jollihotdog, Chuckie had a plate of JOLLIBEE spaghetti! I remember one time when he was younger and he found his pasta dry. When I requested for extra sauce immediately for him, he was impressed. 

I remember him saying "Going the extra mile. That's nice."

He was 8 years old then. 

After dinner, we had coffee at SUGARHOUSE.

We live near Power Plant Mall and the kids could go home already if they wanted to. But they asked to stick by their Kuya Chuckie no matter how late it takes.

A toast to Chuckie! 

Here here!

When we got home, Chuck devoured the warm "balut" that was waiting for him.

He said he missed the taste of Sarsi in the Philippines so we also got him an ice cold can of it to go with his balut!

BY THE WAY, it was Chuckie's mission not to smile on camera. He said "Don't you think it's sad when people smile so much for social media but really they're living a desperate and living a sorry life? I may not show a smile now but at least you guys know what I really feel." 

Uh... Yeah.... Is it weird that I got what he meant? 

My nephew has always been very deep. Imagine, his favorite  movie at 8 years old was "AS GOOD AS IT GETS". I actually respect his decision to be a rebel on cam because he would be all smiling and laughing then when it's time for the picture...


Ha ha ha ha! Oh well! At least we know he's not faking it! He he he he!

Anyway we talked a bunch after that and said goodnight at about 3:00am in the morning! Ack! I still have work the next day! Time really does fly when you're having fun!

The next day, Yub took Chuck to Greenhills where they played in the arcade before dinner.

Chuck said he was craving for some Milk Tea and Pad Thai so Yub treated him to our favorite BANANA LEAF CURRY!

Yub had his usual chicken pandan and shared it with the boys.

He also loved the spring rolls!

Boy's night out!

Well semi only because I'll be following after work!

When I met up with them, I asked Chuck what he wanted for dessert and he said he wanted to have some Red Horse beer!

RED HORSE?! But you're only a baby!

He hates it when I do that.

As he was so decided to get some Red Horse that night, I told him we should go to GERRY'S GRILL so that he could enjoy it with sizzling sisig.

Of course, along with that sisig, I ordered extra garlic rice on the side for me. He he he he he!

But REALLY. That sisig is for him!

Cmown! I haven't had dinner yet! Don't judge!

The next day, Ate Jit and I thought of taking dear Chuck to ENCHANTED KINGDOM so that he could go on dizzying rides.

Blogpost soon to follow!!!

Besides going on the famous Log Jam... 

... we also took him to ZOMBIES 7D -- the new ride in ENCHANTED KINGDOM.

Acccck! Yub's head is floating!

We also tried out KUBOT, the horror walk through.

Oh we got so SCARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For dinner I remembered that in Chuck's email request, he would like to try to Crispy Pata, Dinuguan, and Kare Kare. 

Of course, the natural choice there would be KANIN CLUB!

Egad these were all sooo good!

Blogpost soon to follow!!!!

Of course, Chuck enjoyed it all two-folds with an ice cold bottle of San Miguel Beer!

The next day, we all stayed in and just got up in time for lunch.

After eating we drove up for Antipolo to my brother's house!

Yup! You guessed it! It's going to be another barbecue night!

Blogpost soon to follow!

Chuck mused at the sight of the sun going down in Antipolo city in a very dramatic way.

Yep. For him that's dramatic. H ah ah ah ha

Romantic yes. But not so much when you got two boys making a ruckus over the grill. Ha ha ha ha!

The long table!

This is all in Chuckie's honor!

Rocio, my niece, could make a rocking martini! She made one for her Kuya Chuckie and he liked it!

Grilled food! 

Homer drools! Wrkwrlkskrks....

We always love having barbecue nights in Antipolo because all that great food under a star filled cool night is just awesome!

It was the last day of Mati's 2-week birthday and we brought a cake for him saying it was from CHUCK NORRIS!

That's the name he would often call his Kuya Chuckie! He was so gracious not to mind. 


Chuckie stayed there for the night and went back to Manila the next day.

When Chuckie came back the next day and after we energized with hours of siyesta, we went to PROJECT PIE to meet up with some of my friends.

I asked Chuck if he missed PROJECT PIE in Las Vegas and I was surprised to learn that he never even knew there was one in MGM GRAND HOTEL!

So yes! He was pretty excited to try it out and load his pizza up with a LOT of toppings!

The little lords became busy chatting up with their best buds Johans and Jelo!

While Chuckie and the Chinese Adonis squeezed in with Jonahs and Abel!

Chuckie said he LOOOOOOVED his fully loaded artisan pizza!

Of course, I munched on my pizza while chatting up with my BP girls Mareng Ann and Chel!

Since we cannot finish one whole pizza, Yub and I shared our PROJECT PIE with one half all meat and the other half with my blue cheese with jalapenos!!!

