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Wednesday, March 25, 2015


To end Chuckie's food trip series in the Philippines we went to GERRY'S GRILL RESTAURANT AND BAR to have a dinner that would have most of his unusual requests. As we didn't have time anymore to go out of town to try his craving for exotic foods, I just thought of letting him a taste of our strange favorites that he may appreciate as well. 


Of course, some of us are already jaded by some of GERRY'S GRILL offerings. But when I told Chuckie of what I plan to order, he was hungrily interested!

Time to order!


GERRY'S GRILL menu 1...

GERRY'S GRILL menu 2...

GERRY'S GRILL menu 3... 

GERRY'S GRILL menu 4...

GERRY'S GRILL menu 5...

GERRY'S GRILL menu 6...

GERRY'S GRILL menu 7...

GERRY'S GRILL menu 8...

GERRY'S GRILL menu 9...




Chuckie and a little pouty Mati. 

He's pouting because I made him switch seats with Chuckie since the little master would always shake his chair. He he he he!

GERRY'S GRILL garlic mussels in spicy oil (P195.00)!

Snails in Coconut Milk (P195.00). OMIGERRRD such a favorite!

GERRY'S GRILL Sizzling Balut (P205.00).

YUP! That's the famed duck fetus with tofu and garlic in a thick savory gravy!

Of course, whenever you're in a Filipino restaurant, you should ALWAYS order some of the sisig (P198.00)! Personally I think it's already our "Pambansang Dish"!

Mati suddenly had a craving to slurp on something and asked for an order of GERRY'S GRILL nido soup (P75.00).

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the Master Mati and Chuck Norris!

It was Chuckie's first time to have snails aka escargot and he was psyched!

I taught him how to get the flesh out of the shell. Here he is going for his first bite.

Come to papa!

Chuckie said he loved it especially with the spicy coconut milk. It was not as gnarly as he expected it to be and the flavorful sauce made the dish all the more appetizing. 

If Chuckie raved over the GERRY'S GRILL snails, Mati went for the spicy mussels. He attacked it like a pitbull out for some juicy steak.

Master Mati also helped himself to some sizzling balut. He loved this popular Filipino street food and would eat it whenever he can. I'm not sure though if he's already aware that it's an under developed chick he's munching on.  

Our table of GERRY'S GRILL food!

Like what happened in MONGKOK, even if Mati idolizes his Kuya Chuckie so much, when the food arrived, he was just fair game. 

WON'T talk. Eating!

Check out the empty platter of spicy mussels. I told you Mati wolfed it down. Ha ha ha ha!

My plate! My GERRY'S-GRILL-favorites all packed up in a plate!

As I was about to start eating, Mati was already scraping his plate clean. 

Yup! That's how fast he is!

Or am I just that slow?




Affordable right?


Overall Chuckie shared our enjoyment for that GERRY'S GRILL dinner and ate the food heartily like a hungry bear.  I'm glad too that my nephew is such a foodie and did not shy away from these extra ordinary foods that non-Filipinos would normally gawk at. However, though we are used to snails, balut, and mussels, we still wolfed down everything with mucho gusto. It's like we did not eat in GERRY'S GRILL to take a visitor. We all had something that answered our craving and made us happy throughout the night. 


Now that's my kind of last day in a vacation!!!

And thus ends my nephew Chuckie's foodie adventures here in the Philippines.... We'll miss you dear Chuck Norris! Please come back ASAP!


 Second Floor, Promenade, 
Greenhills, San Juan City
02 7237178 / 02 5765124


  1. Good morning my USASI! (uber sosi and shala idol, hahaha...)

    -oo nga, I know of a lot of foreigners who always eat at Gerry's Grill when they're here! Mukhang captivated sila sa mga Pinoy fare na inaalok nila dun, samantalang tayo di na natin pinapansin yun
    -cute naman ng pouty face ni Mati, hehehe
    -may kohol pala sila diyan? hmmmm... must try that!
    -sizzling valuth!!! yum!
    -hindi ah, ang "pambansang dish" natin ay beef stroganoff! hahaha #walalang #walangmagawa #agreeakosaiyo
    -wow! I really like how mature Mati is when it comes to eating, and how he's unfazed by a spicy dish or a weird ingredient. And I'm sure, intelligent boy that he is, that he knows he's munching on a baby duck, hehehe
    -EHMIGERD!!! ANG BILL! SOBRANG LAKI! Kahit limang taon akong mag-ipon di ko pa din kakayaning bayaran yan!!! (Bwahahahaha....)
    -it's so nice that you were able to take him to so many places and satisfy a lot of Charles' cravings even though he was here for just a short time.

    Have a terrific Thursday Idol!!! Mwah!

    1. Good morning Mr Snuff na injanero!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Kidding!!!!!!

      1) For me, GERRY'S is a very "safe" restaurant to take balikbayans or foreigners to, to try the strange or unusual Filipino food. Of course, there are more choices other restaurants out of town but this is the most convenient!

      2) Ha ha ha ha! Chubby cheeks kasi si Mati-mall!

      3) Yes! Super sarap the kohols! YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

      4) Ha ha ha ha! Pero ano nga ba ang Philippine's national dish? Adobo nga ata!

      5) Super right? Mati's taste talaga is so diverse. BUT, he still doesn't know that balot is unfertilized chick. Feeling niya a different kind of yolk lang. We really don't tell him muna kasi he might get so grossed out. Ha ha ha ha ha!


      7) Thanks! We're lucky that there's the holiday so we were able to have more time to take him out. Chuckie was such a no-frills guest who enjoyed the filipino food. Sarap kasama!!!

      THANKS SOOO MUCH NIEL! ANO KELAN NA?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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