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One of my year's greatest (or saddest) discoveries is learning that Korea does NOT have a decent dimsum restaurant. Yup! It's true! I know it's so pathetic to be so affected by it but I am! I first heard about it in Youtube with one of my favorite duos Martina and Simon of Food Adventure Program for Awesome People but I didn't take much of it. When my dearest nephew Chuckie, who was based then in Korea, dropped by for a foodie vacation, he confirmed the allegation that yes, they did not have dimsum in the land of Bibimbaps.

Que horror, I know!

So when I asked Chuckie what he was craving for in that particular Sunday night, it was no surprise that he asked for some dimsum and noodles.  At first, the Chinese Adonis and I were like "Okay fine we'll just eat at MONGKOK." We were such regular customers in the popular Chinese restaurant in Powerplant Mall before that we actually grew tired of it. But since we planned to watch a movie afterwards, MONGKOK was the most convenient choice at the time.

And wow! Such a good meal that we had! We have been taking MONGKOK for granted for sooo long that we had almost forgotten how good it was! To think that Chuckie would have to travel thousands of miles just to have dimsum while we were just a stone's throw away from MONGKOK -- WHAT WE'RE WE THINKING?!

Good choice that night dear Chuckie! You have definitely opened our eyes (and tummy) to what we have been (unknowingly) missing!


This is one of the oldest restaurants in POWER PLANT mall that was still as popular as the time it opened.

Where's the waiter????
Good thing that for that particular night, they were not as jampacked as usual that we were able to get a table, pronto!

Mati and Chuck Norris!

My eldest totally worships dear Chuckie and would always go with us whenever his new number one favorite cousin (yup that's how he says it) is around!


MONGKOK had undergone a major renovation to modernize their look many years ago. But this picture of 3 fat kiddies about to be gobbled by a bird is still there.

Wait. Is that a bird or a baby?


While waiting for our food, I turned my attention to my yin and yang of Chinese cuisine!

He he he he he! Yep! To me it is!

Aaaah... I cannot NOT have dimsum without the chili garlic oil, soy sauce, and calamansi. I feel that it is almost a sin to the foodie gods NOT to!

That's why I'm having second thoughts in stepping back at TIM HO WAN. Why? WHYYY? Don't you have this "manna" for your condiments???

As dear Chuckie craved that night, we ordered MONGKOK's Crispy Noodles with Beef and Vegetables (P280.00).

It was actually our first time to order it in MONGKOK since we usually had their chow mein!

MONGKOK's Stuffed Eggplant (P80.00)! 

Yup! Another first for us!

YES! We're Chinese food FOB's I know! He he he he he!

We then ordered some of our usual dimsum favorites in ANY Chinese restaurant. 

MONGKOK's Chicken Feet (P90.00)!

Mati's favorite, shrimp hakaw (P100.00).

MY favorite, MONGKOK'S Shrimp Puff (P80.00)!

Yub's favorite, siopao (P80.00).

EVERYONE's favorite, pork siomai (P90.00).

AND Matthew Crawley's favorite, shrimp balls (P90.00).

Yes. You may not ACTUALLY see him but Matthew is always with me in spirit. Hehe he he he he!

YEP! STILL watching DOWNTON ABBEY. Second run!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with master Mati and "Chuck Norris" at MONGKOK POWER PLANT MALL!

Mati really wanted to make sure that the noodles were crunchy!

Ooh... We likey!

Digging in!

The sauce of the crispy noodles were aplenty and "a-tasty"! 

Chuckie was really careful in getting his serving. He didn't want to spill even just a strand of his revered noodles! :)

After a while, it softened the crunchy noodles for easier slurping! YUM!

Wait... My noodles are so lonely.

There you go!

My PLATE! My not-yet-so-full-but-I-already-want-take-a-picture-of plate!!!

Our table filled with our favorite dimsum and more!



HA! I'm a natural Webster! 


Yummmm... Such a delicious dinner!

Why is it that when it comes to food, even the most star struck fan would succumb to the "galit-galit muna" curse?

Mati totally ignored his idol and really focused on gobbling up all the delicious Chinese food!

Almost done!

Our MONGKOK bill!!!

After we filled ourselves with all things beautiful when it comes to dimsum for us, we trooped over to the theatre for our TAKEN 3 movie night!!

Have you guys seen the HONEST TRAILER of TAKEN ? Please do! It's soooo funny!

So. There.

Lower Ground Floor, 
Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, 
Makati City
02 7565112


It's ERICJAZ FOODIES 2nd Year Anniversary today! Yeyyyyy!!! It's been two years to this day that we began this silly, little foodie blog! What started off as a means to just transfer our Facebook pictures became our online journal that we love so much!!!

I apologize if we do not have giveaways or any special blog post to mark this momentous day (for us). It's just me, proving a point that we don't need to give away hundreds of GC's nor putting up an entry that could win a pulitzer to stress how much we really love this silly, little, foodie blog that could! 

Either that, or I'm just lazy to set something up in rafflecopter. SORRY!!!

Here's to more years of superkalifragalisticespialidocious long posts, pictures, grub, wacky faces,weird crushes, and just all in all my favorite YAPPY BUNCH!


OH. YEAH.....