Of course, we cannot just leave without trying out the PROJECT PIE camera! He he he he!

After dinner, mareng Chel treated us all to donuts since we were also having a mini-celebration for Tiana's birthday!

The little lords asked their tito Chuck Norris if they could watch the fountain show in Eastwood with their friends. My nephew, the ever considerate guy that he is, said sure and saw the show with them. 

Of course, this is no Bellagio fountain but I hoped he sorta liked it. He he he he!

I accompanied Chuck in Eastwood to get something for his girlfriend. While we did so, Mati and Andrei chatted with THE POPE!!!

After Eastwood, we went to THE PERFECT PINT as recommended by fellow KTG guy RAY of EN ROUTE

I remember Chuck mentioning that he wanted to try the local brews and he was quite happy with what's available in THE PERFECT PINT!

Of course, what's beer without some "panulak"? Though Chuck said he didn't need any sort of "pulutan" to enjoy his beer, I pushed on for some truffle fries.

He he he he he! I'm actually just using his beer as an excuse! If he's going to drink, I might as well eat!


He already finished his beer sampler in a jiffy and ordered another one.

Chuck also tried the dark beer! 

I kept on teasing him if he was already drunk. He said it would take much much more than a few bottles to get him dancing and/or doing the videoke!

Before going home, he asked for an extra cold beer for take out!

The next night, we went for dinner at MONGKOK to have some dimsum!

Would you believe that there are NO dimsum restaurants in Korea? That's why my poor nephew was really craving for some!

Besides the steamed dimsums, Chuck asked if we could also get some crispy noodles!

Of course, "Ask and you shall receive" has always been our motto!

We were regulars in Power Plant Mall but it has been a while since our last MONGKOK meal. I was a bit surprised that what I expected to be another ho-hum Chinese dinner was really super enjoyable and delicious for all of us.


BLOGPOST coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with little Chuck Norris and Mati in MONGKOK!

After dinner, we saw TAKEN 3 just so that Chuck Norris could meet the bad dad Bryan Mills!

In supporting his quest to have different kinds of beers while in Manila, we took Chuck Norris to DRAFT after the movie!

He had a bottle of Delirium! Ain't that bottle cool (pun sort of intended)? I took it home afterwards. He he he he he!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with Chuck the buck and Minecraft Mati in DRAFT!

My eldest doesn't have school tomorrow so we were not that guilty to stay out late. He he he he!

After his Delirium, Chuck had a second round of Paulaner!

This beer, it tastes good.


The next night, we decided to take dear Chuck Norris to UNCLE MOES since we wanted to let him try some Ox Brains and Shawarma!


With his ox brains and shawarma, he will have a cold bottle of Red Horse beer!

UNCLE MOES Ox Brains! For me the best there is! The stuff where dreams (and cholesterol) are made of!

Chuck with his ox brains, buttered rice, and a serving of Shawarma FOR THE EFFIN WIN!


Yes even YOU Andrei!

After UNCLE MOES, we went to TIPSY PIG to have more beers!

Chuck's first order was the Caramel Beer which he did not fancy.

Hmmm... Shall he give it to the little lords?

Duh. Kidding of course.

The Chinese Adonis also had an ice cold brew in his mason jar which he drained to the last drop.

Chuck's next order was the TIPSY PIG beer in Raspberry Flavor.

Chuck had mucho concerns about this being raspberry and all. He only ordered it because it was strongly recommended by our server.

To his surprise, he liked it! Yep! Much more than the weird tasting caramel beer.

For beer food we ordered TIPSY PIG parmesan fried potato wedges with cheese on the side (as usual, it's the Chinese Adonis).

We also had some of TIPSY PIG's finger lickin' good buffalo wings!

ERICJAZ FOODIES getting drunk with the boys in TIPSY PIG!!!

Oh we're kidding!


Now you would THINK that after UNCLE MOES and TIPSY PIG it's time to go home right?

If you're our special foodie guest and you're only here for a short time, HELLO, no way!!!

Because Chuck also wished for Halo Halo so we went to ICEBERGS for dessert!

Yep! From Capitol Commons to Greenhills! He he he he he!

For the first time ever since he stayed with us, Chuck Norris lashed out his celphone and took pictures of the Halo Halo.

He said he will send it to his girlfriend!

YEAH RIGHT. I bet you'll stare at that picture of a Halo Halo and lick on it when you're back in Korea!

Tee Hee!

He STILL didn't give me a smile!

Yub ordered ICEBERG's mais con yelo NOT to share.

As for me and the little lords, we shared a chocolate banana split!

Mati of course dove in to make the banana split HIS territory.

PSHHH Mati. It would take more than THAT to scare me off such a luscious looking banana split!

Of course, after every meal out, I should ALWAYS have coffee!

Yub and his ultimo favorite!

ERICJAZ FOODIES getting brain-freeze in ICEBERGS!

Egad! That brown cardigan added 20lbs! 

Now THAT'S better.

There was indeed MANY moments of silence as the two guys gobbled up their goblets of fruits with ice.

We actually passed by SERENITEA because I wanted Chuckie to try it out. He loved it and asked for some more the next day!!! He he he he he he!

Four places in one night? YUP! That's how much we love you Chuck!

I told my officemate dear Tita Flory that my nephew Chuck so wanted to try some Goat in tomato stew (kalderetang kambing). With that, she brought some at this restaurant near her home that was her favorite.

My very generous office mate/kumare did not just buy one serving of cooked goat. She brought THREE and told me to let Chuck taste it!

Thanks so much Tita Flory! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tita Flory also brought some Papaitan....

And Adobong Kambing!!!

Chuckie loved it all and ate with gusto for lunch time that day! He said everything was SOOO good that even if servings were enough for 2 to 3 people, he  finished all of it by his last day in Manila! He he he he!

I never touch the stuff and that's good for him. Otherwise....

For Chuck Norris' last night in Manila, we took him to GERRY'S GRILL!


The reason we went to GERRY'S GRILL is because we wanted him to try the snails in coconut milk plus the sizzling balut that they served there.

He he he he!

Chuck Norris' last dinner in Manila!

For now!

Since Chuck was really fond of Halo Halo we treated him to another favorite in Manila, RAZON'S!

FINALLY I was able to take a picture of him smiling!!!!

Ain't he so handsome when he smiles???

And then he's back at it again!

He said he also loved RAZON'S Halo Halo because it was simple but hit the spot. He was so pleased too that it had a very creamy leche flan as topping!

After RAZON'S I took him to HAPPY LEMON to try out the famous drinks with Rock Salt and Cream Cheese. He was so intrigued when I told him about it.

Chuck Norris got the coffee flavored one. And after one sip...


I wonder if he liked it?

And so we're back in SERENITEA again. His new(er) favorite! Ha ha ha ha ha!

It was my dear Chuckie's last night before his flight to Korea and I told him that I can't bear to say goodbye. (Yup. That's how sentimental I get. It may not look like it but it really upsets me when people I love have to go). 

So after saying goodnight, I told my super cool nephew that I will see him "later".

And with that, he flashed me THIS smile.

WHY YOU?!!!!!!!!!!!!

He he he he!

We miss you dear Chuck!I'm sure we'll see you again real soon! Mati is heart broken that you had to go. Hopefully you had fun in your 8 days of gluttony with us. We certainly did! He he he he!

We love you! Mmmmwaaaaah!

He he he! Found it! 

Now there's the smile I was looking for!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Kidding! Miss you loads my dear Chuck Norris!


  1. -Ang ganda-ganda mo naman sa first pic mo! Yung taken nung 1998. Kabigha-bighani! So you were just 13 years old there? hehehe
    -O ayan! Siguro naman talong-talo na ng MULTIPLE TRIPS TO THE US AND OTHER COUNTRIES ABROAD ang Antonio's namin. Aminin! Ibang level talaga kayo! bwahahaha...
    -Charles likes weird food? NICE!!! =)
    -uy! Nag-jollibee din ako kahapon! hahaha...
    -Wow, nagkasundo ang mga ingglisero! hahahaha
    -what do you mean when you "requested for extra sauce on his family" in your JolliSpaghetti
    -balut and sarsi! perfect combination, hahaha... I also had sarsi yesterday at Jollibee
    -"He said it was his protest against people who smile so much for social media but were really
    desperate and living a sorry life." <<<===OMG! bawal na pala tumawa sa pictures ngayon,
    hahaha... baka nga I'm living a sorry life (kasi hindi ako ka-level ng EJF! hahahaha...) Kung
    ano-ano talaga naiisip ng mga amerikano, ano?
    -teka, bakit dun sa pics nung boys' night out nakangiti siya, pero nung dumating ka (yung may
    red horse na) di na siya nakatawa?
    -no one is going to judge you for eating sisig with garlic rice! dapat sila ang i-judge!!!
    -ano yun, may special effect kaya nakalutang ang ulo ni CA? or nagkataon lang na kakulay ng
    shirt ang background?
    -I don't know if you've been there, but you should try 8065 Bagnet in San Antonio Village.
    that's where I tasted crispy dinuguan that's better than Kanin Club's
    -WOW! Another Antipolo barbecue! Sarap!
    -has he seen the sunset at Manila Bay?
    -Rocio makes martinis? But she's so young! hahaha
    -buti malamig pa nung nagpunta kayo sa antipolo, ngayon siguro mainit na din dun
    -I love project pie! I was surprised din na hindi pa pala nakakapunta si charles dun
    -kung ako ang gagawa ng pizza diyan, pagsasamahin ko ang dalawang sides ng pizza niyo ni Eric, hehehe
    -I'm not really a beer drinker, but The Perfect Pint sounds interesting
    -cute nga nung beer bottle sa draft
    -OX BRAIN!!! OX BRAIN!!!! Saraaaaaapppp! Da bes nga ang sa uncle moe's
    -Beer and Halo Halo! Sana hindi sumakit ang tiyan niya the next day
    -I LOVE ICEBERG'S!!! Masarap na, mura pa... Madalas ko din kainin yung sisig meal nila, tapos
    si TP naman yung chicken parmigiana (although sabi niya nag-deteriorate na daw quality through
    the years)
    -Tita Flory, gusto ko din ng kaldereta, papaitan at adobo! hahaha #feelingero
    -hindi ka kumakain ng kambing? ibang level talaga ang EJF! So sosyal! hahaha
    -RAZON'S!!!! Yum!!!
    -Awwwww... sweet mo naman! Pag ako kasi bumibisita sa mga kamag-anak ko pinaglilinis muna nila ako ng bahay bago ako pakainin ng tira nila, hahahaha