  1. Mr. SnuffleupagusMarch 17, 2015 at 4:09 AM

    -Ay... ako din sad diyan sa balitang yan na wala silang maayos na dimsum resto. (feelingero ako! para namang pupunta talaga sa korea, hahaha)
    -buti pa kayo ordinaryo lang sa inyo ang kumain sa Mongkok... kami kasi swerte nang makabili ng siomai na tatlo for P10 dito sa kalye namin, huhuhu... (hahahaha...)
    -Grabe! Ang tagal na nga niyang Mongkok diyan ano? I remember eating there with my friends a long, long time ago, nung bagong bukas pa lang ang Power Plant. I remember there was always someone pushing a dimsum cart, and you can just call him and point to the dimsum you want.
    -katuwa naman si Mati, and how he idolizes his cousin. Parang wala akong natatandaang tinitingala ko nung bata ako. Ngayon na lang siguro... at ikaw ang idol ko, Jaz! hehehe...
    -sori ha, siguro bagong gising kasi ako, pero hindi ko makita yung giant bird (or baby) who's about to gobble up the three fat kiddies. Ang nakikita ko yung tatlong bata nanghuhuli ng butterflies, hehehe...
    -oh yeaaaahhhh!!! your sauce is da bomb!!! Wala ba niyan ang THW? Para kasing meron the last time I was there (although baka walang calamansi)
    -ang sarap ng mga orders niyo! Peborit ko kse Chinese food, although kailangan sapilitan kong yayain si The Partner pumunta sa mga Chinese restos, hahaha...
    -MEELFIE???????!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHA... Ayus!
    -Mati ignoring his idol? The sign of a true foodie! hahahaha
    -EEEEEEKKKK!!!! ANG BILL!!! Hindi ko kinaya! Dalawang taon kong pag-ipunan para lang maka-bili ng kalahati ng kinain niyo. Ibang level talaga ang EJF!!! (matagal-tagal ko na din hindi nagamit ang line na ito, hahaha)
    -Yup, saw the honest trailer... hilarious!!!
    -Nasa Power Plant kami mamaya ni TP, although sa KUlinarya kami kakain... dapat makapag-sched ng bisita sa Mongkok soon. =)

    Have a great Tuesday, Jaz! And happy 2nd anniversary to the best blog ever!!! Naks! Sipsip! hehehe... (dapat manlibre ka na lang sa Antonio's! hahaha)

    1. Hiya Mr. Snuff! How are you doing today????

      1) Ha ha ha ha ha! I agree. Ako din. Affected as if pupunta sa Korea anytime soon. Ha ha ha ha!

      2) ASUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUS!!! Tigilan nyo ko!!!

      3) Di ba?? I think it's one of the few restos that really survived in POWER PLANT MALL (besides Mcdo, Jollibee, Shabu Shabu... )

      4) IKAW BINOBOLA MO NA AKO HA!! Sige maniniwala ako... HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

      5) Alam mo, I think you're right. HA HA HA HA HA! Di ko nakita yun ah!! Ako na ata ang gutom! Masyado pala akong morbid!!

      6) SUPPPPPPPPPPPPPERRRRRRRRR!!! I love it even on my rice!!! I'm not sure now pero the last time kasi we ate in TIM HO WAN, they don't have chili garlic oil... just chili sauce which was not the same for me. If they have it now, good naman! Kasi dimsum is not the same for me without it.

      7) Isa sa favorite ko ang chinese food... at chinese man. Ha ha ha ha ah!


      9) Yes!!! The same way always with me and Yub! Kidding!


      11) Awwwww.... sayang can't see you there tonight. Sa house muna kami ni Yub para tipid at makapaglabinglabing... JOKE!

      thanks soooo much!!! NAKU MANGINGILABOT ang makabasa ng BEST BLOG EVER MO ha! Che! Binola mo na naman ako! But still, thank you for all the love always dear Niel!!! Walang iwanan ah... Baka next year mapunta ka na sa iba! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!


    2. -ahhhh, uu nga, chili sauce lang nga ang sa THW, hindi chili garlic chorva, hehehe...
      -grabe, sarap nga nung shrimp puff! kung hindi lang kami magdi-dinner pa, oorder pa ako ng dalawang ganun na additional, hahaha
      -Best Blog Ever!!! mwah... (paki-deposit na lang bayad mamaya, hahaha...)

    3. Hiya Mr. Snuff! Hay naku iyan tuloy! I want some shrimp puffs!!!!!!

      Ha ha ha ha ha! Awwww thank you at dahil diyan papayag na ako na itreat mo kami ni Yub at buong barangay sa SPIRAL or sa ANTONIOS! YOWWWWWN!

  2. Happy Anniversary to your blog! I enjoy reading all of them. I'm your shy fan here na bihirang mag comment but always present. :) Pati na din ang comment ni Mr. Snuff, I make sure to read it too. :) Keep it up! :)

    1. Wow dear Tara! Thank you SOOOO much for the very kind words. I'm glad that you also enjoy reading our silly little foodie blog. I really love documenting whatever special memory that goes on with my family so that I will never ever forget. I'm so kilig that you appreciate it as well! You really made my day today promise! Hope to hear more from you soon and would really love to meet you!! H aha ha ha ha ah! Mr. Snuff aka Niel Q would be happy to see this!! Thanks again and mwwwaaah! Take care always!!!! :)

    2. Eeeeeee... kilig naman ako! hahaha... Jaz, dapat manlibre ka sa Antonio's! hahaha

    3. Wha..? Who is you?

      HA HA HA HA HA HA!


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