    Have a great Wednesday Jaz!!! Mwah!

    1. Hiya Mr. Snuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Buti nabasa mo itong entry na ito and understood it. I was so dizzy last night when I published it. Sorry ha ha ha ha ha!

      1) O DI BA??? I told you biro mo at 13, nagdevelop agad ako!!!

      2) NAKO HINDI PA DIN! Kasi ako hindi ko kaya ang isang meal lalabas P10,000 sa ANTONIOS! grabe ibang levels ka!

      3) Yes! He eats everything daw in Korea. He even eats DOG!!! EEEEW!!!!

      4) That's what my Kuya Nap said about his son Chuck and Mati getting along. He he he he!

      5) Sorry medyo hilo ako kagabi and medyo hina magformulate ng understandable sentences. That was a typo. Sorry pohz I corrected it na. He he he he he!

      6) Si Eric gustong gusto din ang Sarsi! I love it too especially the diet one! He he he he!

      7) Sorry I had to reword what I said kasi I don't want to put my nephew in a bad light. I asked him "WHY DON'T YOU SMILE ANO BA?" And he replied something to that effect what he said up there. Personal reasons daw for him. At least kami daw, we know that he's really having fun with us and he doesn't have to flash a smile to prove it. Parang ganon. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! It's his rebel without a cause thingy!

      8) Parang sa akin lang ata niya ginagawa yung no smile. pang-asar niya sa akin! hA HA HA HA HA! Kay Kuya Eric niya nahiya siya.

      9) I corrected my statement regarding the sisig (sorry hilo talaga). What I meant was, I ordered the sisig kuno for him pero I had garlic rice for me. So, para sa kaniya ba talaga ang sisig??? He he he he he eh!!!!!

      10) YES! He was wearing a green shirt that matched the green screen. Pwede naman daw gawing blue yung shirt niya para makita sya pero we liked the floating head better. Ha ha ha ha ha!

      11) Hay I should! I have been stuck at my usual favorites I don't try the newer ones na. Ililista ko yang bagnet na yan!

      12) Kahit ako I ahven't seen sunset at manila bay! I told Yub to do so for my 30th bday as usual nakalimutan niya!

      13) Yes! Tinuruan ng kuya ko! Ha ha ha ha ha! She doesn't drink don't worry but she just knows how to mix. Kahit mga katulong ng kuya ko tinuruan nya. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      14) Yes it was still so cool last January in Antipolo :)

      15) I know! We were both surprised to learn that there's a PROJECT PIE in MGM! He's going to try it daw again when he goes back to Las Vegas on April.

      16) Hay the story of my life. Nalilimit ang toppings because of the picky Chinese Adonis!

      17) Yes it was. The food was real good too at PERFECT PINT.

      18) WALA!! AS IN NO DECENT DIMSUM AND CHINESE RESTO IN KOREA!!! That's why takam na takam si Chuck in Mongkok.

      19) It's in Mati and Andrei's room na just because it's blue. I hope they don't get ideas.


      21) I haven't tried the entrees in Icebergs pero yes mura nga siya. Ang sarap ng ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!!

      22) HA HA HA AH! She's so galante! Whatever I ask she gives. Would you believe for my birthday 2 years ago, niloko ko siya magpaPEPITAS tapos she bought us one!

      23) Nakakaawa e! Have you seen how they are slaughtered? Plastic no as if ang baboy at cow hindi.

      24) ASUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUS! I'm sure they're treated like kings din!

      SORRY ang gulo ng blog ko last night thank you for reading pa din. I sorta edited it na. Ha ha ha ha ha! mwaaaah thanks so muchos dear Mr. Snuff!

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